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Ultinous offers advanced customer insights for brick and mortar Retailers with an Artificial Intelligent-based in-store video analytics platform, that learns shopper patterns and measures and shortens queues through its Queue Prediction and Alert Tool.


Are you interested in:

Why are customers visiting your stores?

What they are looking at?

If they are returning customers?

How much time do they spend in the store?

What is their conversion rates?


Ultinous’s video analytics technology can effectively filter and process data, trace moving people, detect abnormalities with high accuracy, and generate alarms so that store teams can take appropriate action preventing unwanted incidents. 


Ultinous offers its video analysis services through a dedicated platform, UVAP (Ultinous Video Analysis Platform). UVAP is a set of software services that can be composed and extended in a flexible way to build scalable AI-based video analysis capability and functionality.