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VoCoVo is a globally recognized innovative retail team communication solutions provider, improving business efficiency and customer experience for some of the best-known tier 1 enterprises. Combining a deep understanding of team communications with a passion for driving efficiency through technical solutions.

VoCoVo launched a world-leading team communication solution already winning awards and customers around the globe. Introducing a completely new generation of team communication solutions with sophistication and capability over and above anything currently available on the market!

VoCoVo provides a greater level of business efficiency across an enterprise, and for retailers, enables stores to deliver increased sales and unrivaled customer experience.

 Press Releases

  • (Oct 28, 2019)

    VoCoVo connects colleagues, customers, software and hardware through voice-centred technology, increasing the efficiency of customer service across a range of sectors such as retail and wholesale, warehousing and manufacturing, and restaurant and event venues.


    Users wear two-way communication headsets that when installed with CallPoints and KeyPads, allow staff to respond to messages and directions  (‘till assistance required’ in a retail outlet for example) significantly quicker and much more efficiently than ever before.


    The integration of voice-centred technology within the retail sector has resulted in huge financial savings and time efficiencies with the added advantage of a direct positive impact on colleague welfare across brands such as the Co-op. 


    In 2019 a global supermarket brand approached VoCoVo with the requirement of increasing staff productivity, reducing customer waiting times, improving customer’s shopping experience and growing sales. VoCoVo introduced the Headsets, Callpoints and Keypads in-store to demonstrate how voice-centered technology can be utilized to address those requirements.


    The VoCoVo technology was piloted in one of their stores and the benefits were immediately identified – staff could now communicate effortlessly with colleagues without leaving their position saving a huge number of manhours, there was a dramatic improvement in how long it took staff to respond to customer’s requests; and staff were reporting that they felt happier, safer and more of a team now that they could communicate easily and freely to their colleagues.


    VoCoVo measured the improved efficiency through the use of pedometers and colleague surveys and the retail giant was so impressed with the system that it rolled out the technology across 300 of its stores.


    It reported that in an average store, 389 man hours are saved on completing tasks more efficiently and as a result, £3.7k is saved per annum. Staff also take 185km fewer steps throughout the store allowing them to focus their time on the job in hand. As a result, there was a reported 198% increase in how quickly the staff responded to customer enquiries. There has also been a huge 233% increase in how employees feel that they work better as a team.


    Another established retail outlet approached VoCoVo with a number of requirements, one of which was to enable staff to communicate quickly and for them to feel safer. The impact of the VoCoVo voice technology was felt immediately in-store. Colleague feedback indicated they felt safer, more connected and found team communication easier. Queue times decreased, and customer queries were dealt with much more quickly. The data from the proof of concept showed a saving of 3 man hours per store per week and in addition, 100% of staff reported that they felt safe at work, with 84% reporting that they are happy. 



  • VoCoVo Headsets
    Wireless communication headsets made simple.
    At the touch of a button, the whole team can talk, listen, and help.
    VoCoVo headsets integrate with all other elements of the product suite.

  • Respond quickly to customer and colleague requests with two-way communication headsets

    Whether you’re looking to improve in-branch efficiency, save money, better serve customers, or help staff feel more connected – we can make it happen.

    Our lightweight, robust headsets instantly connect teams across different aisles, floors, and even buildings.

    The integration with other VoCoVo products, such as CallPoints and KeyPads, allows staff to hear and respond to messages such as ‘customer assistance required in click and collect’ or ‘pricing enquiry at checkout six’.

    With crystal clear audio, these two-way communication headsets are designed around your business needs. We’ve had rave reviews from clients across retail, restaurants, warehousing, manufacturing, and events.

  • VoCoVo Handsets
    One communication handset for all your needs.
    Our business communication handsets are ideal for retail, restaurant, warehouse, and event staff....

  • Wireless communication handsets kickstart more flexible ways of working

    Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, save money, better serve customers, or help staff feel more connected – we can make it happen.

    VoCoVo Handsets help your employees communicate with customers and each other.

    VoCoVo is a modular solution, allowing you to add new business communication handsets as your business grows. Handsets can receive phone calls and real-time messages.

    The integration with other VoCoVo products, such as CallPoints and KeyPads, allows staff to hear and respond to messages such as ‘customer assistance required in click and collect’ or ‘pricing enquiry at checkout six’.

    Our handsets can also integrate with telephony, allowing employees to take calls outside of the office.

  • VoCoVo CallPoint
    Call buttons give customers instant access to staff.
    Improve customer service and sales with VoCoVo CallPoints - our wireless calling system.
    These call buttons are ideal for retail, restaurant, or manufacturing environments....

  • Boost customer satisfaction at the touch of a button

    Customers often need help finding products or making a decision. But if they can’t get that help quickly, there’s a good chance they’ll leave without buying.

    With VoCoVo CallPoints customers can press a customer service button to request help. This broadcasts a message to staff with headsets or handsets, telling them where the customer is. For example, ‘customer assistance required at click and collect’.

    Staff can respond via the call button. Alternatively, they can let the customer know that they are on their way.

    Customer service buttons can be placed around stores, within fitting rooms, at delivery points, or at click and collect desks.

  • VoCoVo KeyPads
    Staff paging systems minimize queues.
    Push-button paging allows checkout and ticket desk staff to have two-way conversations with colleagues....

  • Till paging systems for retail, event venues and beyond

    Don’t you love it when it’s quick and easy to pay? With a little help from our integrated KeyPads, it will be.

    These staff paging systems allow checkout or box office staff to request support at the press of a button – support such as price checking, a question for a manager, or more till roll.

    Staff with headsets and handsets are then notified of the request and told which till it comes from.

    They can walk to the till or respond remotely, saving valuable time and reducing queues without opening extra checkouts.

  • VoCoVo 'Go' Starter Pack
    VoCoVo Go is your first step to instant team communication.
    Everything you need arrives in the box – just plug in, charge the headsets, and start instant communications with your team....

  • What's Included?

    VocoPulse conference​ ​block​ ​and​ ​power​ ​supply

    Five​ ​VocoVoice headsets​ ​and​ ​headbands

    Headset​ ​charge​ ​rack​ ​and​ ​power​ ​supply

    Installation manual

    30 day guarantee

    Talk lock default: 3 minutes

    User guide

    1 year ‘return to base” warranty