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    Conveniently leads your business to efficient, advanced & relevant

    CASHIER, a revolutionary kiosk built from ground-up, innovated to respond to the long-waited demand from the whole retail industry....

  • By integrating several more accessories and solutions, the CASHIER Family which forms a firm and convenient CASH AUTOMATION SOLUTION, delivers seamless flow while lowering labor cost.

    Most important of all, employees are freed from complex operation therefore able to provide a higher quality of customer experience.

  • NC6500 Compact 2-Pocket Fitness Sorter
    Compact, yet powerful...

  • It is a cost-effective and low noise equipment specially designed for tellers.
    Not only authenticate, but also process fitness sorting of counted banknotes. Capable of cheque scanning with the image processing technology. The all-in-one design makes
    all tedious operations in a snap.
    Perfect for tellers when it comes to banknotes fitness handling.
  • NC7500 2-Pocket Fitness Sorter
    Excellence that exceeds your expectation...

  • NC7500 heavy duty 2-pocket fitness sorter designed to achieve growing demand for efficient cash management in back office processes.
    Mechanical design with reliable sensor set provide cutting edge solution for back office processing that allow inscrease in efficiency and cost reduction.