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My Size, Inc. is the developer of a unique sensor-based measurement technology and the owner of several patented algorithms that capture and calculate measurements in different ways. The company’s technology is one of a kind in its agility, fitting our algorithm to different markets and verticals.
My Size released several measurement apps, all created to help different industries maximize their work processes and increase customer loyalty & sales.

Our top products offer solutions for the following markets: 

Apparel - 
MySizeID is a size-recommendation tool based on shoppers' personal body measurements, taken with their smartphone sensors- without using the camera. MySizeID is the perfect solution for fashion retailers to reduce costs and return rates. It will help their shoppers to find the sizes that fit them, on any size chart.

Logistics - 
BoxSize app is a sensor-based measurement solution for the package delivery market. It uses our patented technology to help courier companies increase efficiency by giving their employees a quick & easy tool to measure packages, calculate rates, schedule deliveries and more.

 Press Releases

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    MySize inc. today announced that it has launched two new features for the MySizeID widget. Users can now receive

    their size recommendation without having to download the application by easily entering their gender, height and weight. This information is then analyzed by MySize’s propriety, machine learning database in order to calculate the appropriate size. The second feature of the widget is guest mode, which allows guest users to enter their data and receive a size recommendation. The widget can then follow the user across the site and predict a size on different products.

    The new features were tested with Boyish Jeans, a sustainable women’s denim line focused on quality, fit, and authentic washes. According to the Boyish Jeans case study, over a two-month period, user engagement increased dramatically, with more than 75% of the size recommendations coming from guest users. Boyish Jeans reported that during the same period customer returns decreased approximately 31% after implementing the MySizeID widget on their website. Deployment of the widget also resulted in customers downloading the MySizeID app.

    Ronen Luzon, Chief Executive Officer of My Size, stated, “We are constantly refining our measurement technology in order to further enhance the consumer shopping experience. These new widget features allow the customer to efficiently receive an accurate size recommendation when shopping for apparel online. Once the user enters their height, weight and age, our proprietary machine learning algorithms are able to compare the information against our database, while using the retailer’s specific sizing chart in order to accurately predict sizing. The widget then follows the customer throughout their shopping experience on the site and recommends sizing on different products the customer is looking to purchase. We tested these features with customers of Boyish Jeans over a period of two months and saw fantastic results. Not only did user engagement increase by 75% but we also saw an increase of customers downloading the MySizeID app. Importantly, Boyish Jeans saw returns decrease approximately 31% after implementing our measurement solution on their website. This further validates our conviction that our measurement solution bolsters buying confidence in customers by quickly generating their ideal size, which further increases brand loyalty and conversion rate for the retailer while reducing returns. Based on customer engagement, our technology allows retailers to optimize their customer sizing data and maintain appropriate inventory levels on relevant items. We look forward toprogressing our relationship with Boyish Jeans.”