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Neoway is the largest company in Latin America of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for business. Founded in 2002, it offers intelligent solutions that transform information into knowledge and generate productivity and accuracy for marketing strategies, compliance, loss prevention, and more.

Throughout its history, received investments from some of the world's leading Funds such as Accel Partners, Monashees, Temasek, PointBreak, Pollux, and Endeavor Catalyst. With more than 450 employees, it serves 17 major sectors such as finance, automotive and transportation, consumer goods, collection and recovery, construction, oil and gas, health and technology.

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  • (Dec 16, 2019)

    Founded in 2002 in the city of Florianópolis (Santa Catarina), Neoway was a forerunner of the Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence market in Brazil. Today, as the industry leader in Latin America, the company continues to grow quickly - from 40% to 50% per year - and expands its offering of technologies applied to businesses that seek to earn more or lose less. Neoway currently serves more than 700 customers from 17 different industries.

    For those looking to “earn more”, Neoway sells Sales & Marketing and Digital Marketing solutions. Its multi-module platform compiles, treats, and organizes information from various public databases, as well as partner databases and data modeled by Neoway’s Data Science team. The result is an agile and intuitive query interface that helps businesses across multiple industries make more secure and informed strategic decisions.

    With the Sales & Marketing solution, companies can get to know their customer base in depth, clone their ideal customer profile, and define the next best customer, among others. With Neoway Digital, companies can identify visitors to their site and crosscheck online and offline information to create more accurate digital marketing campaigns and automate them.

    Neoway currently offers services and solutions for major industries such as banks, insurance & brokerage, automotive & transportation, benefits, consumer goods, collections & recovery, construction, credit unions, oil & gas, health & pharma, technology, and telecom.

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  • Sales & Marketing
    Discover your potential Market, find qualified leads and close more deals. With just a few steps, companies can learn about their customer and market characteristics and identify new potential customers....

  • Neoway Sales & Marketing generates precision and productivity for your strategic decisions. Based on the data analysis at the platform, you can understand the characteristics of your best customers, segment them and generate more qualified leads for the sales team.

    This is all possible through applications such as Dashboard (Market Overview), Search (Deep Search), Maps (Geographic Intelligence), and Leads (Sales Lead Management and Flow). With Neoway Sales & Marketing, any business can be a Data Driven Business.

  • Neoway Digital
    On a single platform, compare online consumer behavior with offline information about purchase potential to create more accurate digital marketing campaigns and automate them....

  • A platform able to identify visitors from your website and enrich them with detailed information about companies and people.

    Integrating online and offline data allows you to identify your leads and be able to segment and activate them through automated cross-channel campaigns like SMS, landing pages, overlays and more.