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Launched in 2016, Silkpay is a Paris based payment gateway offering omnichannel acceptance of over 30 different payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, American Express, Paypal etc. Silkpay helps international online and in-store merchants to provide the most cost-effective and frictionless check-out experience to their customers.

Silkpay also offers digital marketing services to help their partners to develop the Chinese market. 

Silkpay is powered by a talented and international team driven by one goal: improving the customer experience and making payments simple and secure. 

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    Silkpay will be present at the NRF 2022 retail’s big show (JAN 15-18) in New York to present its payment solutions. 


    About Silkpay


    Based in Paris, Silkpay is a fintech company providing Alipay, WeChat Pay, China UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard and other worldwide payment method acceptance. Silkpay provides omnichannel payment solutions to European and American merchants for in-store and online payment acceptance.

    Silkpay is one of the few players that offer multi-currency payment solutions with international coverage. Due to many partnerships, Silkpay is able to support traders in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.


    Pioneer and expert of Chinese mobile payment in Europe 


    Silkpay is a partner of Alipay and WeChat Pay, the leaders of Chinese e-wallets with more than a billion users in China. 

    Our team is driven by a common mission which is allowing Chinese clients to feel better welcome when they travel or live in Europe and allowing western countries to shine by showing their Chinese clientele the best they have. Aware of the importance of simplicity and efficiency, our innovative solution of a universal QR code system allows merchants to simply accept multiple e-wallets with a single QR code. 


    Mobile payment is now the cornerstone of Chinese e-commerce and a powerful lever of attraction for retailers in Europe and the US. 


    Connecting worldwide retailers to Chinese customers


    According to Nielsen, 90% of Chinese consumers would use mobile payment if given the choice. According to this study, the reasons why Chinese clients prefer Alipay or WeChat Pay are "convenience, speed and familiarity". On top of that, Chinese clients benefit from a favorable exchange rate as well as discounts or promotions integrated into these mobile apps. Silkpay's mission is to implement Chinese mobile payment solutions worldwide and thus connect European retailers to a pool of more than 1 billion Chinese consumers via Alipay and WeChat Pay. 


    The current retail is primarily the result of the rise of digital marketing, artificial intelligence and mobile payment. Aware of its strong potential, many industry players have already made it the leader of their innovation strategy.

    More than a mobile payment solution, These 2 giant apps also offer powerful marketing tools that allow merchants to get known and attract a big number of customers. 


    Mobile payment, the future of payments in retail 


    It is not only in China that mobile payment is now the most popular payment method in the world. The National Retail Federation (NRF) confirmed that the pandemic led consumers to use digital wallets and contactless payments more than ever. This was in part due to safety concerns, both digital wallets and contactless payments are set to continue growing.


    Cash is no longer king, and FIS expects it to stay that way. It projects that cash will account for only 12.7% of physical store spending by 2024 and that digital wallets will be responsible for 33.4%. Digital wallets dominate e-commerce as well, accounting for 44.5% of spending there. That's projected to grow to 51.7% by 2024.


    These numbers can only show us that the retail industry has no choice but to adapt its services to the needs of consumers for a more efficient and better customer payment experience.


  • Silkpay payment solutions and marketing services
    Silkpay provides Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard and other payment methods acceptance to merchants in-store and online.
    We also provide digital marketing services to help merchants outside of China attract more Chinese customers....

  • Silkpay mainly provides mobile payment solutions to European and American merchants. We have developed a universal QR code system that accepts multiple wallets at the same time. Thanks to our acceptance services, merchants can accept Alipay and WeChat Pay with just one QR code.

    We offer 4 different solutions for point-of-sale retailers and 2 solutions for e-commerce and m-commerce merchants. Our in-store solutions include a static QR code, Silkpay app to be downloaded and installed on the merchant's tablet/pad/mobile phone, POS terminal and integration into the merchant's cashier system. Our solutions promote a cashless society. We are inspired by the development of mobile payment in the world. E-wallets have become the most popular payment method in the world and we think that it will take a much larger market share in the future.

    Silkpay also provides Chinese digital marketing and communication services to increase the visibility of the brands and to attract Chinese shoppers to their physical and e-commerce stores. We have gained the trust of thousands of merchants including Nissan, Accor Hotel Group, Nice airport, Rolex, MaxMara, supermarket chains such as Franprix and even historical sites.

  • Innovative Universal QR code
    Accept payments with one QR code...

  • Our business model is B2B2C. To make payments smoother, easier and decrease waiting time at the checkout, we enable our partners and their clients to use our universal QR code system. Our technology allows merchants to accept multiple wallets with 1 universal QR code instead of having multiple apps or QR codes. Merchants can accept payments from different wallets through Silkpay APP, POS or QR code.

  • Digital marketing services in the Chinese market
    We provide digital marketing services to help our merchants to attract more Chinese customers to their stores or via cross-border e-commerce...

    • WeChat-Weibo-Litte Red Book marketing

    From creating an account on the most relevant Chinese social media to the daily management of online communities, our Chinese Community Manager team supports our merchants' social media strategy and builds their brand reputation from scratch in the 3 most popular platforms in China.

    • Alipay-Dianping marketing

    Our merchants can take advantage of Alipay's geolocation system and Dianping's huge base of users, be recommended to a qualified target and liven up their community by sharing promotional coupons, news and product listings of their brand in the most used apps by Chinese consumers.

    • Influencer marketing

    Our wide repertoire of influencers in China and Europe allows us to find the most suitable key opinion leaders to talk about our merchants' brands without disguising them.

    • Events organization

    We take care of organizing events in our clients' POS to enliven their stores and attract more Chinese customers.

    • WeChat mini-programs

    As an expert in marketing in the Chinese market, Silkpay creates mini-programs that are both tailored to the needs of European companies and the culture and demands of Chinese customers. 

    Our offer includes: 

    • The e-shop - The marketing - The payment - The loyalty program