LNL Systems, LLC a Division of Optical Phusion Inc.

Littleton,  MA 
United States
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LNL Systems, LLC a division of Optical Phusion, Inc. (OPI) develops customized retail solutions to improve both shopper and associate experience and productivity.

Founded in 2009, the company began by providing communication equipment for the retail industry. Today, it is one of Motorola Solution’s largest business-class two-way radio partners in North America – providing cost effective communication solutions for many national retailers in the US and Canada. As an innovator and leader in the retail technology space, LNLSystems has evolved to deliver the most comprehensive portfolio of smart devices, platform integration and analytics that retailers use to profit from the Internet of Things.

Our Customer Call Buttons, Two-Way Radios and Enterprise Mobility Solutions help tens of thousands of retail stores every day.

With LNL Systems expertise and partnerships, we deliver responsive solutions in hardware, software, and services for our customers’ store and supply chain vision.


 Press Releases

  • Companies Will Be Merged to Create an Enhanced Market Leader in Automatic Identification and Factory Automation, Benefiting From Synergies Across a Single Platform

    Transactions Mark Sole Source’s Fifth and Sixth Portfolio Company Investments in the AIDC Sector

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.–()–Sole Source Capital LLC, an industrial-focused private equity firm, announced today the acquisition of Peak-Ryzex from Keystone Capital and Optical Phusion Inc. (“OPI”) from its founders, two leading providers of automatic identification, data capture (“AIDC”) and factory automation solutions. The companies will be merged and led by Peak-Ryzex CEO Juliann Larimer, CFO Michele Adams and OPI President Tony Rivers. Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

    “These two acquisitions are a natural fit with our investment thesis, as we are a thematically-driven firm and automation is a strong area of focus. The AIDC market is both highly fragmented and has strong industry tailwinds”

    David Fredston

    Founder and Managing Partner, Sole Source Capital

    The combination will yield significant technological and operational synergies as well as deliver enhanced cross-selling opportunities to a broad set of clients ranging from small and medium sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies—all seeking supply-chain logistical support. Peak Ryzex’s position will be further enhanced by OPI’s self-service kiosk, enterprise mobility and wireless technology integration expertise, which allows its clients to fulfill and finalize transactions more quickly and easily.

    These transactions mark Sole Source’s 5th and 6th investments in the AIDC space, following the purchase of Supply Chain Services and add-on investments after the acquisition of Dasco Label, Miles Data and Coridian.

    “These two acquisitions are a natural fit with our investment thesis, as we are a thematically-driven firm and automation is a strong area of focus. The AIDC market is both highly fragmented and has strong industry tailwinds,” said David Fredston, Founder and Managing Partner of Sole Source Capital. “We are confident in the cultural fit between Peak-Ryzex and OPI, and we are excited to pool our collective resources in the pursuit of building a larger, forward-thinking business to grow with the increased digitization of the supply chain.”

    “This investment is a testament to the hard work of the Peak-Ryzex team and demonstrates the high growth potential of our product offering,” said Ms. Larimer, CEO of Peak-Ryzex. “We look forward to partnering with Sole Source and OPI to continue growing, both organically and through strategic acquisitions, by delivering best-in-class, digital supply chain and mobile workforce solutions to our customers.”

    “Our entire team is looking forward to working with Sole Source Capital and the Peak-Ryzex team to deliver an expanded breadth of products and services to our customers,” Mr. Rivers, President, OPI, added.

    Founded in 1981, Peak-Ryzex delivers innovative automated data collection solutions to Fortune 500 customers along with small and medium-sized businesses, providing critical technology that allows businesses to become more efficient and responsive. The Company is a premier value-added reseller (“VAR”) of barcoding, data collection, and factory automation equipment, delivering innovative digital supply chain and mobile workforce solutions across North America and Europe. The Company provides knowledgeable sales and information technology expertise to customers purchasing AIDC equipment across multiple end markets including food processing/distribution, grocery, healthcare, e-commerce, industrial and manufacturing, among others. Peak is headquartered in Columbia, MD and has seven locations in the US and two in the U.K.

    Established in 2004, OPI is a founder-owned solution provider of AIDC hardware equipment and software solutions primarily to the grocery, pharmacy and retail end markets. OPI specializes in helping customers solve business challenges and manage the entire lifecycle of supply chain solutions such as e-commerce, click and collect, interactive kiosk, personal shopping solutions, RFID, mobility, and wireless technology projects. OPI is headquartered in Littleton, MA.

    Stifel served as the exclusive financial advisor to Peak-Ryzex and Principals of Charter Capital Partners served as the exclusive financial advisor to Optical Phusion Inc. 

  • Littleton, MA, March 3, 2021 –   Optical Phusion, Inc. (OPI) has been named the Platinum Elite – Platinum Growth Partner of the Year by Honeywell North America Productivity Solutions and Services.

    An enterprise mobility focused integration company, OPI led the way in 2020 with an amazing 2.3 times increase in sales year over year with strategic wins across retail, grocery and logistic verticals. The company excels in helping customers manage the entire lifecycle of their enterprise mobility, wireless technology and interactive kiosks projects.

    As Honeywell Vice President and General Manager Andrew D’Amelio noted, “Our partners are critical players in helping customers extract maximum value from their people, processes and assets.” He cited these OPI team members for their contributions to the award-winning work: Tony Rivers, Mark Daigle, Don Gouchie, Matt Ploude and Rich Valarioti.

    Our Partners are critical players in helping customers extract maximum value from their people, processes and assets.


    Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell North America Productivity Solutions and Services


    Founded in 2004, OPI offers application-based solutions that help customers grow their businesses with solutions that increase operational performance.


    Honeywell is a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help everything from aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

  • Optical Phusion Inc. (OPI) was featured in the December 2020 Issue of Retail CIO Outlook. The trade magazine, which focuses on various enterprise solutions impacting the retail industry, compiled a list of the Top Ten Retail Kiosk Solution Providers and included OPI on this short list of outstanding vendors.

    According to the magazine, their list includes “prominent organizations in the industry that address issues pertinent to the retail sector by implementing current trends” and OPI is proud to fall into this category. You can READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

    Optical Phusion Dynamic Kiosk Solutions for Optimized Customer Experience

    The retail world revolves around customer satisfaction. Today’s tech-savvy shoppers look forward to a phenomenal quality service whenever they go into a store and seek any information, including a product catalog, a limited-time sale, or relevant insights that can enhance their overall in-store experience. Moreover, several studies show that millennials prefer self-service options that ensure less interaction with sales representatives. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, this trend has turned into a necessity, and retailers are finding ways to impress their customers while complying to the stringent restrictions in place. To that end, digital kiosks offer the opportunity for the perfect customer service through a multimedia approach where customers can interact via touch screens, sound, and video. Enter Optical Phusion (OPI). Leveraging almost two decades of expertise, the company provides innovative and customizable kiosk solutions that help retailers tailor their customer needs at every interaction point, ensuring a seamless store experience. From tier one retail chains to family-owned stores to niche boutiques, OPI has partnered with them all and created solutions that offer a competitive advantage while increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving employee productivity. The company’s award winning interactive kiosks include various custom features to target end users, such as product information, endless aisle for omni-channel experience, self-service checkout, loyalty programs, time and attendance system, and price validation. Further, in response to COVID-19, OPI has introduced several new solutions, including temperature detection solutions, UV-clean solutions, and Click&Collect locker pickup stations to assist clients in establishing a safe retail environment for their customers. OPI’s comprehensive solutions effectively engineered top to bottom, features the perfect combination of hardware and software components to address the various client needs. For each customized solution, the company provides leading-edge hardware devices with the right build and sensors suited for interaction in a myriad of environments, whether inside or outside the store. Further, OPI possesses vast knowledge in regulatory compliance, including ADA and HIPAA requirements, enabling them to design kiosks to meet any specifications. Complementing the hardware is OPI’s best-in-class software with various applications such as price look-up, RFID loyalty, and intelligent ordering. The company also has a phenomenal toolset with a flexible API gateway to extract data and connect with other enterprise systems (from the access control system to the time and attendance system), helping clients leverage the data to enhance their services. For instance, if a person has an elevated temperature, the kiosk can automatically send an alert to the access control system to open the gate or restrict the gate according to the event. “We combine the custom kiosk marketplace with the proliferation of sensor data to make meaningful experiences Optical Phusion Dynamic Kiosk Solutions for Optimized Customer Experience RETAIL KIOSK TOP 10 SOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2020 Mathew Ploude for not only our customers but their customers,” says Mathew Ploude, Director of Engineering at OPI. Also unique to OPI is its focus on ensuring hassle-free implementation for each fully-integrated solution it brings to the market. The company is engaged early and often right from the design and engineering phases, producing prototypes and refining the design to develop the perfect build to deploy and scale the kiosks. OPI also creates unique applications and integrations for tailoring client experience simultaneously with hardware design. The products are then boxed, validated, signed off fully functional, and shipped safely. What needs to be highlighted is that the company functions not just as a solution provider but as a partner to clients providing end to-end service that extends after rollout. OPI offers field and mobility services as well as dedicated 24/7 active support with an automated help desk and internal escalation process to help customers with operational challenges. Built with longevity in mind, OPI’s kiosks are dynamic and have modular components in it such that the customer doesn’t have to recapitalize after every two years. For instance, if a new model of printer is available or the existing one goes out of life, the kiosks have shin plates installed that enable the new printer to go into the exact same place smoothly. This facilitates clients to incorporate new features and components to stay competitive and never worry about technology turning obsolete. “We ensure that our products are designed to last forever,” affirms Ploude. Highlighting OPI’s kiosk solutions’ efficiency, Ploude cites an instance wherein the company helped a retail customer with a multi-fold challenge of high abandonment rate in the store. What used to happen is that the customer goes into the store looking for the product shown in stock on the website, but in the store, no one’s able to find it in time. The customer then orders from online vendors and have it shipped to their house. This abandonment rate caused immense business loss at scale. OPI decided to find a two-fold solution to fix the abandonment rate—how to get the stuff on the floor and ensure that the customer can find the item and have it purchased there itself or shipped to their house. The company created Endless Aisle solution, which has a number of kiosks in every department of the store that can scan similar priced items. This helps the customers know what’s to be expected in the store and have a seamless experience. OPI also enabled a branch to call an associate to find the item to get it today or select online fulfillment. On the other hand, the associates are equipped with a mechanism to receive customers’ requests and whoever picks up the task first meets the customer. Further, the camera installed in front of the kiosk shows the customer so that the associates can identify who to look for. This ensured efficiency and productivity by having all the information required to help the customers even before meeting the customer. With such unparalleled solutions and services, OPI continues to assist clients in streamlining their operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. The company currently has various pilot projects and custom solutions that enable identifying customers based on proximity and loyalty applications to anticipate their needs and direct them. With the availability of multiple sensors that can ensure a connected experience for customers, the company looks forward to capitalizing on them and create a safe customer experience. “What we traditionally referred to as touch points are becoming touchless points today and we look to streamline the process,” concludes Ploude.

  • OPI Locker Stations are NSF Certified

    Along with our partner, Strongpoint, OPI is proud to announce that the Locker Stations offered as part of our Click & Collect Retail Solutions have recently acheived NSF certification, confirming our commitment to quality, compliance and safety. 


    Products bearing an NSF certification mark meet all standard requirements, including product testing and regular inspections to verify products continue to comply with NSF standards. 

    What is NSF Certification?

    NSF is an international, independent organization that develops public health standards and test, audits and certifies a variety of products and services – from dietary supplements, to food service equipment, to water filters and more – in 180 countries.

    Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn our certification.

    Most importantly, NSF certification is not a one-time event, but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and regular re-testing of products to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NSF will take enforcement actions to protect you, including product recall, public notification or de-certification.


  • Self-Service Kiosks
    OPI Self-service retail kiosks reduce lines and transaction times and help optimize store operations. Featuring multiple configurations, custom branding and optional add-ons, OPI can create the ultimate kiosk solution for any store!...

  • For ultra-compact, out-of-the-box convenience, the CC6000 Self-Service Customer Kiosk is ideal for smaller retailers, or for quick in-aisle price checking and wayfinding. Powered by Zebra’s CC6000 Customer Concierge, this option can also allow customers to browse Endless Aisle inventory options and engage them with loyalty programs, providing coupons and other offers.

    OPI’s Custom Self-Service Kiosks come in both free-standing and counter models. They are custom built from top to bottom and all components are easily upgraded, making these kiosks a smart, lasting investment. As a self-checkout option, the small footprint of these kiosks allows for more check-out lanes in less space. Beyond self-checkout, these kiosks can provide a wide variety of self-service functions, blending the digital and in-store customer experience.

    OPI’s Mobile Self-Checkout Station, built around the Zebra Workstation Cradle or Zebra PH10 Point of Sale Hub, has all the benefits of other self-checkout solutions with the added flexibility of mobility – quickly set it up and enable it when and where you need it with the Zebra TC52!

    All kiosks are fully customized and seamlessly integrate into your existing POS systems. Stands and enclosures come in any color and can include custom branding and/or product placement advertising. OPI offers several optional add-ons: removeable counters, bag holders, storage and more! 

    To learn more about OPI’s fully-customized, interactive Retail Self-Service Kiosks, please visit opticalphusion.com/self-service-kiosks/.

  • Food Safety Solution
    The OPI Food Safety Solution helps transform and modernize a critical piece of food monitoring needed to keep consumers safe and our customers “moving towards the future” of automation as they are planning for growth...

  • OPI’s Food Safety Solution includes top-of-the-line mobile devices from Zebra Technologies, probe thermometers and temperature sensing equipment, leading-edge software applications, expert compliance facilitation, and OPI services and support. OPI’s automated solution offers multiple time and money-saving benefits compared to pen & paper record keeping.

    Food Safety Use Case

    Our customer, a midwestern chain of Supermarkets operating 200+ stores, modernized and automated their food safety monitoring and recording with our innovative solution.

    Before working with OPI, they had always used pen and paper to meet food safety compliance requirements. They assumed that this was the least complicated and most cost-effective method to keep the necessary records. What they realized was that our solution was even simpler, reduced errors, and they received an almost immediate return on their investment.

    After implementing OPI’s Food Safety Solution...

    • This paperless solution eliminated 240 paper forms per day.
    • Their 80+ hrs. daily labor costs were reduced by more than 40% - no forms, no filing!
    • Digital thermometers and sensors automatically recorded temperatures, reducing human error.
    • Alerts notified managers of issues instantly, enabling corrective actions without delays.
    • Audit-ready reports were produced in minutes - no combing through files.
    • Compliance experts monitored and validated the system for HACCP compliance.

    Why Food Safety Automation is Important

    OPI published a White Paper, THE BEST DEFENSE: How Automated Technology Tools Can Improve Food Safety, in May of this year. This white paper takes a deeper dive into why food safety modernization is necessary now, how it benefits businesses and keeps consumers safer.

    Read the OPI White Paper Here.

    For more information about OPI’s Food Safety Solutions, visit opticalphusion.com/food-safety-solutions/.


  • Touchless Call Buttons
    When Call Buttons are activated by the customer, an immediate customized message is sent to associates’ devices. This optimizes coverage for understaffed areas, Touchless call buttons directs the right staff to the right spot at the right time....

  • Activate the Retail Internet of Things

    As information flows in from your local “Internet of Things”—motion sensors, security cameras, thermostats, and beacons—FlorAlert sends immediate customized messages to associates’ devices. This optimizes coverage for understaffed areas, discourages shoplifting, and monitors entry doors and cash offices. FlorAlert directs the right staff to the right spot at the right time, which in turn offers new upsell opportunities and helps close sales of complex products.

    FlorLink SmartHub

    Brick-and-mortar retailers have unique customer-experience advantages that the right technology can help support, and LNL’s FlorLink SmartHub platform maximizes your investment in a smart sales floor.
    Motion/pressure/infrared sensors, cameras, thermostats, and beacons are IoT “eyes and ears” that monitor aisle activity and improve security. FlorLink SmartHub pairs with all these devices. It sends customized notifications to associate devices such as FlorChat radios or tablets, directing help to understaffed zones, curbing shoplifting incidents, and watching entry doors and cash offices. FlorLink SmartHub also gets the right people to the right location at the right time, which helps close more complex-product sales and offers new upsell opportunities.
    Linked to the home office by cellular and/or company wired network, FlorLink SmartHub uploads device and activity data for consolidated analysis and trend-spotting.
    FlorLink SmartHub can be configured to automatically forward online order notifications to associates’ devices for item picking and consolidation, closing the critical “click ‘n’ collect” omnichannel loop.
    By design, FlorLink SmartHub is a rules-based (if-this-then-that), open-architecture platform, shipping with a published API (Application Program Interface) specification so that third-party vendors can integrate their devices and software. Its programmability also means that future devices can be added without replacing the SmartHub.
  • VT100 Body-Worn Camera
    The camera is lightweight and discreet, with a range of mounting options suitable for virtually any style of uniform and clothing. It’s easy to use, requires minimal staff training and fulfills your duty of care to protect staff from customer aggression....

  • The VT100 body-worn camera is an essential piece of equipment in retail operations. Its very presence can help to de-escalate confrontational situations. If an incident occurs, its recording capabilities allow you to capture evidence-grade video to support a prosecution. The camera is lightweight and discreet, with a range of mounting options suitable for virtually any style of uniform and clothing. It’s easy to use, and requires minimal staff training. The VT100 fulfills your duty of care to protect staff from customer aggression. For loss prevention workers it ensures the good behavior of all parties, at the same time capturing indisputable, evidence-grade video footage of any incident. Easily integrated with your fixed security camera system, the VT100 can be configured to alert your security team and start a live video stream to the control center whenever it’s activated