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LabSense has developed an AI-powered content generation platform to enhance data and generate optimized editorial content in multiple languages.

LabSense empowers your content with AI. Discover our unique multilingual solutions to automate content generation. We offer embedded SEO duplicate analysis and have produced over 200 million texts across 13 languages (EN, ES, FR,DE, IT, PT, NL, BR, RU, CN, JP...).

We automate content generation to optimize, personalize and contextualize your product descriptions, category descriptions and content-to-commerce articles.

Your goal is ours: boosting your SEO and CRO content efforts to attract and convert customers into clients!

We work with over 300 clients, including major retailers, brands and media outlets.

Amon other prizes, LabSense won the Lafayette Plug & Play late-stage start-up award in 2021.

If you want to boost your content efforts to increase your acquisition and conversion targets, don't be shy > contact us for a demo