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Since 2010 retailers and manufacturers all over the world have been using Trax to improve their in-store executions, optimize shelf assortments and maximize sales.

Trax Retail Watch is a computer vision powered, shelf monitoring and intelligence platform that enables you see exactly what’s happening on every shelf, in every store, in real-time. Customized automated alerts enable your in-store staff to quickly address shelf issues such as low stock, misplace inventory and pricing/promotion errors. With Retail Watch your managers and executive teams can easily see/analyze recuring shelf performance and inventory patterns across your entire chain. Trax Retail Watch makes your automatic ordering, inventory, and supply chain systems smarter with real-time shelf analytics. Your online shoppers and click-and-collect employees will no longer be frustraited to discover some of the products they ordered were not available because Retail Watch updates your online store inventory within minutes of any product availablily issue. 

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