Shinsegae I&C

Seoul,  Jung-gu 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 1437

Shinsegae I&C

Shinsegae I&C is a global retail tech company that creates new values in new areas with digital technology.

Using the best technologies, we build a retail environment of change and innovation such as Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Retail and Data Business.

As the country’s No.1 retail tech company we deliver differentiated experiences and values through digital technologies. We are bringing innovations to the retail industry in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution and increasing our competitiveness for the future. We will further change the lives of people and present a new normal in our daily lives.


Spharos is Shinsegae I&C’s own brand of Cloud and AI solutions and represents our vision as a global digital retail leader.

In 280 B.C, the Pharos of Alexandria, the first lighthouse ever built, turned the city into a center of commerce. Today’s retail industry is too many solutions out there, making it more challenging than ever to find the right solution for your business. Let Spharos be your guide. What it has to offer is your voyage to success.

Spharos will light up tomorrow’s retail.


  • Spharos Smart Store
    AI based Smart Store + AI Vision Component Technology...

  • 1. Just Pick and Go (Cashierless-Store) - AI Vision + Voice Optimization
    • Efficient display rack management based on automated AI Vision POG system
    • Support automation technology for remote operation and management based on a real-time monitoring system. (Remote operation)
    • Enhancing Customer Experience in the cahierless-store utilizing AI Voice (STT/TTS)
    • Easy to customize in various store set-ups.

    2. Traffic Analysis – Customer Foot Traffic Tracking based LiDAR Sensor 
    • Real-time : Monitor customer activities in real time based on advanced Location-tracking technology
    • Safty : Securing privacy (personal data) by collecting through anonymous data
    • Data Analytics : Derive the sales/marketing strategies analyizing location-tracking data

    3. Action Recognition – Skeleton Analysis 
    • Pinpoint the real buyer using skeleton based pose recognition AI algorithm 

    4. Stock Management – Efficient rack management
    • Check/Update/Alert each inventory status on the rack to manager
    • Provide sales/marketing insight of each SKU level of interest

    5. Security
    • Detect/Alarm cheating and abnormal behavior by anomaly detection then, it is be able to integrate security service
  • Smart Shelf
    Smart sales shelf using AI technology...

  • 1. Product recognition through AI Vision + Deep Learning, and weight sensors

    • Can be displayed without restrictions on product types
    • Recognition of products purchased by customers through product deep learning 

    2. Support various payment methods

    • Support various payment methods such as Credit/Debit card, Mobile payment, and membership 


    3. Ease of use and convenient operation

    • Anyone can use it easily, and there is no waiting time for purchase
  • Smart Vending Machine
    The smart vending machine from Spharos combines a traditional vending machine with a cloud POS kiosk and provides a new purchasing experience to customers....

  • 1. Incredible Versatility

    • It can handle fresh gourmet lunch, cosmetics, books and magazines, phone chargers and small electronics, good-to-wear apparels and yes, it does sell ice-cold beverages and snacks.

    2. Sales Logic

    • Offer buy-one-get-one-free events, discounts and much more to increase sales.

    3. Management at Fingertip

    • Thanks to our cloud-based back-office system, you will never have to worry about missing out on timely replenishment, sales reports and technical issue logs. Identify bestsellers, and let the machine do its job.

    4. O2O Services

    • The line between online and offline is fading away. The Smart Vending Machine now stands as a new paradigm of O2O (online-to-offline) services. Shop wherever and whenever on your mobile devices and pick up at the nearest Smart Vending Machine. Contactless sales during this unprecedented time, indeed!

    5. Flexible Payment

    • It accepts cash, credit/debit cards, barcodes and QR codes and mobile payment. It is impossible not to be able to pay with anything.
    • All major schemes including Visa, JCB, CUP and AMEX.
    • Alternative Payment: WeChatPAY, AliPay, PromptPay
    • Some local wallet such as LinePay, TrueMoney

    6. Mobile order

    • Experience non-face-to-face services using our touchless solutions.
    • Scan the QR code and experience smart shopping on your mobile.
  • Cloud POS
    Spharos (by Shinsegae I&C), the leader of POS technology in South Korea, has introduced the new cloud-based POS solution with new features and unparalleled convenience that traditional POS solutions have been unable to provide....

  • 1. Diverse payment services

    • Supports all payment methods
    • New payment methods immediately deployable with no additional development
    • Wide range of additional services for increasing revenues

    2. Cost-effective operation of equipment

    • Diverse types of devices support such as POS, tablet, and mobile.
    • The service can be used together with self counters and kiosks.
    • POS functions are implemented in different types of equipment.

    3. Reasonable cost

    • The service can be used by paying only the usage fee with no initial installation fees.
    • Cost savings of up to 23% can be realized by developing in-house (based on 5-year TCO).
    • The program development cost for each type of device can be reduced through the sharing of business logic.

    4. Implementable on different types of infrastructure

    • Implementable on public clouds like AWS and AZURE
    • Can be operated by Shinsegae I&C or customer’s IDC
    • Implementable on fixed line/wireless and LTE