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infoTouch for Enterprises is a Modular Retail Platform. Each module is highly configurable at implementation and downstream modifications, without programming. Modular interoperability provides speed and power not found in disparate systems operating through APIs. Stacked, the blocks build a robust, highly configurable enterprise platform, tailored to the needs of the operation, rather than the other way around. The software deploys locally and reliably with overriding cloud administration for a hybrid solution offering speed, streamlined maintenance, and lower cost to acquire and operate. The power of the Platform provides outstanding customer experiences both online and through onsite POS, with limited overhead.

Module examples include: Transaction Management (POS); Inventory Management; CRM; Employee Management; eCommerce

A pioneer in the industry, we've powered enterprises with thousands of stores as well as growing retailers starting with dozens of locations. Talented integration partners find us for complete solutions, customized through implementation for the most capable, cost-effective and expedient delivery in the industry.


  • infoTouch Enterprise
    A Modular Retail Platform, modified through configuration rather than expensive programming. Secure, centralized Command and Control and granular reporting at any level. Faster, less costly and more adaptable than any other enterprise retail platform.

  • Modular Retail Platform features:

    Enterprise-wide store control
    While each location functions independently, administration is across the enterprise. Remote management of pricing, inventory and transfers, sale pricing and range, and even button controls are centrally controlled. Multi-level security and audit trails are established. Reports are generated from presets or customized at all levels.

    Reliable & fast
    Every facility is run from a hosted database housed on the lead register. Even during internet outages, operations continue. The system then resynchs to the cloud-based enterprise when connections return. Communication interruptions don’t bring down store operations.

    Management reporting
    Robust, flexible reporting aggregated to the enterprise or summarized by region, area, store or any subset. Enterprise reports available online, any time, from most devices.

    Supply chain, inventory & order management
    Logistics are controlled at the warehouse and enterprise levels. Products with serial numbers or multiple size/color/styles are efficiently handled in a matrix array. Replenishment, even with multiple vendors for a single item, can be automated. Promotional bundles may be created and disassembled at will. Manufacturer data (instructions, usage, formulations) at staff’s fingertip. Even product photos are available for display to verify purchase.

    Serialized item tracking
    Accurately identify high value, repair or maintenance items, anything requiring tracking to the individual piece. Regulated products are auditable and reportable. Jewelry, antiques and one of a kind items may even have photographic verification.

    Mobile checkout in store and external
    In store, integrated tablets with EMV capability bust lines, speeding checkout and improving satisfaction. Mobile stores or service units connect to the enterprise through LTE networks with visibility to inventory, customer data and ability to complete sales and tenders.

    Customer Relationship Management
    Any unique identifier establishes identity for each customer. This opens sales history to the cashier and collects data to mine for marketing activities. The CRM also provides support for ongoing, intimate, highly valued customer relationships.

    Employee management
    Logins may be configured for every sale, at shift change or points in between. This establishes start/end times and provides granular accountability.

    Light manufacturing
    Formulated products, kitting and generation of inventory from bulk goods managed within the integrated system. Even subset items from parts (like food items) may be created.

    Shrinkage & theft controls
    Through tight inventory, employee and register controls, shrinkage is identified and granularly reported. Includes tracking of broken, defective and lost items.

    Organizational benefits:

    Knowledge & control

    Enjoy up to the minute visibility into all operations and ongoing administration, whenever, wherever you are. Our cloud-based Enterprise layer gives those authorized the ability to push administra- tive actions (pricing, inventory, personnel) to any or all locations at once as well as delivering detailed reports at the store, area, region or enterprise level.

    Building sales & profit
    Increase ticket size and margins with suggestive selling prompts, inventory lookup, customer history and more all presented at the point of sale to promote higher value, increased margin sales.

    Accurate, efficient and aligned with existing accounting, banking and payment processing (through integrated, preferred merchant services providers). All transactions are broken down to the appropriate ledger, so daily updates to the accounting system are sleek and flawless. Further, payments, financials and bank statements are all tied together for faster and more accurate closings, balances and reconciliations.

    Customer experience
    Know who they are at the moment they reach a cashier. Whether at a terminal or tablet, their purchase history is readily at hand. In addition, their information is available for promotions and loyalty building. You can make them feel like the center of your universe.

    Retail operations
    Smooth running stocking, pricing and transactions. This operating system provides management unique access to and control over all critical areas. So sales grow, inventory is available, pricing is accurate, transactions are smooth, customers are quickly cared for and employees are closely managed. A well-oiled machine.

    Marketing promotions
    Get your customers in the stores and online to build loyalty. Offers can be sent to lists generated based on countless filters and the system is ready for them, accurately setting promotional parameters and timing. Packages and bundles may be assembled and disassembled in the system to build sales. All easily administered from centralized Enterprise controls.

    Platform/Module Architecture:

    Our unique cloud-based communication platform that enables pushing administration commands to select or all locations while also gathering information in near real-time, offering leadership uniquely centralized command and control capabilities. This unique, hybrid solution is further enhanced by use of the Windows 10 operating system, which serves automated software updates to the local system via persistent cloud availability. The result is each local store’s lead register is synchronized through the cloud to the enterprise, allowing continuous local operation regardless of the status of the Internet connection. Updates occur as soon as connection is reestablished. 

    Importantly, any specialized workflow requirements can be configured instead of “programmed” as the application has been continuously improved and supplemented, providing streamlined modifications for evolving needs.