NRF 2021

Frisco,  TX 
United States
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Serving Fortune 1000 companies globally, - part of Zebra Technologies - is rethinking the way retail and consumer products companies use AI to solve real business problems. offers solutions that inform the most important business decisions, from Supply Chain to Merchandising to Pricing, empowering world-class retailers and consumer products companies to digitally transform their businesses to achieve substantial business results.

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  • Assortment & Size Optimization's Assortment & Size Optimization uses AI and intuitive workflows to help retailers improve their assortments for a changing, omnichannel world with comprehensive, attribute-based analysis to generate localized assortments and size profiles....

  • Assortment Optimization

    • Build a plan aligned to omnichannel demand: store, online, and fulfillment demand
    • Identify missed sales and inventory opportunities
    • Uncover product attributes that drive customer purchase decisions
    • Use risk analysis to optimize for assortment depth and breadth
    • Gain efficiencies through automation and data harmonization

    Size Optimization

    • Eliminate the flaws of prior size profile optimization tools
    • Predict omnichannel demand for all products across channels and locations
    • Distinguish size demand for each omnichannel fulfillment option
    • Scientifically extrapolate demand across sizes when a size set changes
    • Intelligently rationalize store clusters and avoid large stores overly influencing the results
    • Utilize flexible hierarchies that reflect customer behavior
    • Integrate profiles across planning, ordering and replenishment processes
  • Forecasting, Allocation & Replenishment's Forecasting, Allocation & Replenishment starts with a unified demand signal that combines all available demand drivers to predict store demand, online demand and fulfillment options for all demand forecasting and planning processes....

  • Demand Forecasting & Planning

    • Predict omnichannel demand for all products across channels & time
    • Sense changing market conditions using AI & machine learning
    • Improve productivity through UI visualizations & investigative features

    Allocation Optimization

    • Use omnichannel demand while balancing capacity, presentation, labor, & financial KPI's
    • Place inventory in the ideal location for store sales & online fulfillment
    • Reduce future shipping costs by minimizing potential split ships & order zone hopping
    • Mitigate DC capacity issues caused by sharp increases in customer order fulfillment
    • Maximize inventory efficiency by improving sell-through & lowering markdowns

    Replenishment Optimization

    • Dynamically group product & locations by performance
    • Automatically adjust safety stock based on service level, risk factors & forecast uncertainty
    • Rebalance inventory against demand & markdown liabilities between distribution centers
    • Identify inventory replenishment outliers with exception-based reporting
    • Spur action through pre-defined policies when exceptions occur
  • Lifecycle Pricing's Lifecycle Pricing connects in-season and liquidation pricing decisions to maximize inventory margins and sell-through while delivering discounts that customers want, when they expect them....

  • Markdown Optimization

    • Optimize clearance across the enterprise for all channels, locations and brands
    • Leverage omnichannel demand, including store demand, online demand and fulfillment demand, in markdown planning
    • Drive clean transitions, improved sell-through and higher margins
    • Align pricing and fulfillment to expedite online order fulfillment from slower turning stores and lower overall markdowns

    Promotion Optimization

    • Simulate weekly, in-season sales based on demand profiles
    • Recommend discounts to grow or maintain sales velocity througout the selling period
    • Evaluate different promotional vehicles and offers against the optimized price by product groups, styles or individual items
    • Track promotional effectiveness over time to improve future promotional planning
    • Integrate with markdown pricing to ensure a smooth end-of-season transition