KIOSK Information Systems

Louisville,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 5800

KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) is a global leader in self-service solutions, providing retail organizations with end-to-end Managed Services using IoT real-time data management for remote monitoring of KIOSK systems.

KIOSK delivers the full retail kiosk solution with proven platforms in

  • In-store Bill Payment
  • QSR / Order Entry
  • Ticketing
  • Cash, Coin and Card Payment Solutions
  • Loyalty
  • Digital Signage and more.
KIOSK has 27 years experience creating automated retail solutions that cut operating / transaction costs; increase sales and loyalty, and enhance today’s consumer experience. Visit our team at booth #5800 to personally consult on your unique self-service deployment needs.


  • Bill Payment Self-Service Solutions
    KIOSK Retail Bill Payment systems provide secure transactions in unattended settings (EMV compliant)....

  • KIOSK Bill Payment platforms reduce retail overhead costs and increase store revenues, enabling associates to focus on revenue-generating sales activities.  Few kiosk applications can compete with the ROI of a secure bill payment application that fully automates ongoing payment transactions.  Further, it provides reduced customer wait times and drives repeat in-store foot traffic.

    KIOSK platforms deliver secure, EMV and PCI DSS 3.2 compliant payments, reducing fraud liability with McAfee Security.  KIOSK provides a licensed bill payment flow with market-ready applications modules.  Flexible hardware models support integration of a full range of payment transaction components.  KIOSK provides proven platforms and turnkey managed services to facilitate the fastest and most secure path to market.

    To learn more, visit KIOSK's Bill Payment Page.

  • QSR Order Entry Solutions
    QSR is rapidly changing driven by consumer demand for faster, more convenient ordering options. KIOSK’s QSR solutions enable self-ordering, which improves the customer experience, sales, and loyalty as well as reduces operating / transactions costs....

  • Consumers have heightened digital expectations and restaurant operators must keep pace. According to a recent industry survey, 78% say it’s important that restaurants offer multiple ways for them to order their food and 40% prefer ordering from a kiosk over a cashier. KIOSK Information Systems meets that need with cash, coin and card payment options. Add a line at the cashier and the demand for self-service kiosks continues to climb: with a 7-person line, 62% exit. Consumer expectation for unlimited flexibility is also on the rise - customizations, ingredient modifiers – with 45% under the age of 45 finding it easier to customize via a kiosk.

    Benefits are greater for restaurant operators – shorter lines via automated queuing mean more traffic. Customers can easily apply loyalty programs via credit card use. Order accuracy delivers a better customer experience and can boost order size. In fact, one industry study discovered that fast food customers spend 30% more when ordering through self-service kiosks.

    Learn more about KIOSK's Self-service QSR solutions or visit booth #5800.

  • Retail Loyalty and Customer Retention Solutions
    To attract and retain customers, loyalty programs enable retailers to optimize customer relationships with personalized benefits. Retailers can leverage KIOSK to cost effectively implement loyalty / on-demand couponing initiatives and increase revenue....

  • Retailers are increasingly leveraging the benefits of customer loyalty kiosks to support their loyalty programs as well as engage customers in various ways at the point of sale. Loyalty kiosks provide retailers with a way to promote their program benefits while also serving other functions like order entry, payment processing, receipt / voucher printing, card printing, identification verification, loyalty account management, and advertising.

    Patrons appreciate the loyalty rewards kiosks for the convenience - reduced wait times, easier access to promotions. As a result, loyalty programs can convert one-time customers into repeat patrons.

    Additionally, the data that loyalty reward programs via kiosks create can provide critical marketing and operational information for retailers. For instance, customer preferences, purchasing criteria and buying cycles provides profiling data for more targeted loyalty programs.

    Learn more about KIOSK's Customer Loyalty Solutions or visit booth #5800.

  • Retail Interactive Dynamic Signage Solutions
    Patrons expect personalization. Intelligence-enabled signage allows retailers to interact with patrons, providing targeted ad content. KIOSK offers digital signage solutions with AI to help retailers maximize ROI and enhance today’s shopping experience....

  • With increasing demand for personalization, patrons are adopting interactive digital signage kiosks in their retail shopping experience. In fact, according to an industry study, a growing number of retailers are leveraging kiosks as part of their digital omnichannel strategy to help patrons make informed decisions by integrating into merchandising, brand building, and endless aisles.

    Interactive digital signage is based on video analytics with anonymous facial detection technology to detect and analyze patron faces real-time. The software captures demographic and engagement data and as a result, the patron receives personalized ad content to enrich the shopping experience and increase sales conversions.

    Additionally, patrons can scan QR codes from the kiosk screens and capture content on their phone. This enables patrons to take promotions with them to complete a purchase at a future time through any other channel.

    Learn more about KIOSK's Retail Digital Signage Kiosk Solutions or visit booth #5800.

  • Retail Self-Service Ticketing Solutions
    Customers demand speed, accuracy, and convenience for ticketing. KIOSK ticketing solutions are the proven self-service solution for retailers world-wide to reduce facility costs, manage peak traffic flow and provide customers with a positive experience....

  • As retail outlets become more digitally enhanced to improve the customer experience, retailers seek to optimize their omnichannel strategy with greater convenience for customers as well as streamline cost per transaction. Self-service ticketing kiosks are becoming mainstream in this omnichannel strategy with their ease of use and speed.  Self-service ticketing solutions from KIOSK accept various payment methods including credit cards and cash, and are available with reliable indoor and outdoor options making it convenient for customers to take care of business.

    Installing ticketing kiosks at off-site locations can increase revenue by offering

    • Increased distribution locations for easy access
    • Cash, coin and card payment for ticketing or food & beverage
    • Automated transactions
    • Lower infrastructure costs
    • Platform for customer communication and promotion through well-constructed applications
    • Remote monitoring and data collection
    • Self-service kiosks put the customer in control of their own, personalized experience while giving owners access to valuable information and engagement.

    KIOSK’s ticketing kiosks are built for ease of use, reliability, and speed. Components are seamlessly integrated and placed for optimal serviceability. Furthermore, ticketing kiosks are accurate and eliminate the possibility of mistakes or miscalculations thereby increasing cost and operational efficiency.