Pairzon Ltd.

Herzlya , Israel,  972 
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Pairzon AI boosts sales in-store and at any physical retail venue.

Using AI and machine learning, it anonymously connects your paying customer with their digital identity, allowing better targeting, new customer acquisition,
customer retention, and improved ROAS.

GDPR and CCPA compliant, Pairzon provides retailers with the tools to compete in today's digital and privacy-concerned world   

The solution enables physical retailers to track and collect accurate in-store transactional data, gain purchase and behavioral insights on the people who visit and buy from them in real-time, create data-driven audiences to attract new customers, and retargeting campaigns to drive repeat customers, enabling the definition of an  omnichannel marketing strategy that will engage customers and drive revenues

Pairzon AI empowers businesses to gain a comprehensive view of each one of their customers, use that data to predict and deliver relevant, individualized experiences during key moments of interaction across channels, leading to significantly more conversions, greater revenues, and increased loyalty.



  • Pairzon 360
    SAAS, AI-based solution for marketing that unifies data, measure, and optimizes the business marketing activities. Offline to online conversion, Data Intelligence, Audience personalization, and Omnichannel Marketing...

  • AAS, AI-based solution for marketing that unifies data, measures, and optimizes business marketing activities.  Offline to online conversion, Data Intelligence, Audience personalization, and Omnichannel Marketing:
    1 - Offline to online conversion: Gather Physical retailer's in-store and online purchasing and behavior data, integrating all customer interactions into persistent customer profiles providing a complete holistic view of the customer, leveraging the business data from multiple sources, and business partners to classify the profiles using AI.
    2 - Retail Data Intelligence: Extract business data, enrich it , and turn it into comprehensive and granular audiences using cutting edge AI methods
    3 - Retail Audience Personalization: For each of these virtually infinite audiences, we can predict the marketing campaigns that will best convert
    4 - Omnichannel marketing: All of this is done almost seamlessly and can be easily managed by marketers to improve marketing metrics and drive ROAS