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The process for identifying and selling excess inventory is outdated, manual and error-prone. With no real-time visibility or existing systems in place to manage growing inventory levels, brands waste valuable time and resources on inefficient, redundant work. The result is a loss of substantial capital and a missed business opportunity.

INTURN 360 empowers brands to achieve full inventory visibility across the supply chain, maximize recovery, and reduce waste. Brands like Unilever, KIND, and Levi's have seen success in utilizing INTURN 360 creating a superior return-on-investment: 10% + improved product margins, 10 x Faster speed-to-market, and 85% reduction in operating cost. 

With the #1 B2B commerce solution for slow-moving and excess inventory, you have the tools to centralize data, streamline workflows, gain supply chain visibility and meet ESG goals.


  • INTURN 360
    INTURN 360 is the only enterprise solution that provides brands with full inventory visibility across the supply chain, enabling teams to maximize recovery and reduce harmful waste by optimizing slow-moving & excess inventory....

  • Excess inventory ties up working capital, yet brands today lack the visibility and tools to effectively manage it.

    INTURN 360 centralizes complex inventory files and gives teams full visibility into the status of their inventory in real-time. The solution also eliminates duplicative work and breaks the manual process of allocating inventory via emails and spreadsheets, so that the right retailer receives the right products at the right time. Finally, INTURN 360 captures historical sales data so that teams can strategically navigate their next negotiation.

    Leading brands like Unilever, KIND, and Levi's have seen:

    • 10%+ improved product margins
    • 10x faster speed to market
    • 85% reduction in operating costs

    Promoting a Greener Future

    Excess inventory creates harmful waste and many brands have historically been forced to destroy or discard goods that they are unable to sell. INTURN 360 helps brands not only move inventory more effectively to other channels, but also helps them predict inventory at risk of becoming slow-moving or excess earlier in the product lifecycle. As a result, brands can take action sooner and operate more sustainably.