Ottawa,  ON 
  • Booth: 1204

omNovos, through its leading-edge Customer Engagement Automation Platform, enables an evolved technological ecosystem—one that supports both the customer and the retailer. The comprehensive management system propels clients into a new realm of personalized omnichannel sales and marketing automation, fully connecting retailers’ online and physical stores.

Furthermore, omNovos’ Mobile Suite enables ever-present personalized connectivity, including mobile device-enabled tools for customers and in-store staff—purpose built for far better customer conversion metrics.

And finally, its Data Connectivity Services provide the expertise required to successfully integrate all aspects of a business changing, customer engagement system. 

Through omNovos, you and your customers can truly engage in a fully bimodal manner, enabling you to serve them in a way, at a time, and in a place that best suits them, giving you a business focus that will truly drive your sales to new heights.