NRF 2021

Enactor LLC

Suwanee,  GA 
United States
  • Booth: 3004

Enactor is a world-class Retail application suite that enables large retailers to deliver and transact throughout complex customer journeys.  Enactor's powerful platform easily connects e-commerce transaction information with all customer-facing devices and channels, removing the need for the conversation around 'Build VS Buy" store applications.  Reusable and easily adaptable services provide customer experience innovation, driven by Enactor's powerful platform that enables the services to connect easily to legacy, cloud, and 3rd party systems and applications.

Retailers are looking to change all customer channels to be able to react and eliminate uncertainty from the customer experience.

Look to Enactor for projects including POS, mobile, kiosk, self-checkout, and online, as well as all the back-end systems for omnichannel and enterprise management.

Enactor aims to empower retailers with speed and flexibility across any channel, enabling them to unify their physical and digital channels and empower their internal tech teams.


  • Enactor Unified Commerce Platform
    Enactor is the next-generation Unified Commerce Platform. Delivering Omnichannel-enabled and API-driven POS, Mobile POS and self-checkout across any device and operating system....

  • Enactor Headless Commerce has a rich back end of Mixroservices which can act as the headlesss back-end of a major retailer's digital landscape. Providing a retailer digital infrastructure for all channels with loads of functionality and configurability. 

    Enactor utilizes groups of microservices at a granular level to develop a robust, agile functional platform. 

  • Enactor POS & Mobile POS
    Enactor POS goes beyond "Point of Sale" to "Point of Service," includes standard functionality as well a as a host of new features based on Enactors full micro-services architecture....

  • POS Features and Functions: 

    • Clienteling and Endless Aisle
    • Multi currency, region fiscalization
    • Gift cards
    • Gift Vouchers
    • Multi-currency tendering
    • Returns, 
    • Loyalty
    • Full screen customer display + link to adertising screens
    • Mobile specialist selling functions 
    • Airport Sales 

    Enactor POS runs how you want, thick or thin client, online or offline, Android or iOS, giving each retailer flexability and control over how and when to transact with your customer. 

  • Enactor Estate Manager
    Enactor Estate Manager runs at the center and offers a single application for the management and configuration fo the store estate across multiple countries, currencies and time zones....

  • Transacctions and inventoy levels across the estate are consilidated and available in real time and changes and updates such as products, prices, promotions can be broadcast at any time. 
  • Enactor Clienteling
    Enactor Clienteling is a suite of applications that run in the store, a central customer database and a central campaign management tool that allows 1-1 marketing data to be captured and personalized incentives to be initiated and tracked....

  • Enactor Clienteling was developed in conjunction with Harrods, it allows salesperson affiliations with customers to be formalized and tilized as part of large marketing initiatives. 

  • Enactor OMS & Inventory Management
    Enactor Inventory Management is a central component that processes all inventory movements from stores and warehouse. Enactor OMS provides visibility for fulfillment rules...

  • Enactor Inventory Management customer order management system manages all orders placed in the business and holds an archive of all POS sales transactions as well so that store and staff have visibility of all transactions in a single place.