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Kiosk Manufacturer Association (aka KMA) leads the efforts to improve self-service engagement and engagement outcomes with customers via technology like kiosks, digital signage, digital menus, drive-thru technology such as outdoor line-busting tablets and outdoor menu boards, Vaccine Passport kiosks, POS solutions, Antibacterial solutions, AI engines, robotics, transactional devices, software and service. We encourage regulatory compliance with ADA, Section 508, WCAG, PCI DSS, HIPAA and UL (indoor and outdoor) to name some. KMA is a Participating Organization with the PCI SSC involved in Cardholder Activated Terminals or CATs.  In ADA, we meet with U.S. Access Board twice a year and have been featured presenters at U.S. Access Board public webinars. 

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 Press Releases

  • (Aug 10, 2021)

    Vaccine Passports

    Vaccine Passport Kiosk

    Vaccine Passport Kiosk

    August 2021 — More and more businesses are requiring vaccination for employees. Along with that are restaurants (New York e.g.) where patrons need to be checked.  Meanwhile, FDA approval is imminent and could become a watershed event

    Immigration and travel passport kiosks now have to consider vaccination status

    What is the battlefield for “Vaccine Check-In Credentials” then?

    CLEAR has the most robust system at this point, not only operating in airports but also extended to hospitality venues such as hotels.  Many of the temperature sensing kiosks came with barcode scanners. They could provide some level of authorization based on the data while also never storing any data (a variant of PCI validation)

    Obviously this is a developing story and we will post periodic updates here.  Thanks KioWare for the info at Google API. Contact KioWare for more information on implementation.

    Digital Health Record News

    • Google Launches COVID Card API — Those eligible — Healthcare systems or providers (e.g. CVS Health, UK National Health Service, UnitedHealth Group, Kaiser Permanente, French national healthcare system, Netcare (South Africa), One Medical, etc.). We now have Interpreted Data and Un-Interpreted Data.
      Organizations authorized by public health authorities to distribute COVID-19 vaccines and/or testing
    • Healthvana –  they serve California and primarily municipalities. Here is CEO in April 2021 talking specifically about vaccine passports.
    • Ping Identity — serving the corporate and state government. 3 Billion records and used here in Colorado. Users are Tesco, Netflix, HP, Slack, VMware, Thales, JamF…Integrations include Office365, Zoom, Salesforce and others.
    • COVID Travel — Will you need a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ to travel? Here’s what they are and how they might work
    • China — China always is the first to jump on the bandwagon and offer something 3X cheaper than anyone else. Checking Alibaba we don’t see any models for sale yet.