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Understanding whether raising or lowering prices helps achieve business objectives is key to a company's success. The ability to effectively calculate thousands of pricing points and recalculate them as demand changes is impossible without the help of an advanced pricing platform.

Quicklizard helps retailers and brands overcome the complexity of pricing, achieve pricing excellence, and outperform business goals. We do this by using advanced data science, machine learning, and automation.

Powered by science. Designed for success.


  • AI-Pricing software
    Quicklizard helps multichannel retailers automate and optimize their pricing and promotions using a plug & play pricing as a service for the full product lifecycle. Across all channels. With the best combo of AI and business logic and full flexibility....

  • Quicklizard's SaaS platform turns any price-impacting data into well-explained pricing recommendations. Any accepted recommendation is deployed automatically to the right channels across countries and business departments. The platform’s flexibility to fit any retail subsegment and its ease of implementation and use, are the cornerstone of the company’s success among retailers and brands who are on their digital transformation journey.

    How it works:

    Quicklizard platform connects to multiple data sources, sending all price-impacting data to the pricing engine. 

    The platform balances AI and business rules to recommend the optimal price - per product, per channel.

    Repricing recommendations that are accepted are automatically deployed to the right channels and updated in ERP records.