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Hanshow Technology is a trusted partner among retailers worldwide. We strive to enhance the shopping experience by developing cutting edge technology and providing services to solve our clients' in-store challenges. Our innovative spirit begins with our global team, improves the way we operate, and ultimately helps us deliver compelling end-to-end solutions.

Hanshow Technology is a global leader in developing and manufacturing specializing in ESL and Omni-channel Smart Store Solutions. With continuous innovations for years, Hanshow is dedicated to offering global customers a series of world-class high quality and premium Smart IoT Devices and Intelligent Store Solutions. Hanshow’s Intelligence-enabled platforms and systems deliver customer-centric insights, helping retailers tackle operation woes and providing various tools to support optimal pricing strategies, eventually, to offer consumers more personalized experience.

 Press Releases

  • artificial intelligence camera driven retail solutions

    At the 2021 China International Import Expo (CIIE), Hanshow has announced a commercial AI camera-driven retail solution, developed through a collaboration with Microsoft and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (Sony). This solution combines Sony's intelligent vision sensor IMX500, the world's first image sensor equipped with AI functionality, with Microsoft Azure and its AI capabilities to achieve AI processing on edge. As part of the Partner Enablement Program through Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs, Microsoft Global ISV Hanshow continues to upgrade its intelligent solution to better serve its global customers especially in the retail industry.

    In a busy retail setting, staff are often unable to complete timely and accurate monitoring of product shelf status. This results in products being out-of-stock, improperly arranged, lost sales, unsatisfied customers, and unattractive store appearance. Meanwhile, customer flow analysis is crucial for retailers to better understand customer behavior in their stores including traffic, visited areas, customer paths, dwell time and loyalty.

    Hanshow's AI retail solution monitors out-of-stock occurrences along with product volume status, customer traffic flows, sales levels, and other store information. This not only allows for real time out-of-stock notifications, but also stores and analyzes data over time to help managers optimize operations and displays.   

    This upgraded AI retail solution involves Hanshow's AI calculations (product recognition), digital advertising technology with media content at the shelf based on the Azure AI and IoT platform with data collection and analysis from Sony's IMX 500 intelligent vision sensor. This also opens new sales opportunities for retailers and creates more customer behavior data to help drive targeted advertising.

    The sensor outputs metadata (semantic information belonging to image data) instead of image information, that helps in reducing data traffic and addressing privacy concerns by not collecting personal information. A similar Hanshow solution is already in use at supermarket settings. One major supermarket chain saw a near 50% reduction in out-of-stock time by using similar AI technology.

    This solution and three-party collaboration was born out of Microsoft's Partner Enablement Program which enriches existing tech ecosystems by recruiting qualified partners with experiences, sales and marketing resources to accelerate their time to market through the Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs.

    Hanshow’s experience in global retail markets, combined with the technological support from Microsoft and Sony “can accelerate co-innovation initiatives to better serve the rapidly changing and diversified retail industry, helping retailers to be more agile and profitable. We are also exploring application of this solution in manufacturing and other industries together with Microsoft and Sony.” said Shiguo Hou, the CEO of Hanshow.

  • Aeon will soon be opening its first “smart store” to the public at the Aeon Mall in Kawaguchi, Japan. As a centerpiece of the Aeon Mall, the new Aeon Style Kamaguchi smart store fully embraces retail digitization and AI technology through a range of features including digital marketing screens from Hanshow that allow for more customized and targeted consumer product marketing.

    As a part of the digital marketing solution from Hanshow, the shelves at the new Aeon Style Kamaguchi smart store feature digital signage to display attractive product advertising and promotional information along with QR codes where customers can find even more detailed information.

    These screens are also equipped with Hanshow’s AI Visight camera that collects information such the amount of time shoppers spend at certain areas or which products they show most interest in, all of which helps feedback data for better store planning. The camera can also detect a shopper’s relative age and other traits, and can trigger more targeted advertising promotions accordingly. Data collected from the AI cameras strictly adheres to data privacy regulations and no personal data is collected or stored. All Hanshow cloud-based solutions at the Aeon Syle Kamaguchi are powered by Microsoft Azure and meet rigorous third-party safety verification standards.

    Meanwhile, as the pandemic lingers and retailers often struggle to attract people back into stores, Aeon hopes the dynamic displays on these screens can add something fresh and memorable to the shopping experience.

    The Aeon Smart Store has installed 149 AI cameras across its interior. In addition to Hanshow’s digital marketing screens and their incorporated AI cameras, other areas of the store are also using AI cameras for preventing theft, better insights into shopper behavior, buying patterns and more. Insights from trial runs of this technology, for instance, showed AI data used in sandwich placement increased sales on a magnitude of 4 to 5 times.

    The Smart Store is also incorporating AI into its pricing and discount systems that can adjust pricing based on factors like store sales figures, customer traffic, weather, and more. These systems are also being used to reduce food waste, while helping improve retail profitability through reduced operational costs and increased sales.

    According to Li Liangyan, Senior Vice President of Hanshow, this partnership with Aeon is key for the company’s digital retail solutions business development in Japan. “Through this partnership we can analyze the real impacts on the shopping experience and retail efficiency from adopting digital retail solutions.” The Aeon Style Kamaguchi store will be providing insights on both to retailers for years to come.

  • Deploying scalable and affordable enterprise grade IoT applications in the retail industry has previously been restricted by technology limitations. But digital retail solutions leader Hanshow has now developed a SaaS solution that accelerates this digital transformation by connecting store shelves to retailers, store operators, and customers on an unprecedented scale by managing more than 10 million IoT devices across a vast network of Ahold Delhaize stores in Europe.

    Ahold Delhaize and Hanshow began partnering in 2018 to install electronic shelf labels (ESL) and other digital solutions at select stores in Europe. This later expanded to cover hundreds of stores across Europe and over 10 million ESL – a tremendous number of devices to sync and manage.

    ESLs are the building blocks of retail digitization, and effective solutions for connecting them are crucial to maximize efficiency and open up new possibilities. ESL allows customers to easily obtain product information and pay conveniently with mobile phones or NFC cards, and it also allows for quicker and more dynamic pricing methods such as automated price reductions for items close to expiration date. While ESLs already greatly increase store operational efficiency, the ability to remotely manage tens of millions ESL across hundreds of stores through one cloud-based network had not yet been achieved before the launch of Hanshow’s PriSmart SaaS Solution.

    To realize cloud-based management of a continent-spanning store network, Hanshow partnered with Microsoft to develop a SaaS solution that can handle this massive amount of integration. Hanshow’s operating system was tailored to run on Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL, unlocking the full potential of cloud-based management. And with Microsoft’s established and industry leading Azure service already in place, these stores could now be operating ESL and other in-store digital solutions instantly.

    Finding solutions through cloud services is rapidly growing in retail. As seen in Microsoft’s 2020 IoT Signals report, a survey of over 3,000 enterprise decision makers across the world shows the retail industry has a 94% adoption rate of IoT related solutions, higher than manufacturing, and healthcare. Global research firm Gartner estimates, “Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to total $304.9 billion, up from $257.5 billion in 2020”.*

    The Hanshow SaaS solution addresses a number of challenges for retailers such as staffing surges during peak hours, labor costs, space constraints, and overall productivity. Under previous scenarios, retailers have to install and operate their own system of servers and infrastructure on premise requiring a massive investment, untold time to set up, and significant input from IT professionals. Large retailers need to update several million price tags across their stores on any given day. Through the Hanshow SaaS system, 3 million ESL can be updated in just 80 minutes, and can be done simply from a system login anywhere.

    Hanshow SaaS Solution provides global retailers an intelligent, easy-to-deploy, user-friendly, and analytics driven platform.

    • No need for traditional on-premises deployment involving complicated, expensive, and time-consuming hardware and infrastructure installation. Adopting Hanshow SaaS can basically eliminate these direct costs while significantly increasing IT operational efficiency. Hanshow SaaS is ready on arrival and can be accessed instantly anytime, anywhere;
    • Data can be shared across geographies with seamless remote monitoring and updates. Through SaaS, this data sharing and remote monitoring can manage store systems around the world. This dramatically increases efficiency and allows for quick fixes to any errors or system issues;
    • Price updates and other ESL or digital solution updates can be done at breakneck pace. Average update time for 3 million ESL is only 80 minutes;
    • With a focus on the heightened security needed from a cloud-based network, Hanshow carried out third-party security testing through a leading global security firm to certify data safety of the Microsoft Azure-backed Hanshow SaaS. This allows users to easily access system security status and provides the highest possible prevention measures to security threats.

    “This scale and advancement in retail technology was made possible through the safety, stability, scalability and speed of Microsoft SaaS with Hanshow’s innovative management software,” said Raj Raguneethan, regional leader, Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft Asia. “With this work, we’re seeing only the beginning of what’s possible with IoT and SaaS.”

    While over 10 million ESL have already been installed and integrated into the SaaS, the system can handle much more if necessary. “By integrating retail digitization with SaaS, the possibilities are endless,” said Hanshow Executive Chairman and CEO Shiguo Hou. “Digital store solutions can now become a reality for the world’s largest retailers. This is the future. We are already seeing the wide-ranging benefits this technology brings to customers and retailers, and Hanshow is dedicated continuing these breakthroughs on an even grander scale.”

    *Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud End-User Spending to Grow 18% in 2021”, 17 November 2020, [https://www.gartner.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2020-11-17-gartner-forecasts-worldwide-public-cloud-end-user-spending-to-grow-18-percent-in-2021]

  • smart office powered by electronic shelf labels from hanshow

    A new solution from Hanshow is showing that digitalization technology originally developed for retail now has broad applications across a number of industries. At the 2021 China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, Hanshow has announced a new “smart office” solution using IoT devices such as electronic shelf labels to enhance productivity, accessibility, and communications across increasingly digitalized office settings. 

    At CIIE, Hanshow was also announced as a PwC authorized reseller, as the two companies have entered a strategic partnership to combine technologies on a smart office solution.

    As the concept of shared spaces, open seating, remote working, and online management tools take hold in today’s office setting, maintaining productivity and accessibility requires a new approach that reduces the number of platforms employees need to connect.

    Smart office solutions allow for physical office spaces to be connected through IoT devices into online management and collaborative tools. This allows for a more intelligent and accessible control of workspace management, seat selection, meeting room reservations and more.

    “This development shows how versatile Hanshow solutions are for bringing digitalization into the physical world. We are on the cusp of seeing breakthroughs in application across a range of industries,” says Hanshow CEO Shiguo Hou.

    Just as retail digitalization is turning analog stores into more efficient, profitable, sustainable, and data-driven operations, the same trends are underway in the transforming office workplace.

    Hanshow has quickly become a major player in the retail technology space, initially with electronic shelf labels (ESL) which are now in use with the world’s leading retailers. As Hanshow retail solutions have expanded into a range of touchless payments, digital signage and in-store marketing, and AI monitoring, much of this is still predicated on the application of ESL as the building blocks of digitalization.

    ESL and other IoT devices also have a similar role in smart office solutions with the ability to display names on reserved open seating, meeting room scheduling and agendas, display names to ease communications, or display any other information needed. These IoT devices can also be integrated directly into most major online management tool systems, such as PWC’s smart office system or Microsoft Teams.

    According to PwC, offices with more open, collaborative spaces incorporating technology also help attract more young talent to companies. And these trends extend beyond just office spaces into other forms of facilities management such as hospitals or schools.

    Hou continued, “Incorporating Hanshow technology into PwC’s smart office solution not only shows how easily our solutions can be integrated into existing facilities management systems, but also the power to enhance productivity through combining technology from the world’s leading companies.”

  • Hear feedback and testimonials on Hanshow electronic shelf labels from the Neuville-aux-Bois Super U staff.

    One of France’s leading supermarket chains Système U began installing electronic shelf labels (ESL) and other digital solutions at franchise stores across France in 2020. Now over 100 stores have achieved digitalization with Hanshow’s digital store solutions. The link below is a video showcasing the partnership with Système U’s Super U store in Neuville-aux Bois.

    See how seamless products are binded to ESL, how LED lighting helps save time for order picking, how ESLs help maintain price accuracy and more. Thank you to our partners at the Super U store in Neuville-aux Bois for not only trusting our technology but for allowing us to film on site and promote these benefits to a wider audience.

    Hanshow solutions at Super U store in Neuville-aux Bois - YouTube


  • Lumina Aqua Electronic Shelf Labeling Solution
    Lumina Aqua Electronic Shelf Labeling Solution is designed for fresh food retail scenarios, aiming to improve store operational efficiency and enhance profitability....

  • Lumina Aqua is full-color LCD electronic shelf label with IP65 water and dust resistance rating, and it supports instant refresh and multi-page displays.

    Fresh goods are usually displayed in a busy environment where dust and water frequently come into contact with the price tag. The IP65-level protection of Lumin Aqua ESLs ensures a durable performance in this more rugged environment. Meanwhile, considering the high competition in fresh food retail, attracting customer attention has become a priority for store managers. In addition to low-price promotions, a more innovative and attractive presentation of products through the eye-catching displays on Lumina Aqua can be the perfect match for their demands.

    The 2.5D screen offers an elegant touch on the appearance of Lumina Aqua enabling vivid displays to better promote sales of produce and fresh foods. Lumina Aqua is electric powered through a rail-power system, allowing for bigger and brighter displays that battery power can’t handle. This is a striking difference from other products on the market. All three sizes of the Lumina Aqua meet IP65 protection, minimizing maintenance for retail clients. While its wifi connectivity makes for instant price updates and dynamic pricing. All this leads to increased sales and even proven reductions in food waste.

  • Nebular Electronic Shelf Labeling Solution
    Nebular is Hanshow’s new cutting-edge electronic shelf label with built-in 7-colour LED light and NFC functionality....

  • Its industry leading IP68-level waterproofing and dust protection design provides outstanding performance while its 7.8 mm ultra-thin design makes it our most stylish model to date. Nebular’s highly integrated proprietary ESL chip developed by Hanshow and flexible battery technology also significantly reduces power consumption ensuring an industry leading 15-year battery life, minimizing maintenance for clients.

    Electronic shelf labeling solutions provide retail merchandise with seamless price and information update functionality, significantly improving store operation and management. With increasing competition in the retail industry, maintaining the highest store operational efficiency at the lowest possible cost has become a key issue for retailers. Meanwhile, retailers are also increasingly paying more attention to the aesthetics of their stores. The Nebular Electronic Shelf Labeling Solution is a perfect match for the demands of retailers, both in terms of functional and aesthetic performances.