NRF 2021

Countwise LLC

Sunrise,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 5745

CountWise is an established and trusted multinational company headquartered in Florida.  We are the globally recognized leader in the area of customer centric insights, having worked in this industry for over 18 years.

Today, we have over 100,000 installations around the world serving prestigious brands and varied verticals.  We partner with our clients to identify opportunity whilst helping to improve customer service levels with smarter solutions and business analytics.


  • I-Count
    A multi-zoned bi-directional pedestrian traffic counting solution....

  • This system is designed to count customers and visitors, so businesses can determine the busy times and work on proper staffing. Businesses can also track conversions as some counting systems collect traffic data on how many customers enter, exit, and make purchases.
  • Q-Count
    A multi-lane solution monitoring the number of buying units within a queue and also their wait times....

  • The CountWise Queue Management System was designed to help retailers and other businesses adopt a customer-centric business model that prioritizes creating an optimal customer experience for every patron.  

    The CountWise customer queue management system has key benefits and capabilities which include:

    • Tracking and measuring real-time, in-person interactions between customers and sales associates
    • Providing in-the-moment insights into resource allocation
    • Offering up-to-the-minute data to optimize service management
    • Optimizing the customer experience and customer service counters
    • Decreasing the time customers wait for service
    • Increasing customer satisfaction scores
    • Improving customer retention
  • D-Count
    Monitors in real-time the number of customers being served and their service times....

  • D-Count uses proprietary, leading-edge technology to bring you a convenient and efficient method of tracking and monitoring service performance.

    The CountWise customer desk management system has key benefits and capabilities which include:

    • Improve customer checkout and counter experience
    • Increases the ability to upsell and cross sell
    • Provides transparency into customer service practices
    • Increases the productivity and efficiency of team members
    • Offers real time proactive service management
    • Measures and tracks actual in-store behavior at the counter
  • Business Analytics
    A dedicated online business intelligence tool which aggregates operational data sets from current and legacy systems into one centralized point, allowing retailers to view events within a specific category, market, and store, within seconds....

  • The tool set allows the business to analyze key areas by creating actionable reporting relevant to the business which help view and maintain the business’s key performance areas and compare against targets. Clients have the ability to use the reporting to monitor, inspire and direct local management in areas like sales conversion, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

  • Heatmapping
    Our solution provides heat map analytics which tracks the customers journey through major areas of interest....

  • The system will provide visual heatmaps as well as data that can be evaluated thru or Business intelligence tool.  These heatmaps can be generated for different time intervals. Showing a complete day or illustrating changes during the day.  This coupled with dwell times and zone management will allow you to fully understand product placements and display effectiveness.