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Anaplan is a cloud-based, enterprise SaaS provider transforming the way decisions are made. We are pioneering Connected Planning, which we believe is the next essential cloud software category because it transforms planning by connecting people, data and plans to accelerate business success at every level within every organization. 

We want to give organizations a new way to make the right decisions quickly. They can envision a new way to run their organization and anticipate what’s next with the Anaplan platform because we have architected a platform offering that can dramatically reduce the time from planning to decision so users can make decisions, consistently, in near real time.

Together with an ever-growing number of users, a rich partner ecosystem and an active community, we all work together to deliver business value with the power of Connected Planning.


  • Merchandise and Category Planning
    Leverage the combined power of information, people and plans to make faster and better merchandising decisions inside and outside of your company.

    Ensure that the right product at the right price is available at the right location....

  • Current economic uncertainty, fast-changing consumer preferences, and channel shifts mean that an agile, connected merchandising strategy and ability to execute are more critical than ever. However, most merchant teams are stuck with siloed data, disconnected processes and limited visibility across channels, severely limiting their ability to respond rapidly to market changes.

    Anaplan enables a unified approach to the entire merchandise life cycle - from merchandise and financial planning to assortment planning, costing, allocations, markdowns, receipts management and replenishment – across every channel. This integrated approach improves efficiency and focuses merchants on driving higher gross margins and better item productivity. 

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  • Google Cloud for Retail
    See how Anaplan on Google Cloud can help Retail and Consumer Product companies easily sense consumer preferences and quickly model, sense, forecast and launch new products....

  • See how Anaplan on Google Cloud can help Retail and Consumer Product companies easily sense consumer preferences and quickly model, sense, forecast and launch new products.

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  • Supply Chain Planning
    Anaplan applies hyperscale computing across planning in supply, demand, and sales and operations. Orchestrate actionable insights into action. Convert constant change to your advantage.

  • It’s a simple but elusive formula: supply should meet demand. Yet solving that formula isn’t always easy. In today’s constantly changing market, a supply plan must be resilient to meet demand consistently and efficiently. Supply planning with Anaplan provides real-time, end-to-end visibility and “what-if” scenario planning. Ensure an accurate supply forecast across your entire network. Empower teams, including suppliers and other network partners, to collaborate across your business. With Anaplan’s Optimizer hyperscale computing, supply chain leaders can convert complex decisions into actionable choices by harnessing real-time signals with enterprise-wide line of sight.

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  • Financial Planning
    Plan the best financial outcomes with connected signals, adaptive scenarios, and maximum accountability in today’s changing and competitive environment....

  • Disruption is the new normal in business, and traditional planning is often too slow and fragmented to enable leaders to convert challenge into opportunity. Anaplan for Finance connects your people, data, and plans across your organization to empower the right decisions quickly.

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  • Workforce Planning
    Develop a dynamic workforce blueprint that enables you to successfully align and execute on your business strategies and operations. Drive cross-functional collaboration for improved talent and business decisions....

  • Today’s HR and workforce planning must be dynamic, continuous, and an extension of your strategic, operational, and financial plans.

    The Anaplan platform enables HR organizations to build workforce readiness by connecting HR, finance, business data, and third-party sources to plan and model a range of workforce and talent strategies and scenarios.

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