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  • NEW YORK, NY (January 12, 2020) - - Adroit Worldwide Media, Inc. (“AWM Smart Shelf” or “AWM”), a vision technology company, today announced its global partnership with OptiCrib, a Shamrock company. Leveraging AWM’s Automated Inventory Intelligence (Aii®) and Frictionless™ technologies, OptiCrib revolutionizes storeroom management, powering seamless and friction-free inventory management within the industrial and commercial supply space.

    AWM Frictionless™ provides convenience to consumers by enabling them to shop as normal and then check out by simply walking out of the store.  In the business-to-business (B2B) space, the OptiCrib storeroom management solution utilizes ruggedized high-definition optical sensors combined with precise weight-sensing technology to automate intelligence into on-the-shelf inventory levels, providing an accurate and continuously-available (24/7), total-accountability solution for the efficient management of durable and consumable materials.

    “Transformation of B2B operational processes are too often overstated, however the synergies of AWM Smart Shelf’s and OptiCrib’s partnership truly promise to revolutionize storeroom management,” explained Michael O’Connor, President/CEO, The Shamrock Companies.  “OptiCrib facilitates the end user MR [material requisition] experience, provides enhanced business intelligence, and delivers operational and cost efficiencies simply unachievable through conventional storeroom management, VMI, and product vending applications.”

    OptiCrib aims to transform the industrial and commercial storeroom management paradigm through the application of AWM’s Automated Inventory Intelligence (Aii®) and Frictionless™ technologies, optimizing inventory management and reshaping the material requisition process for B2B customers across markets, including:  manufacturing/processing plants, utilities/power generation, hospitals/healthcare, public safety/police, government, aerospace, entertainment, construction, oil/gas, etc.

    “We are incredibly pleased to have OptiCrib and the Shamrock Companies join our portfolio of partnerships,” said Kevin Howard, AWM Chief Executive Officer. “Their many years of experience coupled with vast customer base positions us to rapidly deliver in-market solutions that will revolutionize storeroom management.”

    OptiCrib currently has a micro-store built in their headquarter offices, with plans to install 200+ fully-automated storerooms at client locations in 2020.

    AWM and OptiCrib will be showcasing their partnership alongside each other this week at Retail’s Big Show in Booth #1707.


    AWM's solutions provide a platform that incorporates computer vision, digital and other advanced in-store technologies within the retail ecosystem. AWM has pushed the envelope in development of Facial Recognition software, globally scalable Content Management Software, and the optimization of large format video player programming and controllers. AWM’s latest offerings are the culmination of these disciplines; offering solutions that increase operational efficiencies, creates intimate customer experiences, and generates increased revenue streams for retailers and brands.  AWM was recently named the 2019 Outstanding Small Technology Company by OCTANE.  For more information please visit:

    Marketing/PR Contact:

    Kaitlyn Kempiak

    Marketing Director


    OptiCrib Contact:

    Michael DeVoney

    Executive Director



  • NEW YORK, NY (January 12, 2020) - - Adroit Worldwide Media, Inc. (“AWM Smart Shelf®” or “AWM”), a vision technology company, partners with Microsoft to enable intelligent retail with their autonomous shopping solution, AWM Frictionless™. 

    AWM Frictionless™ provides convenience to consumers by allowing them to shop as normal and then check out by simply walking out of the store.  For retailers, it not only reduces costs but also provides highly detailed data all the way down to product interactions and customer paths. The solution can be implemented in a wide range of store sizes and formats, from micro-markets, to convenience stores and larger-format retailers.

    From a technology standpoint, the PaaS and IaaS pieces of Microsoft Azure are heavily utilized to provide a reliable and scalable platform, and on top of this sits a full suite of custom AI and application software.  This software supports AWM Frictionless™ as well as powers other integrated and standalone AWM offerings that provide an end-to-end smart store experience.

    “Microsoft has played an integral role from the start,” explained Kevin Howard, AWM Chief Executive Officer. “We have worked hand-in-hand to build out solutions that are truly enabling digital transformation for retail. As we move forward, we are experiencing the customer journey evolving into a seamless experience before our very eyes.”

    While in-store, consumers expect to be met with the same level of convenience they experience shopping online. Through the use of specialized cameras and sensors, computer vision / deep learning, and deterministic algorithms, AWM Frictionless™ makes this possible by achieving a robust understanding of the store environment and the actions occurring within it. To take ease-of-use to the next level, using Azure Cognitive Services, shoppers will be able to be identified with their face plus voice or an alternative verifier, thus completely bypassing any need to sign in on a device at the point of entry.

    “Our focus is on providing the building blocks that partners can use to build leading-edge solutions,” explained Keith Mercier, General Manager, WW Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft Corp. “We’re pleased that AWM is joining us at NRF to showcase how technology – and the power of Azure - is being applied to help retailers compete and succeed.”

    AWM has already deployed its AWM Frictionless™ technology for several multi-billion-dollar organizations in the United States and Mexico, with hundreds of locations expected to come online in 2020.  Other AWM Smart Shelf® solutions have been deployed in 16 countries around the world across North and Central America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.  These include AWM’s anonymous shopper tracking, demographics reporting, employee productivity monitoring, on-shelf inventory intelligence, and custom shelf-edge LED displays which support ads, electronic shelf labels, and planogram functionality.


    AWM is a vision technology company with a comprehensive retail solution. The underlying technologies are built utilizing artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, and application engineering to reinvent the retail space as it is known today.  The ecosystem of solutions improves operational efficiencies, increases sales, provides new ad revenue streams in store, reduces waste, and more.

    AWM was recently named the 2019 Outstanding Small Technology Company by OCTANE and was recognized by Gartner as a vendor transforming retail. For more information please visit:

    Marketing/PR Contact:

    Kaitlyn Kempiak

    Director, Marketing