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Nedap Retail is the global leader  in RFID-based retail solutions for loss prevention and inventory management.

Meet the Retail team at booth #5963 and find out about our intuitive RFID solutions that help retail brands to unlock their full omnichannel potential, create perfect inventory visibility and learn how we successfully deploy RFID within your organization.

Even more importantly, we’re showcasing our customers who are doing amazing things and setting the pace for other global brands. We’re thrilled to be joined in our booth (#5963) by Outdoor Voices.

Meet with Outdoor Voices, the digital-first activewear brand to learn how Outdoor Voices successfully implemented RFID and how this enables them to unlock omnichannel.

 Press Releases

  • Digital-first activewear brand implements RFID inventory management to improve web order fulfillment and on-shelf availability

    Today Nedap announces that digital first activewear brand Outdoor Voices has selected !D Cloud, Nedap’s leading RFID inventory management platform. One of the key objectives within this deployment is achieving full inventory visibility. This implies that all items, whether located in the distribution center or in stores, are consolidated into one centralized inventory hub. This allows Outdoor Voices to further unlock omnichannel services, such as ship-from-store, without the need for separate stock in order to fulfill web orders and replenish stores.

    “Outdoor Voices is a revolutionary brand that’s a prime example of fulfilling the omni-channel dream, merging the online and offline experience into one omni-channel”, says Rob Schuurman, President Retail Nedap Inc. “They selected the !D Cloud as a turn-key solution to further enable the omni-channel journey to their customers. One of the key objectives is achieving full and reliable inventory visibility throughout their retail chain to successfully deliver concepts like ship-from-store and BOPIS.”

    Stores are community drivers and act as hubs for Recreation and #DoingThings
    Nate Peterson, Vice President of Supply Chain at Outdoor Voices comments: “For us as a digitally native brand, it’s important that our online experience mirrors that of our shops and this plays an important part in our strategy of activating locally and amplifying digitally. Our job is ensuring that we have the key partners in place who can provide best-in-class experiences for our customers so that regardless of whether or not they purchase online or through our shops, we send them home with the apparel they’ve been looking for.”

    RFID is a no-brainer
    The Outdoor Voices team already had experience using RFID and knew the value it brings retail organizations. Kevin Harwood, Vice President of Technology at Outdoor Voices explains: “Nedap enables our store employees to better manage our omnichannel experience, where we can complete inventory counts with 99 percent accuracy and therefore expose our customers to every last unit available within our inventory. This coupled with the seamless integration of our newly implemented NewStore technology will ensure we can serve our customers wherever they are located, online or offline.”

    As a digital-first company, online orders play a significant part of Outdoor Voices’ business. Order fulfillment therefore is crucial. One of the key results of the pilot project is that the amount of lost sales due to inaccurate stock dropped significantly. Web orders are located and picked from store shelves using Zebra RFID handhelds equipped with the !D Cloud app. Orders are then shipped from there when they are not available in the distribution center. In addition, in-store safety stocks can be lowered as full inventory visibility allows for efficient replenishment.
    Besides the benefits to their omnichannel journey, the use of RFID allows for increased product availability and improved on-shelf availability that has ultimately transpired in a lift for Outdoor Voices.

    Hilbert Dijkstra, Director of Business Development for !D Cloud Americas says: “Full inventory visibility paves the way to unmatched omnichannel services, allowing Outdoor Voices to continue their journey of building the No. 1 digital activewear brand. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with this young and ambitious retailer, enabling them to do what they do best: grow their community and serve them in the best possible way. Wherever, on whichever social platform, and whenever they decide to buy”.
  • Nedap’s leading RFID software platform enables Superdry to unlock omnichannel potential 

    Nedap today announces that Superdry has signed up for !D Cloud, Nedap’s leading RFID software platform. This is an important step in the retailer’s omnichannel strategy, with the objective to increase inventory accuracy and align online and physical store sales. The RFID deployment involves more than 200 stores across the globe, with initial focus on the UK, European and US markets.

    Long term strategic RFID relationship
    Superdry started investigating RFID a few years ago with the ambition of increasing inventory accuracy. This ultimately would lead to better customer experiences in store and online, as the right product would always be available at the right time.
    Making inventory information visible through the use of RFID in an intuitive and simple to use technology is a key reason why Superdry are to signing up with Nedap’s !D Cloud. “We have a strong belief in RFID as a core technology and we are convinced this will be a fundamental building block of our strategic direction moving forward” says James Eastwood, implementation manager at Superdry. “In order to best manage our customer offering it is critical that we have an accurate view of store inventory. This allows us to maximize sales floor availability and presents a number of other great omni-channel opportunities. We can only achieve this by using state-of-the-art technology, which should be easy and intuitive to use by our store staff. Nedap’s !D Cloud solution gives us the foundation to achieve our strategic goals and also benefit from other RFID use cases throughout our supply chain”

    “We are extremely excited to announce that Superdry is continuing their RFID journey with Nedap” says Nick Markwell, Business Lead !D Cloud UK at Nedap. “We have a great cultural fit with Superdry and both of our businesses are aligned on the current and future use of RFID. With our depth of in-house RFID experts and continued commitment to innovation, we look forward being Superdry’s long term RFID partner and supporting them in achieving their strategic goals.”

    Eliminating the need for investment in physical shielding
    Before deploying Nedap’s !D Cloud solution, Superdry was facing a significant financial investment in physical shielding of stock rooms. This was necessary to complete the refill of products from the stock room to the sales floor. During the pilot phase of the RFID project, physical shielding in the form of metallic paint was used. This still led to significant bleed, forcing store staff to reduce the read power on the handheld device. “We couldn’t increase the read power of the handheld any further, as this would lead to unwanted detection of items beyond the walls. On 30% read power it took us 2 and a half hours to count the entire store, while the same count using Nedap’s Virtual Shielding™ (patent pending) takes 25 minutes, without the need to physically shield our store” Eastwood says.

    Fast implementation by self-deployment
    Superdry has started the rollout process and is scheduled to be finished by October 2019 using Nedap’s self-deployment methodology. This methodology enables Superdry to deploy at a fast pace, using existing in-house training and roll out infrastructure and fits with the retailer’s ambitions to master the technology.
  • First Belgian fashion brand to deploy RFID on a large scale
    Nedap announces that luxury brand Essentiel Antwerp signed up for a European deployment of !D Cloud, Nedap’s leading inventory visibility platform. Implementing RFID technology throughout Essentiel’s stores worldwide, enables the brand to optimize inventory accuracy in order to ensure on-shelf product availability. The roll-out will start first semester 2020 when the first source tagged items hit the stores, and will be completed within two months.

    Fast roll-out through self-deployment
    In order to ensure a fast and smooth roll-out process, Essentiel Antwerp will be using Nedap’s self-deployment methodology. This methodology enables Essentiel to deploy at a fast pace, using existing in-house training and roll out infrastructure.

    Peter Bruggeman, CFO at Essentiel Antwerp comments: “We knew cloud-based RFID was our way to go, after thorough research during the last two years and experience with systems hosted locally. We got in touch with Nedap in our quest for a proven cloud-based solution that was easy to deploy on a global scale. Using Nedap’s self-deployment methodology we are able to move at the fastest possible pace during our global expansion.”

    Nedap’s !D Cloud software suite is a Software-as-a-Service solution specifically developed for retail RFID applications. It offers retailers the quickest route to implement RFID and improve their in-store inventory accuracy to over 98%. Essentiel Antwerp integrates !D Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics Navision such that realtime insights into inventory levels and the exact location of each item also enables the successful introduction of omnichannel services.

    “Essentiel Antwerp already had extensive knowledge about the value and use cases of RFID technology and why this is key for future-proof retailing”, says Bruno Bakker, Business Developer RFID at Nedap Retail Benelux. “Realtime inventory visibility through RFID enables Essentiel Antwerp to develop omnichannel services or to easily share inventory information between stores. This helps Essentiel always have the right product available and serve their customers in the best possible way.”


  • !D Cloud:the leading inventory visibility platform
    The scalable cloud solution for RFID in retail...

  • Making sure that a product in the right size and the right color is available for your customers is crucial these days. However, merchandise availability should not result in overstocked stores and the associated high capital cost. That is why accurate inventory information at all times is key. RFID technology makes it possible to automate your inventory management – resulting in optimal merchandise availability for your customers and an in-store inventory accuracy of over 98%.
  • iD Top: elegant solution for loss prevention
    RFID-based EAS overhead...

  • To meet the needs and standards of today’s store design, we have developed a concealed, ceiling-mounted EAS solution that reduces shrinkage, improves product availability and can also cover wide entrances. This makes it the ideal EAS-solution for retail stores.