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Emersya is an end-to-end 3D & AR product visualization and customization platform, which empowers retailers to leverage digital twins from ideation to sales.

The platform offers a streamlined digital product development workflow that accelerates time to market, increases sustainability and automates the generation of production data & the creation of marketing content.

Brands can efficiently create, review, & approve their new product collections online & in real-time 3D, then use the same digital twins to create interactive 3D & AR product experiences for eCommerce & Retail.

Consumer engagement skyrockets as customers can explore products from every angle, zoom-in closely on the details, simulate product features, visualize interior components & trigger exploded views.

The Emersya platform can also be used to create & manage unique product configurators and customization experiences. Consumers can switch among all available colors, materials & products options in real-time 3D, and even add custom text and images. Customers can instantly visualize their unique product in Augmented Reality.


  • Collaborative Design
    Emersya makes product development more efficient, collaborative and sustainable by providing an online solution for creating, reviewing and approving new product collections in Interactive 3D.

  • Instead of producing thousands of physical samples every year and wait for them to be produced and shipped (multiple times because of the multiple iterations), non-technical teams can now create, review, iterate and approve colorways online, with high-end real-time 3D visualisation, while feeding their PLM automatically.

    Emersya’s Collaborative Design Platform enables brands to prepare different product colorways in real-time 3D through a user-friendly interface, accessible by extended product development teams and marketers that can review and discuss the submitted designs, all in real-time.

    The solution reduces : impact on the environment + time to market + development costs.

    The Emersya platform leverages 3D & digital assets to streamline product development workflows from ideation to marketing:
    - Upload any 3D models, materials and colors on Emersya (manually or automatically)
    - Define product part rules using the BOM structure
    - Apply colors, material & graphics to create colorways in real-time 3D
    - Share designs with the team, make comments, and discuss the adjustments
    - Iterate as many times as needed without producing physical samples - Validate designs and download production data
    - Generate engaging embeddable 3D & AR product experiences
    - Automate creation of photorealistic packshots
    - Export 3D models for any purpose
    - Connect all your systems (PLM, DAM, ERP, eCommerce)

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  • Product customization in Interactive 3D and AR
    Emersya empowers retailers to offer omnichannel product customization experiences products in real-time 3D and Augmented Reality....

  • The Emersya Platform offers an easy, automatable process for setting up complex configurable products in 3D.

    The final customer facing experience empowers customers to:
    - explore all product options from any angle,
    - switch between product options,
    - choose the colors & materials for each configurable product part,
    - add personal texts and/or graphics on the fly,
    - build modular products
    all thanks to real-time photo-realistic visualization in 3D.

    Emersya customers can offer their online product customization experience in Interactive 3D and in web-based Augmented Reality, allowing consumers to visualize their custom product in their physical surroundings.

    Emersya facilitates the manufacturing of custom & personalized products by supplying the production files and offering an online order management solution.

    Discover some of our clients' 3D product configurators:

    Billabong boardshort customization

    KitchenAid refrigerator configurator

    AMQ office chair configurators

    Beyerdynamic headphones customization

    Vacheron Constantin watch customization

  • Product story telling in Interactive 3D and AR
    Emersya's 3D and web-based Aumented Reality technology empowers consumers to discover products in unique and engaging ways....

  • The Emersya platform enables brands and retailers to create, manage, deploy and share fully interactive 3D & AR shopping experiences, online and in-store!

    Emersya’s 3D technology offers high quality real-time rendering and advanced product story-telling features to provide consumers with an engaging immersive way to:
    - explore products from any angle and zoom in one every detail,
    - simulate product features & moving parts,
    - explode the product to see its internal components,
    - get detailed information on key selling points,
    - preview all available colorways,
    all in 3D directly within any web page.

    Emersya has also developed a fully web-based Augmented Reality feature that empowers customers to visualize products in the context of their own home and try out their features. This not only create a more personalized  & unique shopping experience but also helps consumers to make a more informed decision & increases buyer confidence.

    Consumers can position a product (shown to scale) in their surroundings & trigger real-time animations to discover a product's features digitally in the same way they would physically! Customers can also switch among the available product colorways, directly in AR view.

    Emersya's Interactive Augemented Reality work directly in any product page, no app required.
    The feature not only creates a more personalized  & unique shopping experience but also helps consumers to make a more informed decision & increases buyer confidence.

    Here are some examples of some client projects:

    American Tourister AR product discovery

    Bollé Brands sunglasses try-on in AR

    Whirlpool kitchen applicances story telling

    Vitra office chair digital user instructions

    KRUPS coffee machine 3D animation