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Leader of recommendation based on intended use, soyooz reveals your customers’ needs and offers them an ultra-personalized selection. Soyooz reinvents the purchasing journey thanks to AI and a very innovative methodological approach. In others words, we recreate the role of a saleperson for our clients (Leclerc, Darty, Carrefour, BNP Paribas...)

Customers are often lost facing technical and limitless offers. Make a choice is quite impossible when you're not an expert.

How soyooz works:

soyooz helps customers express their needs via a short questionnaire based on expected use/tastes, instead of complex technical criteria.
In less than a minute, soyooz provides them with the perfect selection and a personalized justification. As they understand why the selected products fit their needs, purchasing decision becomes easy to be made.

Soyooz can be integrated on a website or instore to make customers more autonomous and as a sales tool to better present products...and sell more.