Smart Choice Communications

New York,  NY 
United States
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  • Smart Tile
    SCC’s award winning Smart Tile is the proactive guardian and watchful eye of your IoT. Developed to provide companies a full view of their business via “One Pane of Glass."...

  • Each business is made up of many moving parts. As these parts traditionally work together to ensure the business remains successful and efficient, it’s essential to keep each part working right. Today’s digital innovations provide easy ways for owners and managers to monitor each aspect of their business, ranging from video security feeds to bandwidth registers. While these innovations are often convenient, they can also become cumbersome when each detail must be gained from separate sources.

    SCC’s innovative Smart Tile feature provides a succinct overview of your business through individual and convenient miniature “tiles” that highlight each incorporated aspect. The unique, “one pane of glass” layout lets business owners and managers view data on one page and help them save time by instantly presenting the most important business details—all at once.