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With more than 45 years of experience in the payments business, Worldline connects and secures transactions that form parts of our daily lives. Covering the entire payment value chain, our technology experts create and operate digital solutions to boost the business of companies across all sectors including banking, retail, transport and government, through transformative technologies and in-depth knowledge. Worldline formulates systems and solutions that ensure seamless services for both our clients and their customers and processes millions of highly secured transactions every day. Best in class user experience is our mandate.


  • Scan & Pay
    Scan & Pay is a digital customer journey into a physical store for a specific typology of clients: Client in hurry without any loyalty account. What is the pertinent customer journey?...

  • Your customers can opt for a connected experience in your store: By the use of smartphones the customers can manage their own in-store shopping journey, giving the users control over the shopping experience.

    By the use of a smartphone, customers can scan items while shopping inside the store, and at check out the customers easily transfer everything to their basket onto YUMI.

    An autonomous customer journey appropriate for cross-selling!

  • Try & Buy / Click & Collect
    For a complete omnichannel journey!...

  • Try & Buy: Your final customers are in a hurry or do not want to wait in a queue? The customers select the products they like, enter credit card data, and try on the purchases at home. Something doesn’t fit? No problem, the customers can bring it back to the store or ask for home pick-up allowing the consumers to only pay for the items kept.

    Click & Collect: An omnichannel promise: your customers start the journey online and collect the goods in a store without the constraint of staff availability.

  • Smartshelves
    Smartshelves combine a traditional experience with an innovative super-fast product pick-up. Enhance your shelves, not only with digital price management, but also with customer interactions....

  • For a very fast checkout experience!

  • Petrol
    From retail to petrol, all sectors face the same challenge: they must digitize and energize their customer journeys.

  • Experience this sought-after customer journey through these use cases: Digital Wallet, Pay@Pump, My Mobility Companion and License Plate Recognition.
  • Payment Management / Data Analytics
    For an easy payment management and cross-channels data analytics....

  • Payment Management: Whenever you get a payment, the merchant portal facilitates your daily payment-related tasks. You can search, view and act on all your transactions in one place. OneSource also simplifies your dispute management process, thereby reducing your technical and operational overhead.

    Data Analytics: In one place, access and find out data from all payment methods and transaction types, and from all your sales channels: in-store, online and mobile. The merchant portal provides data-rich insights into customer behavior, and enables you to track buyers across multiple channels.