Revery AI Inc.

Urbana,  IL 
United States
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Revery.AI creates the first production-ready virtual dressing room (VDR) that bridges the gap between online and offline shopping. Our immersive experience, built using state-of-the-art AI technology, enables shoppers to try on various garment combinations by mix and matching them. They can also choose from a vast library of models with different skin tones and poses that best represent their style. This helps shoppers to improve their purchasing decision and boost their confidence in online shopping.


Additionally, our technology can replace traditional photoshoots by generating studio-quality photos, eliminating costly and environmentally damaging logistics.

Our integration is quick, simple, and scalable, allowing full-site integration with eCommerce platforms in just 2 weeks and processing up to 140,000 SKUs daily. This makes us an ideal partner for large E-commerce platforms carrying many SKUs.


Some of our clients include the largest E-commerce platform in Southeast Asia; Zalora. Through AB tests, Revery.AI's VDR has proven to help increase their engagement by 600%, conversion rates by 400% while reducing return rates by 12%.


  • Virtual Dressing Room
    The virtual dressing room elevates an online shopper's experience by allowing them to try on different products digitally in real-time.

    This service could cater to large catalog sizes, and could be integrated in under 2 weeks....

  • The virtual dressing room is our core service that bridges the gap between online and offline shopping.

    Users can mix & match any item they find on a brand's digital platform, see its visualization in real-time and personalize them with models of different skin tones and poses to find and discover their favorite style at their fingertips.

    Our service is capable of handling large catalogs with well over 1 million items, and can integrate our service directly with a brand's platform in under 14 days. All we require is a single front-facing ghost mannequin image to process for virtual try-on. Any new items added to a client's catalog will also be updated automatically without manual input. 

    Platforms with the virtual dressing room integrated has experienced significant conversion and engagement rate increase by up to 500%, as well as reduction in return rates by up to 12%.

  • Digital Photoshoot
    This service is targeted to digitalize existing photoshoot processes through automation.

    It produces high fidelity, studio-quality photos at a scalable rate with little manpower input required....

  • Traditional photoshoot processes require a large team, coordination, and heavy logistics involved for transportation and set-up.

    The digital photoshoot aims to streamline the process by automating it. Brands only need to upload a single front-facing ghost mannequin image of the garments they with to digitalize, and we will handle the remaining photoshoot production process.

    The final product is high fidelity, and is of studio-quality that is ready to be deployed onto digital platforms without post-production.