Yokneam,  Israel 
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ciValue helps retailers accelerate growth with the ultimate SaaS solution to seize media and data monetization opportunities. Already globally serving retailers from Food, Drug & Specialty verticals, ciValue delivers a self-serve approach for retailers and their brand partners to achieve new revenue streams, sales growth, and increase share of wallet through customer-centric merchandising and marketing. In only 8 weeks, and with full ownership of their revenue.

Built for scale, the solution leverages automation and AI to accelerate revenue-generating opportunities, and delivers dedicated applications for customer & product performance intelligence, audiences & segmentation building, offer management, and insights sharing that enable users to promptly identify risks and opportunities, and act on those insights, in a few clicks only. Changing the way retailers monetize their 1st party data and media assets 

Founded in 2014, the company based in Israel counts + 30 employees and a successful track record of growing and retaining highly satisfied customers.


  • Omnichannel Personalization
    The only SaaS solution that powers real-time personalized experiences that work

  • Retailers across the globe have invested resources in delivering better, more personalized experiences for their customers. Yet, in order to satisfy the expectations of increasingly digital shoppers, while remaining profitable, retailers need to be able to automate and scale their personalization efforts and to work more efficiently with their brands to attract funding. With ciValue’s customer DNA platform and self-serve omnichannel personalization solution, you can cut the time it takes you to launch campaigns, leverage AI to create perfect audiences according to your objectives, and attract more funding from your brands by simplifying and scaling the way you show value.

    Ultimately, you can meet your customers where they are, at the right time, and with the right offer, in a way that makes more sense for you, your suppliers, and your customers. 

  • Retail Media Intelligence
    Powering ads that work for customers, retailers and brands...

  • Retail media is on every retailer’s lips today, representing a $100bn opportunity. But retailers are still figuring out the best way to monetize their media assets while avoiding investing tremendous amounts of money and resources into media businesses.

    To accelerate retailer’s path to retail media, we have created a retail media intelligence solution that enables them to attract and sustain incremental investments from their brand partners by leveraging their first-party data and media to deliver insights, hyper-targeted segmentation, and closed-loop measurements on ad performances. 

    For this reason, we have put together a dedicated solution that helps retailers, brands and digital partners leverage the insights of our retail customer DNA platform to perform real-time ad scoring while enabling them to create and export audiences that match their objectives, and empowering them with the data they need to measure their impact across all channels.

  • Brand Collaboration
    ciValue helps you share the insights that power better sales performance. Level up your brands insights so you can both grow your customers’ value....

  • ciValue is the brand collaboration SaaS platform disrupting existing data & media monetization model by enabling retailers to remain in control of their revenue.

    Ultimately, this also enables quick time to value as we can be up and running in just 8 weeks. Our model focuses on the amount of users we serve and is built for scale.


    Engineered to address the marketing needs of brands and retailers, the solution delivers unique mechanisms for brands users to go from insights to action, in a fully self-served manner.

    From hyper-targeted and predictive audience building, to offer nominations for personalization, the brands who use ciValue can initiate processes that simplify and automate the way they collaborate with retailers on joint personalized offers and ads. To close the loop, the platform includes offers and events performance reports to understand the impact on category share, sales performance, and more...


    In addition, our solution delivers best-of-breed technology for personalization at scale, customizable to fit your specific requirements.

  • Retail Intelligence
    Discover opportunities and reduce risks to assure brand, category, and business growth

  • Understand switching and loyalty behavior across all channels to identify key opportunities for growth. Monitor new product launches to fine-tune marketing and promotion approaches. Drill deep into performance at the store, page, day, or SKU level with just a few clicks.

    Identify key opportunities for stretch, cross-sell, retention, or winback. Understand how assortment, promotion decisions affect not just product sales and conversions, but overall customer behaviors and preferences across all  channels

    Empower brand, category, merchandising and marketing managers with dedicated mechanisms and workflows to slice and dice audience on-the-fly, without any line of code, your teams get the insights they need to move as fast they want to, without needing to involve other stakeholders.