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  • Booth: 1309 is the leader in AI-powered cloud solutions for Merchandising and Planning. We have the industry’s first solution portfolio – powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – that can help you digitally transform your Pricing, Promotions, Assortment, Forecasting and Personalization Solutions. Through the right mix of domain expertise, data science and technology, we help you make more impactful and profitable decisions. is funded by Goldman Sachs and Zodius Capital.

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  • Antuit Promotion Optimization
    Combine pooled-demand forecasting, predictive analytics, pricing analytics, optimization models & customer relevancy scores to optimize your promotion. Achieve significant ROI increases on promotional campaigns, depending on the optimization level....

    • Price at Store, Cluster, or Chain Level
    • Evaluate Price Changes with Dynamic Reforecasting
    • SaaS Browser Based Solution
    • AI and Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Easy Integration with Source Solutions
  • Antuit Markdown Optimization
    Leverage predictive models, marketing mix tools, & shopper behaviors to set the optimal markdown strategy. Empowered by accessible insights, you will increase sales velocity while protecting margins from unwarranted reductions....

    • Buyers and Planners easily identify which collections and / or styles are ready to move to clearance
    • Incorporates promotions on markdowns with auto-adjustment to markdown recommendation
    • Optimize markdowns jointly with virtual DC allocation
    • Reforecast financial impact based on localized markdowns
    • Evaluate Price Changes with Dynamic Reforecasting
    • SaaS Browser Based Solution
    • AI and Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Easy Integration with Source Solutions
    • Price at Store, Cluster, or Chain Level 
  • Antuit Assortment Optimization & Allocation
    With a shopper’s lens, detailed market data, and retailer strategies, the solution predicts the demand, intelligently groups locations, and recommends the perfect assortment and allocation profile for each location....

    • Strategic Assortment Profiling: Create consumer decision trees (CDT’s), define every item’s role, expose significant attributes, and drive category strategies by assessing thousands of shopping choices.
    • AI Optimization: Evaluate your strategic goals, shoppers’ behavior, and physical constraints, to create the perfect assortment mix for every store.
    • Assortment Plan and Allocation Profile: Automatically creates an assortment plan and allocation profile, with risk analysis included.
    • Intelligent Clustering: Use machine learning to cluster stores using customer shopping behaviors, sales volumes, and market dynamics.
    • Seamless Incorporation: No need to rip and replace, rather add an intelligent, scalable and repeatable solution to your current process.
    • Allocation: Automatically intake profiles to the allocation process to align store distribution with consumer demand for pre- and in-season periods.
  • Antuit Customer Loyalty
    Antuit’s Customer Loyalty solution provides a superior customer experience by building trust at scale with 1:1 personalized offers with a network of AI models, algorithms, and a feedback loop....

    • Customer DNA: Identify latent customer characteristics, not explicitly given by the customer, to create new opportunities and build value.
    • Relevant & Incremental: Engage customers with content that is relevant and drives incremental behavior.
    • Real-time Analytics: Pinpoint in-transaction customer-specific cross-sell/up-sell opportunities with real-time analytics.
    • Full Channel Coverage: Deploy across all analog and digital channels with one centralized customer decision hub.
    • Budget Optimization: Maximize the incremental sales impact for any budget with the built-in optimization engine.
  • Antuit Demand Forecasting
    Analyze every demand driver to determine the real need for a product at any point in time. With proprietary “Dynamic Aggregation”, the solution self-learns to generate accurate forecasts for all products including new, slow-moving, and end-of-life....

    • Dynamic Aggregation: Automatically determines the right aggregation hierarchy levels to create the most accurate forecast for every customer, location and SKU combination.
    • AI Models: Intelligent, machine learning algorithms establish and evaluate a range of competing models, estimating their performance over time to determine the best model.
    • Analytical Disaggregation: Disaggregates the base demand forecast to the lowest hierarchy level and combines demand and driver coefficients to optimize accuracy. J
    • Unified Demand — Evaluates every significant demand driver including trends, seasonality, pricing, promotions, events, and product lifecycle.