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Newmine is uniquely focused on helping retailers build a better bottom line through retail commerce optimization and returns reduction. Comprised of accomplished professionals with deep retail strategy, operations, and IT systems skills honed by decades of in-the-trenches experience, the Newmine team has helped some of the industry’s biggest retailers and brand owners transform their customer experience and enhance profitability.

As part of Newmine’s omnichannel operations and technology consulting practice, our team is your professional partner that knows how to meld with your culture and brings state-of-the-art, game-changing processes and technology.

Newmine has pioneered the Returns Reduction Movement as the developer of Chief Returns Officer®, the first and only cloud-based platform that incorporates AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technology to identify the root cause and prescribe in-season corrective actions to reduce product returns.

Newmine delivers clarity from ambiguity, a pragmatic approach, tailored solutions, and accelerated results so retailers can thrive in a transforming world.

 Press Releases

  • SOUTHBOROUGH, MA - January 2, 2020 – In recognition of National Returns Day, Newmine is pleased to extend our collaboration with The Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) to launch a new Product Returns Council focused primarily on Returns Prevention (Reduction), Handling, and Resolution. The key foundational areas the Product Returns Council will be exploring in 2020 include:

    • Review of Return Policies, Reason Codes, and EDI transactions associated with Returns
    • Review of processes and technology that have proven to reduce consumer returns
    • Review of how returns are managed and handled, including the cost of processing returns

    “Returns are a major headache for Retailers and our RVCF members, and how returns are managed have a significant impact to sales, conversions, and a retailer’s profit margin. Some online retailers and sectors suffer more than others, but the new Product Returns Council is being formed to address the returns challenge and better understand the impact of returns to the bottom line” says RVCF Founder, Kim Zablocky.

    Retailers have seen their bottom lines erode as skyrocketing return rates have impacted all facets of the business: From operational, to supply chain and inventory, to customer experience.  The new Product Returns Council will include motivated industry leaders within eCommerce, Supply Chain, Merchandising, and Distribution and is open to all RVCF Retailers, Brands, and Suppliers.

    The Product Returns Council is being sponsored by retail commerce optimization firm, Newmine. During the fourth quarter of 2019, Gartner recognized Newmine as a 2019 Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Management Technologies. “2020 is the year of Returns Reduction," says Navjit Bhasin, CEO and Founder of Newmine. “We have applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in a very pragmatic way to identify the root cause of consumer returns and help retailers take the necessary actions to reduce the risk of lost sales and the potential reward is significant. Every $1M in reduced returns, contributes $0.5 M to the bottom line.”

    A supply chain leader from an American office supply fortune 500 Retailer attended the RVCF Spring 2019 conference with the singular purpose of identifying a returns reduction technology and platform that could help their organization identify and prioritize return reduction opportunities. According to the leader of that returns reduction initiative: “Chief Returns Officer gives us an enterprise wide view of the return landscape and is a keystone to the cross-functional relationships required for businesses to handle returns. The Chief Returns Officer tool, and furthermore the support team at Newmine helps to tie everything together and brings our returns story to life where basic transactional data could not.”

    Apparel retailers face a unique set of challenges.  Consumers are turning their bedrooms into their fitting rooms, leading to a growing need for product refurbishment, as well. Once an item is returned to the returns center, the processes required to restore return apparel items to saleable condition—or “first quality” status—is not well understood. According to Barry Graff, COO of Alpha Mills, “for soft goods, product is returned from the consumer in various conditions. Sometimes damaged to various levels, sometimes in the same condition as shipped. But, most of the time, in a condition between the two, where a few dollars of handling can restore the product to a condition that can be sold at ‘first quality.’ In our experience well over 90% of the items can be brought to that condition. Fragrance, pet hair, human hair, and other odors account for most of the issues that can be resolved in the reconditioning process.”

    Retailers who are interested in how to apply technology to reduce return rates can stop by Booth 7114 in the Startup Zone at the NRF Big Show to visit Newmine. If you are interested in learning more about joining the 2020 Product Returns Council, please contact Susan Haupt or Kim Zablocky.


    About RVCF

    The Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) is a neutral, independent retail organization that facilitates trading partner collaboration to enable industry wide growth and profitability. We promote best practices, industry initiatives and collaborative solutions that make it possible for retailers and suppliers to optimize supply chain operations and meet the ever-increasing expectations of the end consumer. RVCF draws participation from both retailers and merchandise suppliers along with the service providers that support them. For more information, visit

    About Newmine

    Newmine was established in 2011 as a highly focused retail commerce optimization firm. Comprised of former retail and supply chain executives with deep experience in retail strategy, operations, and technology, Newmine’s vision is to ensure retailers thrive in a transforming world. In addition to their operations and technology consulting practice, Newmine seeks to disrupt the returns management market with AI-driven returns reduction solutions. Newmine’s Chief Returns Officer® is an AI-powered platform that gives retailers a holistic view of integrated returns-related data from across the enterprise, prescribes corrective actions, and enables collaboration. Companies using Chief Returns Officer® reduce return rates and improve their EBITDA. For more information, visit

    About Alpha Mills

    Alpha Distribution Solutions is the premier apparel distributor on the East Coast, with sophisticated programs available to assist you in taking maximum advantage of your major retailer apparel and consumer goods supply contracts. In fact, over the past few years our clients have been a repeat recipient of Wal Mart’s Vendor of the Year for their product category. We also work with JC Penney, Sears, Target, and other major retailers. For more information, visit   

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  • Chief Returns Officer
    Chief Returns Officer is an advanced AI-based SaaS platform and the only returns intelligence and returns reduction platform that provides timely, in-season analysis and prescriptive actions across the supply chain....

  • Since 2011, Newmine’s mission has been to help retailers build a sustainable bottom line through innovative retail commerce optimization and returns reduction. We are accomplished professionals with retail strategy, operations, and IT systems skills honed by decades of in-the-trenches experience, having helped some of the industry’s biggest retailers transform their customer experience and enhance profitability.

    The challenge of customer returns has risen to become an enterprise-class problem, and we recognized that the solution would demand a new and creative approach to achieving a holistic returns management strategy. While there is a growing ecosystem of partners focused on returns handling, reverse logistics, and remarketing, there has been one big piece of the puzzle missing: How can a retailer reduce returns, rather than just handle them?  The answer requires a tremendous amount of ever-changing data from multiple sources plus the ability to quickly analyze and distill the results into actionable intelligence. This is why Newmine developed Chief Returns Officer®.  

    The entire value chain feels the impact of returns. Customers do not return products on a whim. Ongoing studies show that most returns (65%) happen for reasons that are under the retailer’s control. This represents a substantial opportunity for retailers to improve both their bottom lines and customer loyalty by targeting anomalies, reacting intelligently, and reducing returns in-season, when it matters most.

    Chief Returns Officer is an advanced AI-based SaaS platform and the only returns intelligence and returns reduction platform that provides timely, in-season analysis and prescriptive actions across the supply chain. This enables organizations to work collaboratively to minimize returns and add millions back to the bottom line. Chief Returns Officer identifies the root cause of returns and prescribes measures to mitigate costly returns before they occur.

    Chief Returns Officer is a SaaS platform that uses advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Cross-Enterprise Collaborative Workflows.

    The result? More money to fund growth, product enhancement, and improved customer experience.