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We know what you need, have a high level of logistics expertise and see ourselves as your long-term business partner. We see your success as our responsibility and support you with fast communication channels, consulting and assistance while we optimize your SCM together. We create the supply chain software that fits your business and your processes. We offer decades of experience in logistics, CSR, SRM and procurement. Lack of transparency, data silos and disparate data structures still pose major challenges.

 Press Releases

  • The Covid-19 crisis hit many companies and markets unprepared. But does a crisis also create opportunities? We believe it is now time for globally producing and operating companies to better prepare for future events. Read our survival lessons for logistics and supply chain professionals now.

  • Cologne-based manager Niklas Kirwel (40) has been appointed CEO of the New York-based SCM software provider Setlog Corp. Setlog co-founder Ralf Duester, who has led the successful development and expansion of Setlog’s North American business over the past ten years, will simultaneously join the Board of Directors as Chairman. Kirwel, who previously worked for Setlog in Europe and the U.S. from 2006 to 2018, reports to the Board of Directors in New York and the Executive Board of Setlog AG at the headquarters in Bochum, Germany.

  • The festive season will be spoiled for importers of consumer goods from Asia this year: The reasons are a lack of freight capacities and exploding transport costs for goods from the Far East. According to analyses by the Bochum-based software company Setlog, the situation will not change until well after Christmas. The supply chain management experts forecast delivery delays, capacity bottlenecks and freight rates at a very high level until at least the Chinese New Year (end of January). The situation is expected to ease somewhat by Easter 2022 at the earliest, the experts stress. Setlog backs up its forecasts with figures. For analysis, the company evaluated data from around 100 brands using Setlog’s SCM software OSCA from July 2019 to July 2021.

  • The company woom takes another step toward a comprehensive digitalisation of its orders and shipping: The Austrian children’s bike producer based in Klosterneuburg near Vienna has commissioned the German company Setlog to set up and implement its OSCA cloud-based supply-chain-management software. Goal: The secure procurement of products and managing rapidly growing procurement volume due to accelerating business growth at woom.


  • OSCA Quality Control (QC)
    Our QC solution offers optimal quality monitoring of all your products. You'll benefit from workflow-based processes for different test and inspection types as well as automatic notifications....

  • Our QC solution offers optimal quality monitoring of your products.
    Benefit from workflow-based processes for different test and inspection types. Automatic notifications also support you to react promptly. You are always kept up-to-date on new tasks, which you can view easily and clearly via the integrated dashboard. You can order tests and inspections directly in the system and record the results. In addition, those partners who are integrated into your quality process are directly linked via our system and can communicate with each other within the process. You can also manage all relevant documents for processes such as test reports and invoices in OSCA QC.

    With OSCA QC you will benefit from shortened lead times through early planning of relevant tests, inspections and monitoring of current progress. Through the ability to control downstream processes you will be guaranteed seamless processing between QC, Logistics, Procurement and your partners. Holistic processes enable quality problems to be identified more quickly and precisely. This accelerates the flow of information and minimizes quality risks. OSCA QC brings you transparent provision of information and documents for all parties involved.

  • OSCA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    Identify violations of CSR measures and react immediately to problems and initiate countermeasures. You can do all this with OSCA CSR online and with the involvement of all partners....

  • With our CSR solution, you can comprehensively manage all areas of compliance, both strategically and operationally. In our system you will find all your audit documents, the audit status, as well as the follow-up of findings and their corrective actions. You can share policies and Codes of Conduct directly with your partners through a workflow-based onboarding process and have their audit-proof compliance confirmed easily. Keep track of your Corporate Social Responsibility measures and use the option for regular reporting and evaluations through automated, individually created surveys. 

    Learn more about OSCA CSR

  • OSCA Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
    With the OSCA SRM software, you can manage your suppliers with one click, compare price quotes at a glance, and communicate schedules directly within the system. The system makes srm easier for you....

  • OSCA Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tracks all aspects of supplier management in one solution, enabling a workflow-based onboarding and approval process to transparently represent all business relationships in the supply chain. With OSCA SRM, you can share your policies, general instructions and supplier manuals with your partners and have their compliance confirmed in an audit-proof manner. Automated surveys provide you with regular evaluations and reports that support your purchasing team in answering strategic and operational questions. Our software enables you to initiate price requests for products directly in the system, to schedule them and to find the optimal supplier in terms of quality, time and cost for an item, all in one system. Learn more about OSCA SRM

  • OSCA Global Logistics
    To achieve transparency in your supply chain, a clear, central display of all relevant data and updates in real time is a necessity....

  • Our global logistics solution maps all logistics processes within your supply chain and enables you to manage deliveries in all operational areas. See at a glance all related processes for packing, booking and creation of customs-relevant documents as well as detailed delivery planning at the warehouse. With OSCA Global Logistics, you get a portal connecting all partners involved in your logistics processes – either directly or via interfaces. This way, communication takes place quickly and efficiently.
    In combination with our OSCA Procurement solution, you achieve complete end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. Learn more about Osca Global Logistics at

  • OSCA Procurement
    Monitoring all procurement and sourcing processes and being able to intervene directly, offers a fundamental advantage in procurement management....

  • Our procurement solution operationally manages all areas of the procurement process to give you complete transparency.

    Streamline your procurement with workflow-based processes for developing products and releasing purchase orders. Use order confirmations and early delivery planning, as well as efficient work-in-progress tracking. Not only can purchase orders be reconciled and released at multiple levels in the system, but delivery schedules and partial deliveries can be both created and coordinated here.

    OSCA Procurement enables you to perform lead-time supported process tracking of production preparation steps as well as work-in-progress monitoring. In addition, the object-based message function allows you to communicate easily and quickly in the system and keep track of the reference to the relevant purchase orders.

    In combination with our OSCA Logistics solution, you achieve complete end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. Lear more about OSCA Procurement