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Simple, flexible and cost-effective, SvSAN is a virtual SAN that turns the underlying storage of any x86 server into highly available shared storage within clusters of two servers (nodes) or more. SvSAN sits on top of the hypervisor (vSphere, Hyper-V or KVM) as a guest virtual machine. 

SvSAN works through active-active synchronous mirroring between two servers. This ensures there is always an exact copy of data on each server. If one server suffers a failure or is taken offline for maintenance, the remaining server continues to operate, providing no disruption in service to the organization, and no downtime. 

SvSAN integrates seamlessly with existing virtualized environments and enables centralized deployment & management for anything from one to thousands of sites, removing the need for dedicated specialist IT staff at each site & significantly lowering the cost of management. 

Specifically designed for edge environments, SvSAN is the perfect way to enable cost-effective high availability in edge sites, branch offices & small datacenters, without adding the complexity associated with traditional datacenter solutions, making it perfect for retail.