TechSera Inc.

Alpharetta,  GA 
United States
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TechSera is a growing technology startup in supply chain ecosystem. We provide suite of applications in eCommerce and retail space. Our technology solutions along with consulting services have helped retail clients optimize their operations and streamlines processes to improve their business model.  

Technology Solutions

x.SIP is the supply chain integration solution that provides connectivity to SasS, IasS, PasS, API, EDI applications both on-cloud and on-premise applications. x.SIP has pre built connectivity to major eCommerce marketplaces, ERPs, WMS systems, carriers, trading parters, financial systems to support true omnichannel operations.

x.BOL is the smart bill of lading solution that offers electronic BOL to parcel and LTL carriers via the smart devices (mobile phones, iPads, tablets)

x.WAP is the business intelligence platforms that offers insight and analytics for warehouse analysis and performance, KPIs, day to day performance and insights.

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  • x.SIP
    A technology-agnostic, cloud-agnostic integration platform that offers end to end integration from your eCommerce, retail, marketplaces, or ERPs to warehouse management system and carriers....

  • x.SIP is an intelligent supply chain integration platform. It connects upstream with your downstream seamlessly. It has built-in intelligence based on AI and machine learning to reduce frequency of errors and analytics for better optimization and forecasting of your business.

    x.SIP can help your business connect with enterprise, on-premise, or any cloud applications. It supports various channels, technologies, and integrations. Customer on-boarding is quick, easy, and hassle free. No complications, just intelligent platform!

    x.SIP integrates with different sales channels of your business to create a digital omnichannel platform so that your consumers can have seamless shopping experience. Adding another sales channel is easy and time to market is faster.

    x.SIP supports legacy and modern technologies. It can connect systems, applications, and data using API and B2B transactions using EDI. It is a cloud based application and it can connect on-premise applications or those are on cloud. For x.SIP, it is seamless where the application is hosted.