San Diego,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: MR163

Brands and retailers continue to be attracted by the power of merging the digital and physical world. It is becoming more evident that consumers expect the products they love and the shopping environment to be innovative and to deliver an increasingly connected and digital experience. Bluetooth beacon technology has offered the advantage of lower-cost infrastructure, without the need for consumers to tap products in unnatural ways, but the bulky form factor, expense, and limited battery life has meant that Bluetooth enabled products in most cases have not been realistic.

Wiliot is building the first battery-free Bluetooth tags by harvesting energy from radio waves. Bluetooth tags with no maintenance, a paper-thin form factor, and sensors, open up a world of possibilities from a product's birth to repurposing. Bluetooth connectivity enables devices as common as a smartphone to identify products, revealing new insights and creating new consumer engagement experiences not only in the retail environment but also when the product is taken home.


  • Wiliot Battery-free Bluetooth Sensor Tag
    Wiliot is building the first cloud-connected, battery-free Bluetooth tags, in a sticker format that power themselves by harvesting energy from radio waves - Bluetooth tags with no maintenance, an unlimited lifetime, and in a paper-thin form factor....

  • By enabling devices as common as a smartphone or Wi-Fi gateway to identify products, applications in intelligent packaging, connected products, logistics, and asset tracking become more accessible. Wiliot envisions a world of smarter "Things" that can sell themselves and offer extended functionality. The Internet of Things can scale and offer real value as we understand where products are, who is using them and when they need to be replenished. Manufacturing, supply chain, and inventory can be optimized. Makers of products and retailers can flourish in the face of disruption from online shopping. Anything we wear, touch or use can include sensing and connectivity, thanks to battery-free devices with an infinite lifetime.