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LiveShopper SASSIE is a combination of industy leading technologies in the world of mystery shopping and customer insights. Partnered with more than 100 research and audting companies worldwide, our suite of technologies is used by thousands of brands to collect data and measure on-going performance and customer feedback. Our SASSIE mystery shopping software offers a powerful network of millions of shoppers globally and a state-of-the-art reporting dashboard called Dragon, which can be configured to each individual client. We also offer a mobile mystery shopping solution called PrestoShopper. This makes it easier and more streamlined for both the client and the shoppers in the field. Beyond mystery shopping, are suite of technologies includes a mobile customer insights technology called LiveShopper SDK. Through the power of geo-fencing, brands can easily plug the LiveShopper SDK into their existing mobile app to crowdource customers in real-time to collect feedback and insights. Finally, we also offer CSAT and social media monitoring platforms, giving our partners and the end brands an all-encompassing solution for gathering research data.


    SASSIE is a mystery shopping/auditing software solution that makes it seamless to set up and manage projects of all sizes. SASSIE has been a leader in the mystery shopping/auditing industry for over 20 years and is designed for use in any country....

  • SASSIE is an end-to-end mystery software solution for mystery shopping, auditing, and market research companies of all sizes.  The system is designed for each company we have partnered with to manage the entire process in terms of setting up forms/questionnaires, managing client hierarchy structures, and setting up configurable reporting through our Dragon reporting dashcoard.  All of this can be done while also mainting complete control of their own shopper/auditor database.  By owning and controling their own shopper/auditor database, it allows for specific requirements and recruting for each individual project.  Once a mystery shop or audit has been completed, SASSIE also allows for a complete quality control review before the final report is released to the end client.
  • PrestoShopper
    PrestoShopper is a global mobile technology that connects a panel of over 2 million users to complete mystery shops, audits, surveys, and crowdsourced feedback. Mystery shopping and market research companies alike reap the benefits of this powerful tool....

  • PrestoShopper is a unique mystery shopping, auditing and customer crowdsourcing technology that can be used by companies around the world.  They can quickly collect actionable insights and feedback on the performance of their business down to each individual location. 

    For mystery shopping and auditing specifically, PrestoShopper gives you the ability to tap into a global database of over 2 million users to help lower shopper/auditor recruiting and data acquisition costs.  Which in turn allows for a higher rate of shop/audit completions.  Another benefit that directly relates to the mystery shopping or auditing company using PrestoShopper is that LiveShopper SASSIE manages the entire shopper/auditor payment process.  

    PrestoShopper can also be used as a crowdsourcing software to collect direct customer feedback through LiveShops.  These are typically shorter and quicker surveys/tasks being completed by the customer in the moment of their interaction at the participating location.  One difference with this method of data collection is the fact that each customer can be incentivized with a reward tied to the specific brand they are evaluating.

    All results, no matter if they are a mystery shop, an audit, or a LiveShop are viewable within our configurable Dragon reporting dashboard.

  • LiveShopper SDK
    Plug the power of mobile research and customer insights into your app with LiveShopper SDK (Software Development Kit). Instantly deliver feedback to management, improving service and accountability all while increasing app engagement and retention....

  • LiveShopper SDK is a game-changing mobile technology that can easily be "plugged into" any existing app (both iOS and Android).  The SDK can be customized to the look and feel of the mobile app to make the user-experience seamless for the customer as they provide feedback and earn rewards.

    Through geofencing technology, customers are crowdsourced in real-time to provide insights that are most important to each brand using this unique technology. Push notifications can also be delivered to the customers to ensure they are aware they have the opportunity to complete tasks and surveys.

    Not only is LiveShopper SDK a unique and powerful customer insights and market research technology, but it also provides the added benefit of increasing cutomer loyalty and app engagment.  Rewards and incentives being offered to the customer are controled by each brand using the SDK.  It could loyalty points, a discount on their next purchase, or perhaps even a free product based on a specific purchase.  No matter which option is used, this type of control helps drive customers to their brand.

    All data captured through LiveShopper SDK is delivered to our Dragon reporting dashboard.

  • Reply Pro - Social Media Monitoring
    Engage with your customers through a variety of social media channels with our Reply Pro social media monitoring technology. Now more than ever customers have a powerful voice via social media. Don't miss out on what they are saying about your business....

  • Help businesses close the gap between customer expectations and the reality of their experience by monitoring and engaging across all digital channels, including:

    • Online Reviews
    • Direct Messages
    • Email Submissions
    • SMS Conversations 
    • Survey Comments
    • Customer Care Tickets

    Because Reply Pro is a central spot to monitor and respond to customer feedback, its platform becomes a unifying, cross-departmental-bridge centered around your customers.

    Departmental benefits include:

    • Operations: Easy to understand, monthly reporting, centered around 100s of actionable insights.
    • Customer Care: RP’s Single Inbox and Response Engine allows customer teams to see and respond to all customer care complaints in 80% less time.
    • Social Media: RP helps social teams track reviews and comments across the web so they know if brand expectations are matching customer experiences.
    • CX Department: RP doesn’t just track CX, they improve it by offering innovative tools and solutions to engage with your customers.