Loyalty Builders, Inc.

Portsmouth,  NH 
United States
  • Booth: 1556

Loyalty Builders provides a suite of precise, accurate, yet very affordable metrics predicting future purchases, loyalty, and product interests of every individual retail customer of our client, regardless of how often or recently they’ve purchased or engaged. Precise, accurate AI-driven predictions on purchase timing, spending, risk, sensitivity to marketing, and other metrics show you exactly how to segment, rank, and target customers to improve the ROI of customer-centric marketing on any channel. Each customer’s product purchase propensities for every available product quickly reveals the best customers for any product promotion or best products to recommend to any (or each) customer individually based on deep patterns hidden in historic purchases of all customers over many years. Over 20 years perfecting models and cloud-based system for regular updates. No new technology or skills required. Uses basic, easily-accessed, first-party data you already have. No personal customer info required. Campaign support, measurement, and custom analytic services available.