Shekel Brainweigh Ltd.

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Shekel Brainweigh Retail Innovation Division is leading the way to the Autonomous Store with groundbreaking Product Aware Technology. Our mission is to develop and seamlessly deploy state-of-the-art IoT weighing sensors and AI technologies to transform on-shelf events into valuable retail insights. As a result, we deliver highly accurate and cost effective products such as, Smart Shelves, Autonomous Vending Machines and Micro-Markets.

We provide brick-and-mortar retailers with powerful digital tools to stay profitable in a disrupted world of rising E-commerce and on-line shopping: 24/7 availability, frictionless customer experience, the “missing link” for perfect inventory management and eventually Autonomous Store. Through dedicated teamwork with our highly trained professionals, we strive to achieve excellence through constant innovation and to deliver to the benefit of our customers.


  • Product Aware Bay
    The Product Aware Bay by Shekel Brainweigh is part of a suite of new products aimed at meeting the challenges that traditional retailers face today, transforming on-shelf events into valuable retail insights....

  • The Product Aware Bay by Shekel Brainweigh is part of a the new suite of products aimed at meeting the challenges that traditional retailers face today, such as store automation and operational excellence - including overstock and understock issues, loss prevention and enhancing the consumer experience. By leveraging its unique technologies integrating IoT load sensors, embedded smart shelf software, AI and deep-learning algorithms, Shekel enlightens retail shelves into actionable insights. With its ability to identify products by weight, Shekel digitally transforms the store into a real-time, data-services-based business.

    Made of 4-5 Product Aware Shelves (PAS), the Product Aware Bay is the proposed basic unit for retailers using our technology. It is ready to deploy, including Product Aware shelves and their IoT Load Sensors, electronics, embedded software, and connected to cloud-based AI database. The Product Aware Bay can be used as end cap/gondola shelving placed at the stores’ aisles to present special promotions, manage planograms and be used for inventory management. The Product Aware Bay can also be integrated as a complementary solution in high scale autonomous store computer vision based projects.