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United States
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KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) is a global leader in self-service solutions, enabling retail organizations to digitally transform through automation platforms that are easy to use, adaptable, and supported by end-to-end Managed Services using IoT real-time remote monitoring.

KIOSK delivers innovative, proven retail solutions for: 

  • Vision Self-Checkout
  • Bitcoin ATMs 
  • Automated Returns
  • Self-Service Ticketing
  • Dynamic Digital Signage
  • QSR / Order Entry
  • In-Store Bill Payment
  • Endless Aisle and more
KIOSK has 28 years of experience helping Top 100 Retailers and Fortune 500 clients create and deploy automated retail solutions that increase sales and loyalty, improve operating / transaction costs, and enhance today’s customer experience. Visit our team at booth #5919 to connect with a retail consultant and learn about options based on your unique self-service deployment needs.


  • Vision Checkout with Touchless Technology and AI
    People want control of their time and greater flexibility during checkout at retail convenience venues - that’s why UST and KIOSK are partnering to offer more streamlined purchases utilizing a computer vision self-checkout kiosk solution...

  • Using Vision Checkout, customers can quickly self-checkout at convenience and department stores as well as cafes, delis, bakeries, and corporate cafeterias. Customers simply place their items on the self-checkout kiosk; items are identified via computer vision and displayed on the kiosk screen, followed by a touchless purchase process. For retail operators, Vision Checkout advances unattended automation at convenience venues providing both cost and operationally efficiencies - with accuracy and consumer safety at its core.   


    • Computer Vision (CV) technology: Items are scanned by CV and identified for POS processing
    • Touchless payment: Once items are chosen and checked out, guests can pay using QR code
    • Voice solution/mobile control: Assists with touchless transactions
    • Low footprint: Edge tuned AI engines detect objects with high accuracy under limited compute
    • Tray/weight scale: Holds items and enables calculation of quantity for weight-based items
    • Autonomous Training Box: Quick convergence networks that can work with Autonomous Training Box to onboard items at scale
  • Bill Payment Self-Service Solutions
    For retail customers who primarily use cash (22% of U.S. households are unbanked or underbanked according to a 2019 report by the Federal Reserve), KIOSK's bill payment platform provides easy access to pay bills in-store using cash...

  • Bill payment kiosks offer an fast and secure way for cash-preferred consumers to stay on top of their bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Along with grocery stores, mobile phone service centers and other retail outlets, these bill payment machines can be placed in the lobby of any type of business that accepts regular payments for secure transactions in unattended settings (EMV compliant).

    Not only do these kiosks assist those consumers in managing their bills with no wait lines, they also allow those organizations to reallocate staffing to more value-add activities (vs manual task of bill payments) and reduce overhead costs by lowering the need for dedicated payment centers. And as a bonus, bill payment kiosks can help increase foot traffic in the locations where they are placed.

    Consumers need a convenient way of paying their bills using cash.

    • More than 6% of U.S. households, or a total of 14.1 million American adults, are unbanked, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
    • Despite the prevalence of debit and credit cards, 25% of U.S. consumers still pay their bills with cash, checks, or money orders.
    • With many bill payment systems, payments post instantly and consumers avoid paying extra fees.

    KIOSK platforms deliver secure, EMV and PCI DSS 3.2 compliant payments, reducing fraud liability with McAfee Security.  KIOSK provides a licensed bill payment flow with market-ready applications modules.  Flexible hardware models support integration of a full range of payment transaction components.  KIOSK provides proven platforms and turnkey managed services to facilitate the fastest and most secure path to market.

  • IN PROGRESS: Bitcoin ATMs
    Increase foot traffic for convenience venues with access to cryptocurrency ATMs as well as the opportunity for sponsorship advertising to monetize digital real estate

  • Bitcoin ATM machines are exploding in popularity, with over 800 ATMs being installed every month throughout the US retail landscape. The KIOSK Bitcoin ATM Series provides a secure and convenient 1-way or 2-way ATM platform for self-service bitcoin purchase and redemption at retail outlets like convenience stores, gas stations, malls, and grocery stores.

    KIOSK Information Systems has extensive experience with financial services platforms, with a long history of success in high-volume nationwide deployments. This ATM platform leverages important financial design elements facilitating simple field servicing while maximizing cash security.

    The KIOSK Bitcoin ATM Series is equipped with the following common transaction components:

    • 21.5” PCAP touch display
    • QR code scanner for bitcoin wallet transfers
    • Card reader for credit/debit to bitcoin purchases
    • Bill acceptor for cash to bitcoin purchases
    • Bill dispenser for bitcoin to cash conversion
    • Printer for transaction receipts
    • Navigation pad to ensure ADA accessibility
  • Self-Service Retail Returns
    Retailers are feeling the effects of change, especially with e-commerce and the rate of returns. KIOSK, in partnership with Doddle, offers a self-service solution to automate returns for customer convenience and operational efficiency...

  • How can you improve your returns process with higher throughput and a better customer experience?

    “61% of Americans prefer to return goods in-store” according to UPS research, yet retailers who offer in-store returns generally have not adapted specifically for this customer journey -  resulting in frustrated customers and long lines.

    KIOSK, in partnership with Doddle, provides a self-service returns solution that automates return transactions, enabling customers to skip the line and spend more time browsing. In fact, when making an in-store return, 70% purchase an additional item, compared to only 42% who make a new purchase while processing an online return.

    And for returns stockpiling, transaction automation can help get inventory back on the shelves. Ecommerce purchases are 3 times as likely to be returned compared to an in-store purchase. Given that estimated return rates are 25% vs. just 8% from in-store purchases, retailers who leverage transaction automation may eliminate returns stockpiling and inventory bottlenecks while providing a valuable customer experience.

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  • IN PROGRESS: Self-Ordering for QSR

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