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POSBANK is a global leading provider of Point of Sale solutions.

We offer a wide range of POS terminals, Kiosk solutions, touchscreen monitor, peripherals, and POS software for hospitality and retail industries.

By focusing on investment in innovative POS system and custom solutions, we have achieved customer satisfaction with best-in-class products and services. Our goal is to help our customers to be more successful and efficient in their businesses through our smart POS terminals, Kiosks, peripherals, services and solutions on a global scale.

At NRF2022, POSBANK will put diverse shapes of self-service kiosks on the floor. BIGPOS, it is transformable from standing to wall mount, and we will introduce its countertop version at NRF2022. Easy-to-put and space-saving modular design is well adapted on BIGPOS, and it can apply any environments, such as café, restaurants or retail market perfectly.

Please, visit our boot and experience the new products!

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  • (Dec 02, 2021)
    BIGPOS Customized Kiosk 4300 is designed for retailers who utilize their checkout area efficiently. As BCK 4300 offers customers wide-screen and touch display easy to check there are high opportunities to increase sales performance from their consumers. POSBANK has launched BCK 4300 and BCK 3200 for Large Display Kiosk for all retailers who specialize in their spacious business environment. This is so separate that disassembly of top and bottom is possible with ease. This open-front kiosk method is well organized for buyers to maintain the kiosk more safely.      
    Front Open Kiosk
    • Full HD LCD Display LED Backlight
    • RFID / NFC / Barcode Reader
    • MSR / SCR / Printer / Camera
    • Top / Bottom separation optional installation and separation
    • Easy maintenance due to the front open method
    • Structure considering neat wiring arrangement
    • Structure considering maintenance after installation
    • Design options considering movable and fixed types (anchor, caster)
  • (Dec 02, 2021)

    The BIGPOS® 2700 is a whole new self-service kiosk for retail stores and quick-service restaurants. It delivers an elegant look, easy installation, and quick maintenance. Beyond comparison. Designed with diverse business needs in mind, the BIGPOS® 2700 is engineered to offer rich functionalities with peripheral and customized options. The BIGPOS® 2700, surprisingly easy, takes self-service technology to the next generation.


    • 27” FHD Display Kiosk with PCAP Touchscreen

    • Intel®Core™, Pentium®, Celeron®Processors

    • Windows and Android OS Supported

    • Optional Scanner, MSR/SCR, NFC, Printer and Camera

    • Modular Design for Effortless Setup

    • Quick Access to Components for Easy Maintenance

    • Flexible Installation on a Floor, a Wall or a Table

    • Compact, Slim and Elegant

    • Customizable for Individual Business Needs

  • (Dec 02, 2021)

    BIGPOS SCO 2150 is the best dynamic kiosk that can handle many difficulties of the current kiosks have. As it has so many solutions for retailers to choose the options according to their business environment they are able to choose what they want. Also, LED indicating light is offered as an alarm for notification of the purchase process. And the other camera and barcode will be the great part for all self-kiosk solution. 

    Key Features

    • Complete Self-Checkout Solution

    • Slim & Ergonomics Design

    • Security Scale For Weight Verification

    • All-Imaging 1D/2D Scanning

    • Easy Maintenance

    Various Peripherals

    • LED Indicate light / 7 colors

    • 3D Camera

    • Barcode Scanner

    • NFC, RFID Reader

    • Printer (A8 Prime)

    • EFT Terminal Bracket

    • Datalogic Magellan 1500i Barcode Scanner/MSR Option Available

    • Printer Option Available

    • 2D Barcode Scanner Datalogic Magellan 9300i/9400i

    • Security Scale 

 Press Releases

  • Plainview, New York – POSBANK, global leading POS and Kiosk terminal manufacturer, has officially announced launching of innovative concept and refined brand new design POS, MAZIC. POSBANK is the total solution corporate of hardware and software.

    MAZIC's target industries are hospitality, Retail and Entertainment that require specific features by each industry. MAZIC will fulfill each industries’ requirements with its sturdy aluminum die-casting structure and intensive design. These various traits are adjusted to anyplace, where customer would like to put into.  

    There are numerous attractive unique features of MAZIC, and now, I would like to introduce 5 essential features.

    First, MAZIC’s main key feature is Swappable System Box. The Swappable System Box is not only to facilitate the upgrade of the POS, but also ease the maintenance. Generally, when problems occur or upgrade the POS System, user needs to change or repair the entire POS system. However, what you need to do with MAZIC is only to change or repair  the System Box. You may save the cost and time by MAZIC’s innovative System Box.

    Second, Dual Hinge design provides user friendly usage, and it emphasizes MAZIC’s elegant design. It can be installed into various angles and height at user's convenience which made of aluminum to enhance durability. Upper hinge's bold design represents design direction of MAZIC. In addition, Dual Hinge structure enables folding the MZAIC as flat, so that we are able to minimize packaging size of MAZIC, and it offers reduced logistics and storage cost.  

    Third, MAZIC offers extraordinary Heat Management System. Outstanding heat management system is made of fan-less operation through internal heat pipe and implementation of internal engineering architecture. Since there is no noise, it is possible to operate the system without performance degradation even in harsh operating condition.

    Fourth, the durability was enhanced because of rugged system. 7H Hardness Touch Screen is applied with high quality LCD panel that qualified and tested MTBF of 30,000 hours or more. All parts are applied by selected best quality parts based on 50,000 operation hours. And the anti-finger print and touch type power button are so useful that energy efficiency is increasing.

    Finally, the system can be expanded according to the installation location through the external I/O BOX. In addition, it is applicable to VFD (20 columns x 2 lines) or 2nd Display (9.7” or 13.3”) according to the customer’s needs.  

    POSBANK’s engineers put their engineering and technical expertise to make the MAZIC as a High-end POS System. It can be installed in various places in various ways, such as Counter Top, Wall Mount and Kiosk Stand (Option). Customers will experience stability and reliability of MAZIC. For more information, please refer to the POSBSANK contact information as below.

    About POSBANK

    POSBANK is a leading global provider of Point of Sale solutions serving more than 200 customers in over 80 countries around the world. Based on customer-focused engineering and over 23 years of experience, POSBANK offers a wide range of POS terminals, Kiosks, touchscreen monitors, POS printers, peripherals and POS software for retail and hospitality industries. Currently POSBANK focuses more on innovative POS terminals, Kiosks and custom solutions that meet specific needs of various global customers. For more information, visit www.posbankusa.com and contact us at sales@posbank.com or Toll Free 888-998-1POS (1767), Phone 631-676-1988.

  • POSBANK, the global KIOSK & POS Manufacturer, locates in the center of a digitalized capital city, Seoul, where the self-checkout system for office workers is rapidly spreading. Convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping malls has adapted a self-checkout payment system. Now, the self-checkout system is part of our ordinary life.

    The growing demand for kiosks in the self-checkout market is great news for us. Above all, the consumer-centered BIGPOS has been well received, with several large clients placing Major orders. BIGPOS already provides the self-checkout payment of a sim card dispensing kiosk for a major telecommunication company in the US.

    A recent survey shows that 73% of customers said waiting in the checkout line is their least favorite shopping experience. BIGPOS reduces the stress of these customers in a pleasant and approachable manner, with quick and accurate transactions. BIGPOS kiosk solution shortens the waiting time with an attractive, ergonomic design and precise PCAP touch display.

    The BIGPOS products, like all POSBANK products, are designed and manufactured in KOREA. As a genuine OEM/ODM manufacturer, POSBANK offers a wide range of options for the client, including Windows or Android operating systems.

    POSBANK is proud to be one of the best KIOSK manufacturers in Korea. In all stages of the development and production, cautiously selected electronic components, 3D design, rendering, technical design/production, assembly, and even the packaging, adequately trained and specialized technicians comply with defined procedures and standards. Through the well-organized criteria and process, POSBANK ensures the best quality of the final product.

  • Are you ready for a revolutionary Kiosk, that’s stylish, AND affordable? POSBANK proudly introduces our newest 43” and 32” inch, Kiosk series. In addition to our BIGPOS series, we expand the POSBANK Kiosk offering different types of displays. 

    The PCAP touch screens, paired with Intel Core and Intel Celeron processors, provide all the CPU power your application needs. Offered with integrated printers, and scanners, you can have the total solution in one device. These series versions are offered in a stylish two-tone combination. However, custom colors are also available to compliment your brand. Forget about sharp corners, and clunky boxes. Our smooth lines look elegant, even standing luxurious.

    The 43” Kiosk will be displayed at NRF-2022, at Javitz Convention Center, New York City. POSBANK will display in booth #6511 January 16-18. See for yourself the POSBANK difference: style, quality, and value. Our representatives will be available to demonstrate, and answer your questions all the time. 

    NRF 2022 RETAIL'S BIG SHOW POSBANK https://nrfbigshow.nrf.com/


  • BIGPOS®2700
    BIGPOS®2700 is a whole new self-service kiosk for retail stores and quick-service restaurants. It delivers an elegant look, easy installation, and quick maintenance. BIGPOS®2700 takes self-service technology to the next generation....

  • Maximized convenience of installation and maintenance by applying a modular design on the top and bottom. BIGPOS®2700 offers built-in type options so that users can easily install the system at the site. Connect Top, bottom, and base plate with some screws. It is so easy! It is only 60% in weight and 80% in width compared to other kiosks based on similar specifications. It is light and compact enough to be delivered by courier. The modular design of the top and bottom enables quick assembly and installation. BIGPOS® 2700 provides built-in type options. Users can select Camera, NFC/RFID Reader, Barcode Reader, MSR/SCR Reader, and Receipt Printer. In addition, pedestal parts can be modified with diverse optional features upon your business needs, such as card payment device bracket, cash processing module, passport or ID card reader, ticket or document printer, UPS, and more.
  • MAZIC GW-1560
    Introducing the all-new high-end POS MAZIC that entirely refined point of sale system. MAZIC adapts simplified and modernized design with a 15.6” wide touchscreen. MAZIC GW-1560 will elevate the style of the place where it is installed....

  • Introducing the all-new high-end POS MAZIC that entirely refined point of sale system. MAZIC adapts simplified and modernized design with a 15.6” wide touchscreen. MAZIC GW-1560 will elevate the style of the place where it is installed. The MAZIC GW-1560 is compact yet powerful in performance. Powered by Intel®’s latest high-performance processors, the MAZIC GW-1560 delivers powerful performance and reliable operation enough to run today’s demanding POS applications. It can serve customers faster at increased speed with efficiency while improving the customer checkout experience. MAZIC’s impressive feature is the swappable system box. It offers easy system upgrade and maintenance. MAZIC can be upgraded or repaired immediately by replacing the system box. Through the MAZIC’s unique system box, users can save unnecessary purchase cost to upgrade, or time and logistics cost.
  • APEXA®GW-2150
    APEXA®GW is simply built for today’s retail and hospitality environments. Its 21.5” wide touchscreen delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to tablets with its PCAP and multi-touch technology....

  • The true-flat bezel-free touch display of the APEXA®GW is designed for enhanced performance, durability, and usability. On its PCAP touch display, the APEXA®GW delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to tablets providing less training time for staff. Industrial-grade LED panel offers bright and crisp images, extended product life, and energy efficiency. APEXA®GW is compact yet powerful in performance. Powered by Intel®’s latest high-performance processors, APEXA®GW delivers powerful performance and reliable operation enough to run today’s demanding POS applications. It can serve customers faster at increased speed with efficiency while improving the customer checkout experience. Industry-standard VESA enables flexible mounting options. Place it on a counter or hang it on the wall as your business needs meet. An optional VESA-compatible wall mount kit is available. The faseter service the customer needs the wider options APEXA®GW can provide.
  • BCK 4300
    BCK 4300 is a 43” open kiosk with Full HD LCD.
    With matte black and matte white color combination, experience convenient maintenance of the main display and I/O box. BCK 4300 kiosk s will be your best business partner.

  • Forget the crude kiosk now! Kiosk, which is approximately 100cm in size on the side of POSBANK, not only gives the design slimness but also adds a luxurious image. Delicate technology that cares not only from the front of the kiosk, but also from the side, which measures even the delicate aspects that customers see. We also have stylish system box of BCK 4300. This is the front open kiosk and includes Full HD LCD display. This top and bottom are seperated optionally for installtion and separation. We also easily maintain due to the front open method. Built-in option is composed of RFID/NFC reader, barcode reader, MSR/SCR, printer and camera. We are also able to support various stand types, such as strcuture considering neat wiring arrangement and maintenance after installation. Design options considering movable and fixed types are also included. BCK 4300 will be the other brand part of your own stores.
    PANDORA is a smart mini kiosk which
    can be digital signage, POS and ESL solution. With high quality 12.3 inch LCD and handy configuration, you can tailor your won solution simple and easy. You can expect more professional system from PANDORA....

  • PANDORA is a perfect system for the following needs. Shops are looking for digital marketing tool instead of papaers. Merchants are also looking for table ordering terminals. Stores need simple queue management and display system.Additionally, retailers consider bar type LCD as shelf talker. Not only these needs but also smart design is designated as well-designed mini POS for retailers. Mobile application and cloud or server management are advantages for handling PANDORA efficiently. Paring with NFC and QR code, design on mobile application and design to PANDORA and automatic display are operating via mobile application. You can control devices centrally, send the image, text and movie from central server because of cloud or server management. This allows us to utilize O2O marketing. Whenever retailers needs the automatic marketing strategies PANDORA will be the best answer for preparing for the great solution to the problem of self-service kiosk ordersing system.