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Abacus' mission: Lottery Everywhere

The Abacus gateway connects consumers, retailers, vendors and lotteries, bridging the gaps between the different parties for frictionless ticket sales and gameplay, enabling lottery to be played everywhere.

Abacus believes the future of lottery lies in integrating with existing retailer and consumer infrastructures. We enable this by providing a highly secure transaction gateway that allows all parties to work together to create mutual growth.

Abacus has a strong focus on speed to market, simplicity of implementation, and reducing its customers' overheads, delivering a seamless integrated solution to drive increased sales.

 Press Releases

  • GK Software establishes partnership with Abacus

    GK Software announces its Innovation Partnership with Abacus Solutions International Group, providing Lottery Everywhere. The Abacus Lottery Fusion Platform brings retailers, lottery, and vendors together - to ensure lottery can be played as seamlessly as possible across all channels of a retailers point of sale solution. It removes retailers' need to create cumbersome integrations to game providers on dedicated terminals, and it simplifies the entire deployment and engagement process. The Abacus Lottery App is now available as an AppEnablement plug-in to CLOUD4RETAIL OmniPOS, allowing retailers to offer lottery sales at any checkout, increasing basket size and revenue.

    CLOUD4RETAIL is GK Software's flexible, open commerce platform providing services for the operation of integrated unified commerce environments from in-store and online touchpoints through to mobile devices. The platform is enriched by innovative services such as AI-based dynamic pricing, personalization, fraud detection, and mobile applications. Now available with Azure, SAP Cloud, and IBM, the extensive expansion and customization options of the various CLOUD4RETAIL services can be used on a wide range of devices.

    ‘The partnership with GK and their innovative AppEnablement allows us to offer retailers the Abacus managed lottery services in a simple and effective way, cutting significant effort and time for retailers and allowing them to realize increased sales and a broader, more integrated way of selling lottery to their customers’ says Simon Butler, Abacus CEO. ‘We are glad to be able to offer our customers, leading retailers in over 65 countries, such a quick and simple way to introduce lottery, everywhere. Increasing retailers revenue and pleasing their consumers’ says Orit Bar-Ad, GK Software Portfolio Director

  • Abacus Solutions International Group announces the roll-out of self-service lottery sales in supermarkets in The Netherlands

    Abacus is pleased to announce that through the use of the Abacus Fusion Platform® its Dutch client Nederlandse Loterij (NLO) has further expanded its in-lane sales network in The Netherlands, with the addition of self-service cash registers to its ever growing network of connected systems.

    Retail is moving rapidly towards the concept of self service in store, a development that is still unexplored territory for the traditional lottery market. Abacus is proud to announce that its solutions for the sale of lottery tickets for the Dutch Lottery (NLO) has taken a new step into this important retail trend. From now on it is possible to buy tickets through the self-scan cash register, making Albert Heijn the first retailer to offer the sale of lottery tickets through this channel.

    How does it work? When entering the supermarket, the consumer chooses a self-scanner or activates the Albert Heijn app on their phone. They can either select a voucher from hanging racks or from the promotional display. On the voucher is a barcode which can be scanned with the hand scanner or the mobile app, which adds the ticket to their digital shopping basket. (The scanning is identical to all other groceries that are purchased.) The consumer goes to the self-scan checkout and after paying for all products, the ticket is automatically printed on the receipt. The voucher can also be added to the basket at the self-service checkout by scanning the barcode just like all other goods. 

    NLO and Albert Heijn are also exploring new options and possibilities to offer other games of chance in keeping up with the new way in which the modern consumer wants to shop.

    The ABACUS Gateway offers a unique solution by opening up the retail omnichannel experience at the retailer, creating a significant increase in the number of touch points for the sale of lottery games.

  • Abacus and Playport Announce Reseller Partnership

    Delivering mobile digital lottery solutions through existing Point-of-Sale Systems Dallas, Texas and London, United Kingdom – April 20, 2021 - Abacus Solutions International Group (ABACUS), a global technology provider connecting lottery systems with both existing and new lottery retailers and Playport Gaming Systems (PGS), a mobile digital instant win software platform provider, announced a new partnership designed to supply lotteries and lottery 
    retailers a digital game purchase and win redemption solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing point-of sale systems. Abacus will act as an authorized distributor and reseller of Playport’s platform

    “We are excited to expand our relationship with Abacus and provide another solution to their Lottery Everywhere Abacus Digital portfolio,” said Marina Bogard CEO, Playport. “ The Abacus solution will allow for consumers to utilize their smartphone to purchase Powerball, Mega Millions and Instant Win games through the lottery retailers enabled registers. This past year due to COVID, there has been increased consumer demand for digital solutions. Through our partnership, Abacus will deliver a digital benefit to lotteries, retailers and consumers.”

    “This partnership with Playport is in line with Abacus’ vision of innovating and delivering solutions to lotteries and lottery retailers worldwide that not only improve sales and profit, but also provide players with new ways to purchase and play their favorite lottery games.” said Simon Butler, CEO Abacus. “We believe the future of lottery lies in the integration of both the lottery and retailer systems to enable frictionless purchase and gameplay everywhere lottery is sold and we have the full breadth of products to deliver the future today.”


  • Abacus : Print on Receipt Lottery Tickets
    The Abacus integrated retail solution is intended to offer greater convenience to players, who can purchase lottery tickets at the same time as buying their other purchases....

  • Abacus Print on Receipt Lottery Draws

    The Abacus integrated retail solution is intended to offer greater convenience to players, who can purchase lottery tickets at the same time as buying their other purchases. 

    By combining all in store purchases in to one transaction Abacus is making the experience more convenient for the player, as they no longer have to wait separately to purchase their lottery tickets. It reduces queues within store and is simple for staff, as it does not change the consumer or cashier behaviour.

    Retailers’ opinion of Abacus in-lane:
    • It has the best consumer experience
    • Commercially it is the most viable of ALL the in-lane solutions - cost effective for all parties with a strong ROI
    • It prints on the retailer’s receipt paper 
    • You will never run out of inventory during high jackpot events

    Benefits of Abacus in-lane:
    • It requires NO software development as it is configured to the retailer’s POS systems
    • It allows for game changes and promotions to be managed with no impact on the solution
    • It will undergo extensive testing, full NASPL and MUSL accreditation. 
    • It will be available in retailer outlets across the USA soon
    • The solution has unparalleled levels of control and visibility down to lane level
    • Real time control through the Abacus Management Portal (AMP)
    • Consistent system reporting and accounting across retailers nationally

    Why lotteries should partner with Abacus:
    • No investment in any hardware
    • Makes lottery available to ALL consumers, not just the 5% who visit the customer service desk or cage
    • Reaches new players in new market outlets
    • Makes lottery an impulse purchase just like any other FMCG product
    • Abacus is a leading expert in in-lane technologies with a ten year track record 
    • Abacus has over 30,000 enabled POS devices selling lottery today 
    • Working with all the global retail software partners
    • Abacus is the ONLY company that specialises in in-lane technology- that is what we do. 

  • Abacus : Digital
    Through Abacus’ connectivity to a retailer’s Point of Sale (POS) system, delivering traditional ‘Print on Receipt’ lottery tickets, we have expanded the service to include digital lottery play....

  • Abacus Digital is part of our evolving portfolio of services to lottery. Through Abacus’ connectivity to a retailer’s existing Point of Sale (POS) system, delivering traditional ‘Print on Receipt’ draw based game tickets, we have expanded the service to include digital lottery play. 
    Abacus Digital allows lottery players with an app on their smartphone or portable device to purchase Powerball, Mega Millions and digital instant win games through Abacus-enabled cash registers in retail stores.
    So how does it work?
    National & local draw based games and digital instant win games
    1. Abacus Digital can be integrated / embedded directly into a lottery or retailer app
    2. Players select games from a menu, which are placed into a virtual basket
    3. Upon checkout in the app, a unique barcode is generated for each basket
    4. The player presents their mobile with the unique barcode to the cashier, which is scanned as part of their normal shopping experience just like all other items in the basket
    5. Upon payment the games are requested and then activated from the lottery system and the tickets are printed on standard receipt paper or delivered digitally to the mobile app
    6. Players can participate in rewards programs, second-chance draws and other game play, all enabled by Abacus through the app
    7. Players have several options to cash out their winnings such as through a standard lottery terminal, a digital wallet, in-lane etc
  • Abacus : Instant Lottery Tickets
    Scientific Games and Abacus Solutions are working in partnership to offer a secure solution for shoppers to purchase lottery draw and instant games in retail checkout lanes....

  • Scientific Games and Abacus Solutions are working in partnership to offer a secure solution for shoppers to purchase lottery draw and instant games in retail checkout lanes. 

    In most large retail locations, this convenience is not yet available and lottery games are purchased at a separate customer service counter or via a self-service machine.

    Abacus, which has a significant penetration in supermarkets and big box stores, is a lottery technology partner that securely connects lottery systems technology directly through a retailer's point-of-sale technology.

    Research shows that in grocery stores only 5% of shoppers visit the area of the store where the lottery terminal is located and games can be purchased.

    The Abacus and Scientific Games in-lane solution puts lottery products in front of 100% of the store's customers as well as fitting into their existing shopping behavior

    Working together to offer lotteries more selling opportunities as well as new and innovative ways to play is the next evolution of lottery retail sales. The Abacus technology enables draw-based lottery tickets and instant games to be purchased at any retail point-of sale-terminal. 

    The integration of the Abacus Fusion Platform with Scientific Games’ SCiQ and AEGIS platforms enable shoppers to securely purchase both instant and draw-based lottery games in-lane at checkout.

    This partnership with Abacus is another example of Scientific Games' commitment to invest in new retail innovation that opens opportunities for lotteries to bring products conveniently to players where they are.