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Time is priceless.

Creator of digital connected retail solutions for omnichannel management of customer journeys and their waiting conditions, we enable your customers to experience your brand on all channels, platforms, and devices seamlessly.

We imagine and develop innovative customer journey solutions to eliminate waiting lines and ensure a superior customer experience.

We work with retailers worldwide (Nespresso, Carrefour, FNAC, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Media Markt…) to empower customers to ‘get in line’ from wherever they are and increase the profitability of the point of sale thanks to our powerful and collaborative SaaS platform.

  • Bridge the gap from online browsing to brick and mortar by giving customers the opportunity to interact across multiple touchpoints
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating queues and providing personalized service
  • Optimize resource scheduling based on data store traffic
  • Gather contact information on shoppers and improve customer engagement


  • ORION eZQ Single line queuing

  • A single line queue has been proven to be the fairest and fastest way to process customers – they are served in the order they arrive. eZQ single line increases your queue flow, but also your staff efficiencies and your profits. Studies show that single line queuing instills fairness by enforcing a first-come first-served process. A single line can also reduce actual wait times by up to 30%.

    How It Works:

    1. Audio and visual messaging instantly alerts the next customer in line

    2. Alerts are triggered through wireless remote, POS transaction, or auto sensor

    3. Auto-controlled station lights efficiently guide customers to an open service position

    Why choose eZQ?

    • Decreases Average Wait Times
    • Increases Customer Throughput
    • Reduces Perceived Wait Times
    • Drives Impulse Sales
    • Installs Quickly and Easily
    • Integrates Easily with Other Orion Features
    • Improves the Customer Experience
  • ORION Appointment Scheduling
    Deliver remarkable customer experiences with intelligent scheduling and appointment-driven personalization that helps you engage customers....

  • With ESII appointment solution, your customers can connect from anywhere, and book, check-in, reschedule and cancel appointments seamlessly. This helps to minimize customer wait times and ensures best-quality services to your customers.

    Your customers access your availability from your website 24/7. Your calendar automatically syncs, and your clients receive a reminder message to avoid forgetting their appointments.

    You welcome all your customers, without waiting, your resources are fine-tuned, and you can plan ahead your staff.

    How it works?

    1. Quickly find and book an appointment, 24/7, that fits your needs and schedule.
    2. Receive email or text (optional) confirmations and reminders to keep you on track.
    3. Get right to service with easy, on-site check-in via SMS link, QR code, or Greeter.

    Why choose Orion Appointment?

    • Omnichannel Engagement
    • Easy, Intuitive Booking
    • Intelligent Appointment Routing
    • Infinitely Configurable
    • Confirmations and Reminders
    • Video Conferencing
  • ORION SmartWait, Digital Ticket
    Engage and connect with customers where they spend most of their time—on their mobile devices—then deliver tailored experiences that keep them coming back for more....

  • Having a mobile-integrated queue management system minimize waiting times, streamline your customer flow and present your customers the option to virtually join a queue before physically arriving in your store.

    SmartWait provides a touchless experience that eliminates waiting and facilitates a seamless customer journey. With SmartWait, your customers can choose their desired service branch, get directions, receive Text message, or push notifications and have a ticket-saved place in the queue, all before they even arrive.

    How it works?

    1. The customer scans a QR code and is automatically checked-in in the waiting line, without registration.
    2. The customer chooses his service and is assigned a digital ticket. He visualizes his estimated call time. He can also postpone or cancel his virtual ticket.
    3. A few minutes before the call, the customer receives a text message to inform him that his turn is approaching. When it’s time, the customer is notified via a notification and/ or a text message.

    Why choose SmartWait?

  • ORION Picking
    Offer safe contactless order pickup from your store or curbside...

  • This ORION feature that enables customers coming to store to collect orders, to check-in when they arrive and to receive updates while their order is prepared. Orion Picking allows the management and display of orders for the customer with the follow-up of its status, from the issuance of the preparation voucher until delivery.

    With pick-up in store, it’s crucial to create a convenient experience for customers. Depending on your strategy, you may do pickups in-store or at a designated pickup location. Some retailers are offering curbside pickup.

    It’s important that the process is clear from start to finish. This includes order confirmation and concise instructions about where and how to pick up products.

    How it works?

    1. Customers buy online or directly in-store

    2. The retailer fulfills the order

    3. Customer is informed about its order status on screen or by text message

    4. The customer picks up the order

    Why choose Orion Picking?

    • Inform customers of their order status
    • Don’t make your customers wait
    • Organize purchases pickup
    • Develop customer loyalty
    • Increase productivity
    • Monitor and optimize your business efficiency
  • ORION Queuing Management System
    Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting
    Decrease customer wait times, improve waiting line management, and increase revenues with ORION Queue Management Solutions

  • ORION eliminates the need for physical lines. It provides customers a personalized, frictionless way to wait for service, and a business platform for multi-channel, tailored engagement.

    Benefits for you and your customers!


    ORION creates a more enjoyable environment for customers and employees to connect, by bringing easy-to-use technology to the store, branch, or facility.


    ORION puts customers in charge of their wait time, increasing satisfaction and boosting loyalty.


    ORION uncovers customer needs prior to service, empowering staff with tools that enable them to be more productive and give better service.

    Why choose ORION platform?

    • Cloud-based & Robust

    Our system architecture ensures Orion can be scaled across a vast number of locations and regions with low latency, minimal disruption and at low cost.

    • Flexible & Easy to configure

    ORION can be configured and adapted to a variety of use cases. Select the solutions and features to suit your enterprise, and easily manage your settings.

    • Customizable

    Customize all your customer facing interfaces with your brand logos, colors and look&feel within minutes.

    • GDPR & Security

    Orion increases GDPR compliance by ensuring personal data is securely and appropriately processed, stored, managed and disposed of with full transparency.

    • Easy integration

    Whilst Orion can be used completely stand-alone, it is also developed to enable you to integrate into your existing systems with ease.

    • Customer satisfaction

    Optimized customer experience: more free time to manage the journey, less stress, reliable information for your customers.