Retail AI, Inc

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Retail AI, Inc. has developed the world's most used Smart Shopping Cart, with over 5000 carts operating in more than 47 stores.
Our Smart Shopping Cart allows customers to skip the check-out while enhancing the in-store shopping experience with our unique AI Recommendation Engine.

Recommendations and coupons are shown to each user individually, based on their profile and sales history.
In addition, Retail AI's Smart Shopping Cart increases Retailers' bottom line by improving customer life-time-value and labor cost savings.

Retail AI, Inc. has also developed a series of other products and technology solutions as part of their catalog of Smart Store Technology.

Retail AI, Inc. has a long background of innovating in physical stores with actual store operations in mind.
This allows us to offer functional solutions that can be implemented without much adjustment to day-to-day store operations while transforming the shopping experience for the customer.