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MTI is a global leader in retail merchandising technology and services with over 40 years expertise. A pioneer of modern display technologies, we never stop innovating. Our newest solutions, including the revolutionary MTI Connect® IoT platform with real-time insights, are changing the way retail operates. We connect customers, connect employees and connect the retail world.

With a relentless focus on providing solutions that provide tangible value to our customers we continue to innovate and adopt new technologies. Known for the quality of our products, our Award-Winning Global Services team and our ability to deliver success anywhere in the world, we are proud to be the choice of the world’s leading consumer brands. Visit our booth and attend our Big Ideas Session, The IoT X Factor, Maximizing Customer & Employee Experiences, to learn more about how MTI is helping transform the retail experience.


  • MTI Connect™
    MTI Connect™ IoT platform leverages smart store technology to drive employee enablement and enhance customer experiences. Connect™ improves real time visibility, drives accountability and provides actionable insights that impact the bottom line....

  • MTI Connect a smart retail IoT platform creates a new kind of retail experience. Where merchandise is always perfectly displayed, employees are empowered to sell, and all stakeholders have the insights they need to optimize the customer’s experience.

    Connect is an open platform, able to link with existing data sources, software and hardware alike, for seamless workflow integration and powerful enterprise reporting.

    You want answers, not “analytics.” Whatever your role: operations, loss prevention, merchandising, marketing, Connectmeasures what matters to you and delivers it on demand in a form you can use.

    A cloud-based dashboard for managers and corporate stakeholders gives you access to the KPI’s that matter to you. Front-line employees can make or break the consumer experience. We launched the first-ever retail employee mobile app for IoT merchandising. The mobile app puts real-time operational alerts right in their hands. From planogram compliance to customer-ready demo and security status we give your team the tools to get the job done. Built-in troubleshooting that informs employees of actions to solve real time sales floor issues. Stop by our booth today to see a Connect™ demo and see how our no compromises approach to security, customer experience and managed access increases sales and reduces shrink.


  • CX Flex™
    High CX, Flexible, Low Cost Security for CE Products.


    • Simple & Secure. One cable for power and alarm with multiple alarm points.
    • Multiple Models. Fit the needs for each position and product, 1 or 4 ports, from high power to alarm only.
    • Quickly Arm & Disarm. Low cost Versa Key™ arms with a simple tap.
    • Locking cables. Cable sensors lock into place. Reduce theft and false alarms.
    • Flexible, Low Cost Security. Secure laptops, speakers, wearables, headphones and other CE products.
    • Real-Time Data and Analytics. Enable Versa ID™ with MTI Connect™ for in-store product health, compliance and real-time forensic data logs.
  • Freedom Micro® II HSC
    Next Gen of the World’s #1 Merchandising Solution

    • Armored Security. Hardened riser, bracket & tether with over 700 lbs. pull strength to defeat thieves.
    • Instant Remote Lockdown. The only security system that lets you respond in moments to urgent security threats at a store, region or corporate level.
    • Merchandise in Seconds. No keys or tools required to merchandise. Simply click the SpeedMount™ onto the riser and plug in the cable.
    • Highest charging power in the market: Up to 5V, 3A keeps demos running on the latest CE devices.
    • Faster NPI. Armored universal metal bracket with SpeedMount™ keeps demos secure with no VHB. Swap to a new phone or tablet in moments.
    • Freedom Micro® II family can be configured to meet multiple security levels all with high CX in mind.
  • Secure Plug™
    Smart Power Strip Provides Power and Security through OEM Power Cable...

    • Low Cost. Flexible Security. Power and secure multiple products off a single position.
    • Multiple Alarm Points. Power disruption at any point triggers an audible alarm.
    • Clean Merchandising. Full product interaction. Minimal cable management.
    • Always Live. Powers devices regardless of armed status.
    • Quickly Arm & Disarm. Low cost Versa Key™ arms with a simple tap.
    • Real-Time Data and Analytics. Enable Versa ID™ with MTI Connect™ for in-store product health, compliance and real-time forensic data logs.