NRF 2021

ChargeItSpot / ARC

Philadelphia,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 337

Increasingly, consumers are looking to retailers for free phone charging. The term "phone charging near me" has risen 823% in the last 3 years. Interestingly, it took our company 4 years to charge our first 1M phones. Now, we're charging 1M phones every 100 days.

Deployed in 42 states and 4 countries, ChargeItSpot serves retailers like Target, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic, Uniqlo, Under Armour, and ~60 others.

We exist to save people from their constantly dying phones and to drive retail sales.

Retail clients have uncovered that when shoppers spend double the time in store while they wait for their phone to charge up, they convert at a 65% higher rate and increase their AOV by 47%.

Also, for every person who charges their phone, the retailer captures an email address, mobile number, and opt-in. Users can also respond to an optional 3-question survey for real-time, in-store feedback. Furthermore, customers are supremely delighted when the retailer saves them from this daily pain (+20pt NPS boost).


  • ChargeItSpot
    Rescue guests from their constantly dying phones with a secure phone charging station that's free to guests, seamlessly captures key marketing data, and increases dwell and purchase amount....

  • ChargeItSpot is the world’s most advanced and secure platform for on-the-go cell phone
    charging. The 8 locking chambers have been rigorously tested to withstand forceful entry, and
    the state-of-the-art system keeps customer phones safe via intelligent software, cellular connectivity,
    and 24/7 human monitoring.

    ChargeItSpot never asks customers for sensitive data and will never sync to the data on
    a phone. The kiosk simply delivers a one-way directional current to the phone. The customer sets their
    own code by entering a 10-digit mobile number, and selecting one of 9 security images. To
    retrieve a phone, the customer simply reproduces their information and within seconds, the
    locker door opens and they’re on their way.

  • ChargeItSpot UV-C
    Enable guests to eliminate up to 99.9% of select viruses and bacteria on their phone while they charge with our new UV-C phone charging stations....

  • Our newest UV-C update provides an added security feature for guests that allows them to sanitize their phone while they charge. 

    Our new solution is designed to:

    • Eliminate up to 99.9% of selected viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, in only 15 minutes
    • Expose all 6 sides of the phone to UV-C light
    • Elevate perceptions of your brand with a tech-forward utility
    • Ensure ongoing guest comfort with our antimicrobial touch screen and UV-C sanitization of lockers between each use

  • ARC
    Asset Recharge Center (ARC), was born out of our clients' need for a self service solution to secure, charge and manage all of their mobile handheld devices that employees use....

  • ARC was made to give store teams the ability to work effectively with optimally-functioning handheld devices. 


    What to expect from having ARC in store:

    • Minimize loss and theft. Reduce human error and boost accountability with badge scan, photo security technology, and a one-device-to-one-locker design. Automated reporting flags past-due devices linked to individual employees.

    • Save valuable time. Don’t lose a single moment overseeing device check-in and out. ARC’s self-service, automated approach has got you covered.

    • Optimize productivity. The system only releases charged, well-functioning devices. Remove faulty devices from circulation so your team has the working tools they need to do their jobs.