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Kiosk Manufacturer Association or KMA works to improve self-service engagement & outcomes for customers via kiosks, digital signage, lockers, digital menus, drive-thru order, outdoor line-busting tablets, outdoor menu boards, facial payment, Contactless POS, No-Touch, Antibacterial, AI , robotics, ADA consulting, software & service. We educate & inform on regulations such as ADA, Section 508, WCAG, PCI DSS, HIPAA & UL (indoor & outdoor). KMA is a Participating Organization with PCI SSC for Cardholder Activated Terminals or CATs.  In ADA, we meet with U.S. Access Board twice a year & have been featured presenters at U.S. Access Board public webinars.  Emerging technology is robotic delivery, ghost kitchen, EV Charging Stations and Eco-Friendly self-service technology. Custom & standard solutions.

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    • American Manufacturing — Proudly designed, fabricated and assembled all in the USA.
    • Flexible Partnering Capabilities — From ready-to-go products, to design services, we can help.
    • 35 Years of Kiosk Expertise — Knowledgeable and capable partners to help with your project.
    • Investing In You — Payment terms to fund your growth and help you scale your business.

    At American Kiosks, steep customization is an ongoing daily demand. To accommodate this high demand, we’ve steadily expanded Technical Teams to surround every key project aspect with parallel development experts, greatly simplifying and accelerating our customer’s path to market.

    • Agile and unrestrained solution design
    • Team of expert kiosk mechanical and electrical engineers
    • Expert integration and manufacturing
    • UL, FCC, ADA, and other certifications/ compliance
    • Top Talent Team Members orchestrating all project development


    370 Interlocken Blvd. Suite 350
    Broomfield CO 80021
    720 224 6454

    For more information, you can email us.
  • We are offering a one-time discount on the 2021 North America Merchant POS/mPOS Software ISV List With Marketshare. This report is by IHL Research which we have used in the past.  POS is at the tipping point between oriented for customers more than oriented for employees.  The report purchase includes a 30-minute orientation session (with a real person by name of Jerry) to help you maximize your dollar.

    These days there are internet offers after internet offers from internet scraping data markets. Those predictable scraped internet reports are useless for any decision-making.  Our preferred data and market research companies are companies such as IHL Research, Frost & Sullivan and Business Insider.

    To purchase your copy contact


    This product is a list of over 175 top POS ISVs (independent software vendors) in the North American POS and mPOS markets for merchants and retailers.  It is inclusive of those that make their own POS equipment like NCR, Oracle, Oracle/MICROS, Fujitsu and others, as well as pure software players like Aptos, OneView Commerce, and others. This list also includes the mPOS players such as Square, Toast, Clover, etc.

    The format is in Excel and provides custom graphing opportunities.  This is offered in an Enterprise License for $3,995.  Kioskindustry has arranged a discounted license which is 20% off for KMA members. Non-members can get the report with 10% discount.

    For each company, we look at their overall business, Total revenue, maintenance revenues, licenses outstanding, and Gross Payment Volume through their systems installed.  We look at the data for Enterprise-level retailers by segment (retailers with 50 or more stores) and then SMB (below 50 stores) and this data is broken down by 13 different segments.

    This product is ideal for payment providers, POS companies, private equity companies looking for acquisition candidates.  It provides market share by more than 30 different metrics.

    Total Software Related Revenue by Segment – See segments and examples below

    Food/Grocery (Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Wakerfern)
    Drug Stores (Walgreens, CVS)
    Superstore/Warehouse Clubs/Hypermarkets (Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco)
    Mass Merchants (Target, Meijer Stores, Dollar Tree)
    Department Stores (JC Penney, Sears, Kohls, Bealls)
    Specialty Hard Goods (Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Rooms to Go, Canadian Tire)
    Specialty Soft Goods (H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Casual Male, Old Navy)
    Convenience/Gas (Chevron, Exxon,)
    Fast Food (McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell)
    Bar/Restaurant (Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle)
    Lodging (Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton)
    Entertainment:Casinos and Cruises (Carnival, Harrah’s, Wynn, Caesar’s Palace)
    Entertainment:Museums, Theme Parks, Theaters, Others (Disney, Universal, AMC, Carmike)
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    From the Zebra Interactive Kiosks website

    CC600 and CC6000 Customer Concierge


    Zebra's CC600 and CC6000 Customer Concierge are interactive kiosks designed on the latest Android platform. These tablet-styled kiosks give your customers a seamless retail experience, while providing guaranteed security and a long lifecycle that you can count on.


    •  Retail
    •  Hospitality
    •  Transportation
    •  Healthcare


    • Shopper Self-Service
    • Merchandising and Digital Signage
    • Assisted Selling
    • Workforce Management
    • Product Comparison
    • Full-Screen How-to Videos and Product Demonstrations
    • Price Checks
    • Loyalty/Rewards Program
    • Guided Selling Tool
    • Call for Assistance
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    Esper Founders – Yadhu Gopalan & Shiv SundarImage Credits: Esper / Esper founders Yadhu Gopalan and Shiv Sundar

    As DevOps SaaS platform Esper continues to build out the category and the number of connected devices grows, the company took on another round of funding to stay ahead of demand.

    Just five months after announcing a $30 million Series B round, the company is back with an even bigger capital infusion — $60 million in Series C funding led by Insight Partners. Existing investors, including the Series B lead Scale Venture Partners, Madrona Ventures and Root Ventures, also participated. The investment brings Esper’s total funding to $100 million.

    Co-founder and CEO Yadhu Gopalan told TechCrunch that there are already billions of IoT devices out there currently, and that it is growing exponentially each year. The growth is coming from technology innovation and companies reprioritizing how they will be doing this, especially amid the global pandemic.

    “They see reasons, from needing alternatives to doing business remotely to putting new uses in front of customers,” he added. “The trend started earlier as devices became cloud connected. That is the key, companies moving away from closed solutions to cloud and wanting to provide good customer experiences. We are solving the problem for use.”

    Using Esper, organizations can remotely scale, manage, secure and update those devices and custom apps by using DevOps practices that Gopalan said are now considered standard operations.

    However, he notes that the industry is “still about 10 years behind where it should be,” and that is the need that Esper is addressing.

    While it may be behind, the Internet of Things is not slowing down for anyone to catch up. It is projected to be a $1.1 trillion category by 2027 and the number of active IoT-connected devices ​​is expected to reach 30.9 billion units by 2025. The enterprise side of that includes devices like the tablets used in travel, restaurants and warehouses, medical devices, fitness equipment and in-store kiosks.

    Today, Seattle-based Esper has more than 200 paying customers and over 2,000 developers using its platform for product development. Revenue growth is on target to be four times higher over last year, and Esper quadrupled its headcount this year, Gopalan said.

    Some of the ways the company is keeping up with demand is enabling organizations to sign up and start for free with 100 devices to see how the platform works. It is also working with partners and creating other channels.

    “Aside from what is available, we want potential customers to experience the feature before we talk to them about doing it full-time,” he added. “It really gives them a mechanism to see the features and the difference it could make. If they decide to continue, they can use the same tools, they don’t have to switch over.”

    The new capital will also play into this. Insight proactively approached the company, and Esper “jumped at the opportunity to partner with them to accelerate our trajectory and predict market growth quicker,” Gopalan said.

    He intends to use the new funding to reach more customers, explaining that though the company is one of the leaders in the space, there is always room for improvement, and Esper will get there through marketing and partnerships.

    The company’s next steps are about continuing to build its product and improve customer experience and support.

    “Soon, we will have single fleets of millions of devices and will have to help customers visualize how to manage those and how it is different from what they are doing today,” Gopalan added. “We see ourselves as the leaders in the space, and the category we are building addresses mission-critical devices. Customers need them to operate on a continued basis, and improve on the continued basis, and we can enable that.”

    From Esper in the News

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    Intel Kiosk Computers – SDM Series

    The pluggable SDM boards are pretty cool stuff to just say it out loud.

    1. Typically computing combinations have been connecting a PC to Monitor.Touchscreen and comes with its advantages and disadvantages.
      1. Servicing a bad monitor or a bad pc is modular – advantage
      2. pricing generally is going to be two separate items both with their own margin – disadvantage
      3. Outdoor can be more expensive having to cool and heat two separate items with A/C unit
    2. Then came the AIO or All-In-One computer. Primarily an Intel CPU (i5 or J1900).  Also with their advantages and disadvantages.
      1. most popular are the 22 inch but they get small (see MimoMonitors for examples)
      2. Many of the large format screens offer backpack mounting for an Android . Some lower power Intel options as well.
    3. Next Generation
      1. High end CPU — 8th gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor (Whiskey Lake-U)
      2. Low End — starts at ATOM then Celeron/Pentium
      3. SDM-S and SDM-L options (small and large)
      4. 11th Generation Tiger Lake supported
      5. With Tiger Lake support 8K resolution is now available

        8K Tiger Lake Intel Kiosk Computer

        SDM-L 8K Tiger Lake Main Features: ● Intel Tiger Lake UP3 Processors ● PCIe X 8 Edge Connector ( HDMI, DP1.4 ),Supporting 8K Display ● 1 x HDMI ● 2 x SO-DIMM DDR4 Memory, Up to 32GB ● 1 x M-key M.2 (2280) for SSD ● 1 x RJ45, 1 x E-Key M.2 (2230) for WiFi/BT (WiFi 6) ● Support Intel vPro Technology (Core i5-1145G7 — see link Tiger Lake

    Intel® SDM comes in two form factor size options—the Intel® SDM Small (Intel® SDM–S) and Intel® SDM Large (Intel® SDM–L). This allows for new and scalable all-in-one designs that benefit from the cost-effective implementation and management of integrated Intel® processor-based media players. Its design omits housing, so it can be fully integrated into visual IoT applications like hospitality screens and bedside terminals that require minimal space with maximum performance.

    Intel® SDM incorporates high-speed PCIe* connectivity with a custom I/O receptacle board that eliminates the need for external I/O. Multiple offerings spanning Intel Atom® to Intel® Core™ processors support both basic and extended features with a connector that is future-proofed to support 8K resolution displays and video capture, when available.

    8K Media Players

    Question  — What is 8K resolution anyway? —

    Answer — An 8K display is a screen with 7,680 horizontal and 4,320 vertical pixels for a total of approximately 33 million pixels. The “K” in 8K stands for Kilo (1000), meaning a TV that has achieved a horizontal resolution of about 8,000 pixels.

    8K TV is the highest resolution display that has been released recently among UHD (ultra high definition) TVs. With four times more pixels than a 4K display —another type of UHD resolution—8K displays show a sharper and more detailed picture quality. This is because in 8K displays pixels are so small they cannot be distinguished even from close up, making highly detailed images a reality.  Samsung has a nice side-by-side comparison.

    Read the Intel® Smart Display Module product brief ›

    Top 5 Reasons to Design With the Intel® Smart Display Module ›

    Intel Kiosk Examples

    More Intel SDM Information

 Press Releases

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    One of the top recommendations for limiting the spread of viruses and other germs is through social distancing. The CDC says that the coronavirus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person through close contact with another person (within about 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. 1

    Self-service kiosks can help facilitate minimizing or eliminating close contact with others while still providing necessary information and services.

    In fact, most interactions between customers or visitors and staff can be handled by kiosks with the use of appropriate software and equipment. Activities such as credit card payments, scanning of documents, visitor and patient registration are all examples of services that can be handled by self-service kiosks.

    Screening of all individuals entering your facility through a health screening kiosk can minimize risk to employees and visitors. 

    While transmission of coronavirus from surfaces contaminated with the virus to a person has not been documented to date, current evidence suggests that coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. 2 As such, there are specific steps that can be taken to protect people from the transmission of viruses, even on kiosks.

    What you can do:

    • Regular cleaning & disinfecting of surfaces by staff. This should include any surface regularly touched by visitors, including all kiosk screens and enclosure surfaces, peripherals like keyboards, and door handles.
    • Provide visitors with hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
    • Equip kiosks with anti-bacterial wipes for visitors to use before and after touching a screen. Disposable gloves can also be provided.

    Per CDC guidelines, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective for disinfection. 3

    Kiosk Group's kiosk enclosures are made from solid materials with non-porous finishes, making them easy to disinfect and sanitize. We’ve also added new options for providing sanitizer wipes and a bin for easily disposing of used wipes. More details are available here.

    Looking at tablet manufacturers' recommendations, all appear to agree that any liquid disinfectant should be applied to a microfiber cloth or wipe, then applied to the tablet (instead of being applied directly by pouring or spraying). 

    Specific recommendations to help prevent the spread of coronavirus are as follows: 


    For iPads, Apple currently recommends using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. They recommend against using bleach-based disinfectants.  More details here


    For Surface tablets, Microsoft recommends using pre-moistened disinfectant wipes or applying an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution that's 70% or less to a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the device. More details here


    Samsung currently recommends using a hypochlorous acid-based solution (containing 50-80ppm) or an alcohol-based solution (containing more than 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol). More details here


    For its touchscreen products, Elo currently recommends using a diluted household bleach solution (1/3 cup of bleach per gallon of water) or isopropyl alcohol (≤ 70% alcohol). More details here

    Read a COVID-19 update from our President/CEO.


    1. Source: CDC

    2. Source: CDC

    3. Source: CDC

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    Protection-as-a-Service & the Modern Agile Office

    From hastily switching to a remote work model, to changing business strategies and adjusting for market swings, to finding new ways to meet safety protocols and ensure staff productivity, organizations have endured an operational roller coaster since the onset of the global pandemic in 2019. With vaccinations increasing albeit at regionally and globally varying paces, new data on variants and other late breaking news, plus changing CDC guidelines, the one constant is that the businesses, organizations, and the public at large are eager to get back to normal and put COVID-19 behind them.  World leaders, business owners, managers, employees, and people everywhere simply want a return to their pre-pandemic world as quickly as possible.

    The Workplace – The Epicenter of the Return to Normal

    Wrokplace return to normal

    No matter the sector, our world is driven by the connectivity that businesses, supply and demand chains, and social events occupy in our daily lives. With many offices having already moved from a remote work model to partial or fully staffed in-office activities, no organization wants to lose momentum or take steps backwards. To preserve business continuity, staff and customer health, and operational efficiency, businesses are now faced with making decisions based on evolving circumstances, recommendations, and protocols that are still very much in flux.

    In 2020, to support enterprises across key industries, 22Miles developed the award winning Protection as a Service (PaaS) suite: a series of integrated technology features and capabilities that act as a uniquely customizable software platform, designed to meet the challenges businesses of all types faced around COVID-19 safety. The suite includes tools for temperature screening, space utilization, wayfinding, access control, collaborative mobile applications, touch-free interaction, and visual communication features with real-time information updates. What makes PaaS a durable solution, is how these situational “ala-carte” technologies can help organizations address the changes the post-pandemic world reveals, as they come.

    What Businesses and Experts are Saying and Doing

    22Miles Digital Signage for Offices

    Oxford business group survey found that most CEOs experienced significant challenges brought about by the pandemic which had profound effects on how they conducted day-to-day business around the world. While the group’s GCC Covid-19 CEO Survey found that 61% of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their government’s economic response to the pandemic, most respondents indicated they needed to take a pro-active individualized approach to ensuring business continuity and long-term success at the organizational level.

    Wharton University of PA sponsored a series of virtual events titled “Leadership in the Wake of COVID-19.” In this series, Sherry Bahrambeyqui, CEO of San-Diego company PriceSmart (a billion-dollar operator of warehouse clubs), stated the simple mantra they invoked is “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business. This translates to making sure employees can work safely, efficiently, remotely when necessary, and on-site as well. Ensuring employee confidence starts with communication, and a commitment to using available data and tools to allow them to perform with as little worry and hesitancy as possible.

    In a recent Harvard Business Review article, author Martin Reeves indicated that surviving and thriving in the new business reality begins with understanding how habits have changed. Crises situations produce not just a plethora of temporary changes (mainly short-term shifts in demand) but also some lasting ones.

    In an article on workplace tech, Dan Weil of the Wall Street Journal emphasizes communications tools have become a routine part of operations, citing innovations in video communications, increased use of artificial intelligence, and enhanced workplace safety technology.

    For most businesses—and their CEOs—unlike any they have ever faced, the new operational realities have forced an abrupt dislocation of how employees work, how customers behave, how supply chains function, and even what ultimately constitutes business performance. A recurrent theme is that the global outlook is still very much a work in progress, so the smart bet is to remain flexible, informed, and willing to make changes to adapt.

    22Miles EVP Tomer Mann has been watching the shifts in the workplace and the global business environment since the onset of the pandemic at the beginning of 2019. Mann has several published interviews and articles in online and print publications such as CIO ReviewHotel BusinessAV Magazine, and Digital Signage Today.

    “This is a time when every organization has to be in somewhat of an assessment and adjustment mode. What is happening in the real world across sectors is that businesses are constantly transforming into more agile operations models that have the ability to pivot and adapt to significant shifts in day-to-day and long term operations and protocols. We’ve seen companies move from dealing with lock downs, to supply chain shortages, to man-power shortages, to work-from-home, to “Back-to-Work.” The uncertainty is one part of why we developed and continue to enhance the Protection-as-a-Service suite, but the bigger motivation is quite simply, “Preparation.” These solutions are designed to be able to fit exactly what the operational environment needs, even as those needs are consistently changing. We like to think of it as a “Future-proofed” solution, that anticipates the needs of the business, and puts organizations in a space where they can use the technology they already have in PaaS to observe, adjust, and execute quickly,”

    – Tomer Mann, 22Miles EVP/Technology Contributing Writer

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    AUO announced today it has been honored with in total 14 awards from Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) and Global Corporate Sustainability Award (GCSA), recognizing its balanced developments in environment, society and governance (ESG) and the achievements made by all employees. The awards include the “Top 10 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Model Award (Manufacturing industry)”, “Corporate Sustainability Reports Award - Platinum”, “English Corporate Sustainability Reports Award – Gold”, and other Sustainable Individual Performance such as “Climate Leadership Award”, “Circular Economy Leadership Award”, “Water Resource Leadership Award”, “Social Inclusion Award”, “Creative Communication Leadership Award”, “Talent Development Leadership Award”, “Gender Equality Leadership Award”, “Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award”, “Transparency and Integrity Leadership Award”, and “Supply Chain Leadership Award.” Notably, AUO’s “Innovation of Pandemic-Safe Life and Corporate Competitiveness” was recognized by GCSA’s “Special Award for Pandemic Response,” a special award set up this year.

    “AUO has long been committed to the sustainability development and the implementation of corporate social responsibilities in our employees. These awards in the past few years greatly affirmed our identification and practice as a global citizen as a whole, showing our balanced developments in ESG and all-round achievements.” AUO Chairman and CEO Paul SL Peng stated, “Given multiple challenges caused by global climate change, low-carbon transformation and ever-changing economic and trading conditions, AUO will continue to galvanize consensus and take the initiative to team up with supply-chain partners to seek the common good so as to seize the opportunities in sustainability.”

    Garners Multiple Top Awards with All-Round Sustainability Achievements

    Besides winning the “Top 10 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Model Award (Manufacturing industry)” for its overall outstanding performance, AUO received the “Transparency and Integrity Leadership Award” for its corporate governance with credibility and integrity, as well as being ranked in the top 5% in Corporate Governance Evaluation by the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and the inclusion of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 12 consecutive years. In addition, AUO won the “Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award” for its “Stable Green Energy Generation and Storage Solution,” and will continue to upgrade its technology prowess on top of the solid energy businesses, while extending the in-house smart energy management system to an integrated energy generation and storage solution to enhance the stability of electric power systems and create more value for Taiwan’s green energy development.

    Regarding the Sustainable Environment section, AUO received the “Water Resource Leadership Award”, “Climate Leadership Award”, and “Circular Economy Leadership Award” for many consecutive years in recognition for its long-standing efforts in improving water, substance, and energy efficiency. In response to the global trends of net-zero emissions, AUO has passed the review of the Science Based Targets (SBT) and is set to reach absolute emissions reduction by 30% by 2025 compared to 2018. Additionally, AUO won the “Supply Chain Leadership Award” through collaborating with suppliers to set targets for carbon reduction and water conservation, hoping to co-create results of sustainability efforts by ways of sharing, guiding and setting up model mechanisms.

    AUO also fared positively winning the “Creative Communication Leadership Award”, “Gender Equality Leadership Award”, “Talent Development Leadership Award”, and “Social Inclusion Award” for its efforts in the following: turning the Gap of Learning & Field (GOLF) industry-academia alliance into a juridical organization for the goal of sustainably nurturing young talents; unfolding diverse solutions to establish a friendly workplace with gender equality, empowerment, and growth and a society with inclusion and common good; cultivating deep relationships with stakeholders in a bespoke and precise approach with proactive listening and innovative interaction, which have all been applauded by the judges.

    Solid Deployment and Co-creating a New Life in Response to the Pandemic

    Faced with the global pandemic, AUO immediately set up a response team proposing the 4C strategy – Command System, Stratified Risk Control, All-round Communication and Smart Convenience System – as a deployment for a safe and happy workplace. Meanwhile, AUO extended its influence outwards by donating Positive Pressure Testing Booths (PPTBs), public heath computers and anti-epidemic masks in support of the medical care staff. Other outreach efforts include continuous integration of multiple solutions to support local farmers and social welfare institutes, and proactively stabilizing production capacities to ensure continuous operation within the industry ecosystem. AUO has thus received the Special Award for Pandemic Response that GCSA especially founded this year. In response to the lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic, AUO will continue to utilize its core businesses and promote the biaxial transformation strategy including Go Premium and Go Vertical, developing innovative products and services and assisting with diverse applications in the five major verticals such as smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart education, smart retail and smart transportation, in a bid to create more sustainable ecosystems.

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    Enhance that customer experience
    Why should your customers have to wait in line to place their orders when they can do it themselves?  Kiosks can decrease those annoying wait times and create a better customer experience… and that translates to repeat business.

    Operational Efficiencies & increased revenue
    With the ability for customers to place their own orders through a kiosk, you have the ability to shift labor to other essential tasks, better handling peak times, and even increasing revenue an average of 30% per check.

    Social Demands
    Give your customers a sense of added safety. Our kiosks can recognize the customer and repeat their recent order, decreasing the kiosk touchpoints. Available with anti-micro touchscreen surfaces, customers have an added sense of safety.   

    Market Leading Payment Technology
    FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce™ platform transforms existing payment systems and processes from legacy to leading edge with fully integrated solutions across in-store, online and on-mobile. FreedomPay offers market-leading technology that supports merchants of all sizes worldwide merging security, identity, payments, loyalty and advertising.

    Your Face says it all
    Comprehensive facial recognition technology allows guests to be recognized at a kiosk, view not only their previous orders, but also a loyalty account and even “Pay with their Face”.

    Kiosk as a Service
    Why should you have to lay out money for the entire kiosk purchase when you can purchase over time.  From menu configuration to system integration, have your restaurant up and running faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Our turnkey Kiosk as a Service solution includes hardware, software, service and support... all for one monthly fee.

    Learn more about ClearConnect Solutions & Hardware

    Visit Panasonic ClearConnect Kiosk Solutions Page
    Kiosk Solutions Overview Brochure
    Learn how you can deliver a better customer experience by decreasing order time and increasing customer throughput with Panasonic Kiosk Solutions.
    Download Brochure. Kiosk Solutions Overview Brochure 
    ClearConnect™ Restaurant Solutions
    Learn how to maximize profits and create efficiencies across your entire organization by simplifying a complex ecosystem of hardware and software for the food service and retail markets.

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    Launching this week in key markets of the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, LG Electronics’ new Micro LED signage solution, LG MAGNIT, will deliver groundbreaking picture quality and durability with LG’s proprietary Black Coating display technology as well as streamlined installation with its clever block-assembly design.


    An evolutionary step forward in display technology, Micro LED features self-emissive micrometer-scale pixels applied directly to the substrate board, to deliver sharper images with improved contrast and a wider viewing angle. And LG’s new Black Coating technology applied to the front of the displays is designed to improve contrast and color accuracy while helping to protect the tiny LED pixels from moisture, dust and external impact. Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint, LG Black Coating also minimizes distracting reflections and makes it easier to remove unsightly smudges.


    The versatile LG MAGNIT is ideal for luxury consumers seeking a premium, large-scale display for the home with 163 inches of 4K resolution for enjoying favorite movies, series and sports. Featuring LG’s webOS smart signage platform for intuitive navigation and control of the many useful functions, including features and presets, LG MAGNIT’s superb picture quality is boosted by an AI-powered α (Alpha) image processor found in state-of-the-art LG TVs that intelligently analyzes content and source and automatically optimizes visual output in real-time.


    In addition to spectacular images, LG MAGNIT offers the benefit of hassle-free installation and configuration. Each Micro LED cabinet measures only 600W x 337.5H x 44.9D mm and links seamlessly to other cabinets, allowing technicians to quickly and painlessly erect large-scale display on site. The ability to smoothly send and receive signals wirelessly is due to LG’s non-contact connector technology. LG’s block-assembly design allows power to be sent to each cabinet via pin connectors located on the edges of the LED cabinet hub. And LG MAGNIT cuts the time needed for cable management, with only a few wires on the back of the displays to link the cabinets to system controllers and power mains.


    “It’s always exciting to present true innovation in LED signage and we are particularly thrilled to introduce our LG MAGNIT lineup at this time,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “With its combination of superior picture quality, expandability and convenient setup, LG MAGNIT is a great Micro LED signage solution for a wide variety of commercial and public spaces, including convention centers, corporate and hotel lobbies, luxury boutiques, broadcast studios, control rooms, exhibition halls and museums.”


  • Contactless Touch Interface POS - KioWare
    Featured will be a demo of Contactless Desktop station which includes the latest generation Ingenico devices along with accessible "tactile" devices. Managing transactions via any number of contactless methods. All in an ADA-compliant platform....

  • Featured in the KMA booth at 1606 will be a demo of a Contactless Desktop station which will include one of the latest generation Ingenico devices along with accessible "tactile" devices.  Managing transactions via any number of devices such as QR code, SMS or Bluetooth. All in an ADA-compliant platform.  We want to thank KioWare, Insight-Touch (Booth 1532), Ingenico and UCP Unattended Payments

    This type of solution has been deployed in gift shops and pantries to make like easier for customers. A case study is available on the site

    Some background from the case study

    New hospitality kiosk, contactless, which is designed for hotel food pantries and gift shops.  Scan below and Pay and Go is the mantra and it makes a lot of sense. Having to wait in line for a bottle of water at the hotel can be a pain and there really is no reason for it.  This solution is a cloud-based retail management system that allows associates to scan retail items, apply discounts, and charge to rooms on existing front desk terminals while managers track inventory and report on retail performance from any device.

    Automated Retail Management and “Wait To Pay” converted to “Grab and Go”. ShopPoP is an in-store, guest-facing kiosk. It allows guests to truly grab-and-go without assistance reducing typical front desk burdens associated with offering a lobby retail store.

    On the technology front these units are utilizing software from KioWare.  Saves the solution provider time building their app (and focusing on their app) when a framework like KioWare automatically provides easy development options and built in compliance. QR code used is CR1100.  These people have a wide set of PMS integrations for companies such as Opera, Galaxy and PMI. Processor support comes with CreditCall, Shift4, Datacap Systems, Elavon, Bank of America and Chase Paymentech.

    For more information send an email to or call me at 720-324-1837 (Denver) and we can schedule a meeting or demo at the booth at NRF.

  • Grocery Self Checkout Pyramid Computer
    Polytouch® Nano SCO and its unique mix 'n' match concept provides you with what you need: The self-checkout kiosk is not a standard off-the-shelf product, it rather offers maximum modularity to meet the respective market conditions on site....

  • Polytouch® Nano SCO and its unique mix 'n' match concept provides you with what you need: The self-checkout kiosk is not a standard off-the-shelf product, it rather offers maximum modularity to meet the respective market conditions on site. Polytouch® Nano SCO and its unique mix 'n' match concept provides you with what you need: The self-checkout kiosk is not a standard off-the-shelf product, it rather offers maximum modularity to meet the respective market conditions on site. The Polytouch® Nano SCO is designed to include different payment modules and checkouts, depending on your requirements. A fast precision scanner speeds up the checkout process and a scale or hand scanner can also be added optionally.

    Thanks to the space-saving design and the various mounting options (wall mounting, countertop or on a pedestal), the Polytouch® Nano SCO offers unlimited possibilities and can be easily integrated into both existing and future store concepts.

    You can contact or call 720-324-1837 (Denver) to set up a meeting at NRF.  Pyramid Computer is also exhibiting in its own booth which is #6863. Contact Janine, in Germany, directly at 

    You can read more on the Pyramid Computer website or you can visit the NRF 2022 Page for Pyramid

  • Customer Accessibility ala McDonalds & Marriott
    See technology demo of latest in accessibility using Storm-Interface assistive tech (AudioPad as used in McDonalds, Marriott and Southwest Airlines). Included is a Vispero screen reader demonstration...

  • Storm-Interface assistive technology AudioPad

    You can see the AudioPad as installed on the new Amtrak ticketing machines that are rolling out (200 of them), At the airport you can see them on the Southwest Airlines passenger check-in kiosks

    Vispero JAWS Screenreader inclusive as used in new McDonalds kiosks and many others

    “McDonald’s prides itself on fostering an inclusive restaurant experience for all,” said Kelsey Hall, Senior Manager of Global Digital Accessibility at McDonald’s. “This inclusive kiosk solution ensures blind and low vision customers can independently order their McDonald’s favorites for themselves, their families, and their friends.” --   Article link

    About the Kiosk

    The Austin Freestanding Kiosk was designed with a slight tilt forward to welcome your incoming customers. The result is a sleek design that’s in step with today’s most popular electronics. Because there are minimal points where dirt and germs can build up, The Austin was made to look clean and stay clean, making it a great choice for food service and healthcare environments. You can even detach the four anti-theft screws and relocate the kiosk within your facility at will.

    Here is freestanding Austin Kiosk

    Contact or call 720-324-1837 for more information and scheduling a demonstration or meeting at NRF 2022 (#1606)

    For more information and/or setting up demo or meeting at the show:

  • Retail Software Customer Engagement - Nanonation
    Whether you need an enterprise class digital signage CMS or a single interactive screen, we have a library of
    solutions to fit your needs. While off-the-shelf solutions work of many of our customers, custom is also in
    our comfort zone....

  • Nanonation Product Portfolio for Retail

    > Digital Signage
    > Content Management Systems
    > Custom Application Development
    > Content Design Services
    > Product Information Kiosks
    > Transactional Kiosks
    > Wayfinding & Directories
    > Educational Interactive Screens
    > Public-Space Digital Solutions

    Over the past two decades Nanonation has helped some of the worlds more recognizable brands and organizations create amazing digital experiences. We are more than a technology provider; we are a team of dedicated specialists to help you transform the customer experience in your environment. From digital messaging to product information to store audio, our platform drives all of your in-store solutions. Our work spans from retail and financial services to governments and museums, we have crafted thousands of solutions and deployed over 100,000 endpoints around the world. Our clients include brands such as Nike, American Eagle, Harley Davidson, Rogers Wireless, State of Nebraska, Tabitha Health, Pinnacle Bank and many others.

    Designing for public-space touch screens is nothing like web or application design. Our in-house team of creative experts builds best-in-class user experiences that match your audience’s unique needs. We understand your brand, your users and create a user interface that is as functional as it is visually impactful.

    Whether you need an enterprise class digital signage CMS or a single interactive screen, we have a library of solutions to fit your needs. While off-the-shelf solutions work of many of our customers, custom is also in our comfort zone. Nanonation's in-house team of developers and designers are experts at creating unique and impactful solutions. Our trained project managers ensure that everything goes smoothly from concepting to implementation. We bring extra value to our custom solutions through our proven  nanopoint software platform. A platform built for public-space that includes reporting, monitoring, content management and robust security features. Layered on top of Nanopoint is the unique custom implementation that is created for your specific needs and users. The result is solutions that are built faster, for lower cost and are more scalable.

    For More Information or Setting up a meeting

  • Touchless Checkout Artificial Intelligence KIOSK
    Customers self-checkout at convenience and department store, cafes, delis, bakeries, and corporate cafeterias....

  • KIOSK Information Systems Contactless Checkout with AI

    To see at the show visit booth 5919. People want control of their time and greater flexibility during checkout at retail convenience venues - that’s why UST and KIOSK are partnering to offer more streamlined purchases utilizing a computer vision self-checkout kiosk solution

    Using Vision Checkout, customers can quickly self-checkout at convenience and department stores as well as cafes, delis, bakeries, and corporate cafeterias. Customers simply place their items on the self-checkout kiosk; items are identified via computer vision and displayed on the kiosk screen, followed by a touchless purchase process. For retail operators, Vision Checkout advances unattended automation at convenience venues providing both cost and operationally efficiencies - with accuracy and consumer safety at its core.   


    • Computer Vision (CV) technology: Items are scanned by CV and identified for POS processing
    • Touchless payment: Once items are chosen and checked out, guests can pay using QR code
    • Voice solution/mobile control: Assists with touchless transactions
    • Low footprint: Edge tuned AI engines detect objects with high accuracy under limited compute
    • Tray/weight scale: Holds items and enables calculation of quantity for weight-based items
    • Autonomous Training Box: Quick convergence networks that can work with Autonomous Training Box to onboard items at scale

    About KIOSK

    Since 1993, KIOSK has led the industry in design and manufacturing of self-service solutions. We provide highly specialized experts to surround every aspect of the project, executing personalized customer deliverables in parallel.

    In-house services encompass every aspect of customized solution design:

    • Hardware Enclosure Design
    • Software Application Design
    • Flexible Volume Manufacturing
    • ISO Certified Standards
    • Safety Agency Certifications
    • Complete Deployment Services
    • Advanced Field and Managed Services

    KIOSK Information Systems
    346 South Arthur Avenue
    Louisville, CO 80027 

    Toll Free: 888.661.1697
    Tel: 303.466.5471

    For More Information and to schedule a meeting or demo