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Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management (AEM), is the only AEM solution of scale that remotely connects, manages and protects Apple users, devices and services. With more than 57,000 customers, find out how Jamf can help your organization succeed with Apple. To learn more, visit: www.jamf.com.

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  • (Nov 10, 2021)

    Apple in retail

    Great customer service, efficient operations and instant communications are key to a successful shopping experience. 

    And in the modern retail space, software solutions are essential to achieving all three.

    • Save on staff time and empower shoppers to search products online while in-store. Offer point-of-sale through a secure experience on Apple devices
    • Save on technology costs: automate the login, setup and reset process across a fleet of shared devices
    • Save on trips to the stock room by knowing what you have on hand all with the touch of a table

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  • Jamf Setup
    Jamf Setup is an app designed for IT and end-users to instantly transform a device’s configuration, completely over-the-air....

  • iOS and iPadOS have found their place at work with an astounding number of use cases in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. What makes iOS and iPadOS so powerful is the flexibility to be anything and everything different individuals need the device to be. With the infinite number of configurations that enable productive mobile workers, IT and occasionally end-users have a need to set or change the way a device is setup. Help desk personnel want to rapidly deploy devices without touching Jamf Pro, and employees don’t want to be slowed down by accidentally grabbing the incorrect device. https://www.jamf.com/business/

  • Jamf Reset
    Jamf Reset is an app designed for IT to empower end-users to securely wipe a device and prepare it for the next user with confidence....

  • Temporary use and loaner devices are popular for guests at many different establishments, but prepping them always fell on IT. Hospital guests and
    hotel visitors want the flexibility of a device they can make their own, without sacrificing the comfort of knowing their data is properly disposed of and erased. This should go beyond browser history to application logins, documents, photos and more. Users want devices to be digitally - and physically - sanitized between uses and Jamf Reset provides a secure re-provisioning process that guides them confidently through a two-step process. https://www.jamf.com/business/

  • Jamf Setup w/Single Login
    Empower frontline workers to personalize and refresh shared iOS and iPadOS devices....

  • As mobile device deployments scale throughout small business, education and enterprise organizations, so do the challenges that face users. As devices become multipurpose and mission-critical — rich with key applications they need to perform specific tasks — additional challenges emerge for end users and IT.

    A common challenge that users face with shared mobile devices
    is password or login fatigue. The burden of manually entering
    them throughout their day causes strain for frontline workers. For
    IT, inventory management and user accountability are essential to supporting employees who work when and where they need to. With mobile transformation comes additional inventory challenges and opportunities.

    Workers who rely on shared devices need a secure, streamlined and simplified device handoff process. Some organizations lean on IT- heavy workflows to wipe and reconfigure devices between users that often burdens the next user with additional steps and delays. https://www.jamf.com/business/