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Fremont,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 241

42Gears is a leading Mobile Device Management solution provider, helping customers secure, monitor and manage business endpoints, including tablets, phones, rugged devices, desktops, wearables, VR devices, and more. Over 18,000 customers in more than 115 countries have chosen 42Gears to manage their deployments, with a proven track record of success in many industries.


MDM solution by 42Gears gives IT teams everything needed for full Device Lifecycle Management, including Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management, and Mobile Content Management.


Kiosk Lockdown Software turns any device into a secure kiosk, running one or several pre-approved apps. Plus, the 42Gears secure enterprise web browser lets admins control what websites and web apps users can or can’t access. 


Gartner has included 42Gears in its Magic Quadrant for UEM Tools report several years in a row, and has recognized 42Gears as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for UEM Tools in 2018 and 2019. 


  • SureMDM
    SureMDM is an intuitive and powerful MDM solution for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and Wear OS platforms. You can secure, monitor, and manage company-owned devices as well as employee-owned devices (BYOD) using a single pane of glass....

  • SureMDM by 42Gears gives IT teams everything they need to secure, monitor, and manage every aspect of the device lifecycle. SureMDM includes mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobile content management (MCM) functionality, as well as access to kiosk lockdown, kiosk browser, and video playback tools. IT admins can confidently deploy devices with SureMDM and lock them down to pre-approved apps, websites, and web apps.

    • Rapidly enroll and provision devices with the apps, content, and settings they need, including support for Android Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE)
    • Remotely monitor, manage, and secure every device from a single pane of glass, including remote control for rapid troubleshooting and robust data-security features
    • Track devices on a map and push contextual policies based on location, time of day, and network connection status
    • Lock down devices to kiosk mode and permit access to only pre-approved apps, websites, and/or web apps
  • SureLock
    SureLock is a device lockdown solution that turns off-the-shelf devices into secure, dedicated-purpose kiosks. Once IT admins install SureLock on a device, they can lock the device down to run a restricted set of one or more pre-approved apps....

  • Kiosks are self-service solutions that have emerged to be invaluable tools for any industry. Various types of kiosks today allow people to perform a range of services that were traditionally performed manually. Businesses benefit from deploying off-the-shelf mobile devices as kiosks in high-foot traffic areas where they can reach a wider audience, thereby improving conversion and increasing sales. Besides, converting off-the-shelf mobile devices into kiosks also helps them save on infrastructure costs. 

    SureLock is a leading device lockdown solution used by thousands of companies worldwide to restrict devices to necessary apps. Lock down devices to one or a few apps, or blacklist specific apps. Block access to device peripherals like the camera, Bluetooth capability, and more. Plus, generate and review analytics data to make sure your restrictions work as intended. 

        Benefits of Using SureLock as Kiosk Software Solutions:  
    • Gain higher control over mobile devices and applications 

    • Transform any devices into dedicated purpose devices 

    • Prevent device misuse and secure them against unauthorized access

    • Improve device performance and shelf life

    • Reduce device maintenance time and cost

    • Monitor and regulate data usage 

    • Ensure higher employee productivity

    • Ensure driver safety by preventing mobile devices from distracting drivers

    • Improve customer experience