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ITinSell is a future proof e-Logistics SaaS solution offering a customer centric delivery experience, whilst simplifying the management of shipments for retailers.

Our philosophy: to enable operational excellence for retailers and 3PLs transforming delivery into a tool for customer acquisition, retention and re-engagement. Our end to end solution includes multi-carrier label editing, parcel tracking, tools for handling delivery issues, branded communications (e.g. client notifications & delivery evaluations) and BI to optimise delivery performance.

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  • (Oct 12, 2021)

    ITinSell is proud to work with IKKS

    We are proud to welcome IKKS as a new client! This prestigious brand entrusted to ITinSell all of its ship from store orders for its network of 600 shops as well as B2B and B2C e-Commerce orders. We deploy our shipping, tracking, and customer communication solutions.

    “We decided to trust ITinSell as a complementary and essential tool for our OMS in our omnichannel strategy to implement Ship from store in our network of 600 stores. IKKS went further and chose to extend ITINSELL solutions to its BTB and BTC operations for all its brands: IKKS Women Men & Junior, OneStep Women & Men and iCode. ITINSELL brings more than an e-logistics service. They go beyond regular delivery and provide a qualitative customer experience with clear communication in real time, key elements of an agile and robust Supply Chain. Expertise and methodology of the ITinSell teams in our project allow us to better manage our current and future challenges: increase in e-commerce and omnichannel volumes, as well as the requirement of our retail and individual custommers in the real-time monitoring and performance of our transport partners.”

    Sylvain Bossé – IKKS Supply chain manager

  • (Oct 12, 2021)

    ITinSell is proud to work with L’oréal

    An iconic French and international brand, we support L’Oréal for its e-commerce shipments to Western European countries with our tracking solutions, customer communication and BI.

    “L’Oréal has chosen the ITinSell platform to manage its Western European E-commerce flows in a unified way: proactive customer communication, returns management, track & trace and BI.”

    Marion Ruget, L’Oréal Head of E-commerce Supply Chain Europe

  • What is EVECIA?

    E-commerce is booming having experienced exponential growth for several years. The global e-commerce market is expected to reach 4.8 trillion euros in 2021 after impressive annual growth rates exceeding 20% between 2014 and 2020.

    With the explosion of online sales, reduction of packaging waste and the establishment of a ‘circular economy’ represent major opportunities for ecological improvement and economic growth.

    From an environmental perspective, oversized packaging (45% too large on average) drives an overconsumption of cardboard, plastic & paper and the creation of empty space, requiring even more packaging material to reduce the risk of breakage. These materials are rarely reused and immediately become waste. Empty package space eats up overall delivery capacity within vehicles used during shipment. According to a study by DS Smith, emissions linked to the maritime transportation of empty packaging space within containers is equivalent to nearly 122 million tonnes of CO2 per year worldwide.

    Overconsumption of packaging materials causes avoidable additional cost for all within the e-commerce value chain and especially for e-merchants who originally buy the packaging. Transportation of this ‘empty space’ incurs a significant additional cost for e-merchants who fund shipment. Losses amount to $146 Bn globally (DS Smith study). To add insult to injury empty space within packages increases the risk of breakage causing further losses.

    Delivery prices which were historically driven by weight are increasingly calculated volumetrically, strengthening the case against over-packaging.

    There are further avoidable complexities, many of which also erode consumer experience and loyalty.  In addition to increased risk of breakage during transit, consumers are often annoyed at large and unwieldy packages, especially those concerned with environmental issues and limiting waste. Relay points and increased storage requirement associated with un-necessarily large parcels can also create delivery timing and customer collection issues as packages are re-assigned to more distant over-spill relay points. All potentially easy wins to boost customer positive experience, ratings & loyalty.

    To address this host of logistical issues, there are two smart choices :

    • Adapted production – “just in time” creation of packaging by robots at the site of order preparation.
    • Software agility –  algorithmic selection by “just in time” AI, of the optimum packaging format from a pre-determined list. Amazon’s “matrix” reduces waste and the average empty rate in its packaging for example.

    Robotic infrastructure demands a huge capital investment and has the disadvantage of not being readily adaptable and scalable to participate in the ‘circular economy’ for recycled packaging.

    ITinSell as a specialist TMS is ideally placed to help and focuses on eco-responsible logistics. EVECIA leverages an algorithmic approach using AI visibility to offer the optimum container-content packaging solution, whilst also maximising the potential for reusing & recycling packaging.

    ITinSell places packaging at the heart of delivery logistics recognising the economic, time & sustainability benefits that can be achieved by embracing the potential to recycle packaging and optimise individual package size.

    Key features of ITinSell EVECIA are:

    • Forecasting and management of packaging stocks based upon current orders and order history
    • Calculation of the appropriate package for each order according to pre-defined criteria (e.g. dimensions, weight, fragility)
    • Management of packaging as a product in order to facilitate supply, storage and collection
    • Automated assistance to select optimal package size
    • Visibility and tagging of reusable packaging to recycle stocks and save cost

    The EVECIA project is sponsored by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) as part of the ‘Investments for the Future’ plan established to promote environmentally friendly e-commerce innovation.

 Press Releases

  • ITinSell, a scale-up specializing in parcel tracking and customer experience, aims to reduce the amount of packaging waste in the e-commerce sector through a new AI based solution called Evecia.

    The goal: A minimum of 20% reduction in e-commerce packaging raw materials and CO2 emissions by 2023.

    ITinSell is developing a new SaaS solution to intelligently optimize the packaging of products from online sales. A leader in parcel tracking and customer experience for more than 12 years, ITinSell aims to use its skills and database for the benefit of logistics and e-commerce companies that are consciously respectful of consumers and the environment.

    Have you ever been outraged to receive an oversized package filled with paper, polystyrene or bubble wrap?

    E-commerce represents 122M tons of carbon emissions per year in the United States alone (Forbes).
    In recent years, e-commerce has changed our consumption habits. All products are accessible with a single click. The e-commerce market has grown exponentially resulting in the generation of a colossal amount of waste. From manufacture to final delivery, products ordered online are packaged and unpacked on average twice, in standard oversized containers filled with superfluous space and discarded after a single use. This poor optimization of packaging has major repercussions at the economic, societal and above all environmental level.

    Benefits for all!
    ITinSell’s objective is to reduce parcel void space so as to simultaneously respond to environmental issues and the needs of customers and Retailers with:
    • Significant reduction in waste
    • Lower carbon footprint
    • Decreased cost of transportation & raw materials
    • Optimized storage space at all levels: warehousing, transport, collection points, letterboxes
    • Improved brand perception and customer satisfaction
    • Contribution to future regulatory compliance

    About ITinSell
    ITinSell publishes cutting-edge solutions for E-logistics, offering a new delivery experience centered on the consumer, while simplifying the management of shipments for Retailers.

    Our philosophy: to bring operational excellence to Retailers and 3PLs in order to transform delivery into a tangible tool for acquisition, retention and even re-engagement for customers. Our solutions include multi-carrier labels, editing from a single station, monitoring of shipments and tools for handling delivery issues, communication on delivery (client notifications, monitoring, evaluations) and BI on the flow of shipments.

    Contacts: Lloyd Best, Managing Director ITinSell UK, +44 7415 374234
    Dorota Smaggia, CRO, +33 662 88 50 50

  • We are proud to have won the “Global Innovation & Enterprise” trophy awarded by IE-Club, highlighting companies that have the genes to become a “Global Leader”

    After being nominated for the TIN2020 Digital International Trophies ( ITinSell was distinguished by IE-Club by winning the “Global Innovation & Enterprise” trophy highlighting the companies which have the genes to become a “Global Leader” and which demonstrate their capacity to operate globally in the different countries where they are present as an actor local, close to the culture, and the local ecosystem.

    We would like to thank André Dan, Laure Pamart and Laurent Garret from IE-Club and Aurélie Tocatlian Zecca for the presentation of the trophy!

    Thank you also to the jury composed of:

    Sandrine YANA Galileo Courtage / Alain MELLER Novaxone / Dominique AGRECH Procadres / Stanislas BUFFET Cap Digital / Melissa GADALLA Cap Digital / Olivier BORDELANNE Demeter / France Invest / Eric CHEVALLIER Schneider Electric / Robert KALOCSAI Software Continuity / IE-Club / Thierry PINAR Software Continuity / IE -Club / Maurice KHAWAM NTF Capital / IE-Club / Victoria CURRIVAND IE-Club / Mickaël NECHACHBI Business France / Francesco PLAZZOTTA Business France / Emmanuel GALLAND Business France

    About IE-Club

    “IE-Club is a nest for innovation and a campus clubhouse. We highlight successful experiments and make it possible for large companies to stay up to date on new technologies which are transforming their business. Small innovative companies can develop their network and can benefit from the experience and advice of successful entrepreneurs. They can meet large companies that are ready to develop new concepts. They can meet investors ready to finance their ideas. The way we work gives us the opportunity to set up events sponsored by your company in a non-competitive environment. You can share your ideas through the various activities of IE-Club.”
    Bernard HAURIE, Deputy General Director GeoPost & President of the IE-Club

    More details : IE-Club – Ensemble, faisons grandir nos entreprises


  • OverShip
    Multi-carrier shipment station.
    Edit your shipment labels from a single station and select the best carrier using the power of AI...

  • Simplify your shipments by using a single tool to print all your transport labels and documents. Boost your agility and performance with a SaaS solution, handling all your multi-carrier shipments across more than 1500 delivery services and options.
  • iTrack
    Track & Trace for all your shipments...

  • Simplify your order tracking like never before !

    Centralise your multi-carrier monitoring on a single SaaS interface. Shipment management is standardised to allow your customer service,
    logistics or accounting teams to work with maximum efficiency.

  • Btrust
    All-new customer experience.
    Agile, personalised and proactive communication for enhanced customer loyalty....

  • Offer your customers a dynamic and re-engaging post-purchase experience. ITinSell’s predictive AI allows you to offer a personalised and automated form of communication. All e-commerce orders are transformed into targeted upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • iToth
    Have access to dashboards displaying your post-order KPIs...

  • Generate valuable reports on post-purchase customer experience using a comprehensive and unique Business Intelligence tool.

    Dive into e-commerce Big Data and evaluate your customers’ satisfaction, thanks to response rates exceeding 50% and statistics covering all stages (order, shipment, delivery, complaints, etc.).